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Uterine Fibroids

Uterine Fibroid Natural Help Without Surgery

62% of all women in America will have a hysterectomy. The most common reason to get hysterectomy is a fibroid, or myoma. A fibroid is a smooth muscle tumor of the uterus. It usually looks a ball of solid smooth muscle that is in the wall of the uterus. It is usually not malignant and is limited to the wall of the uterus. In some cases this ball of tissue can grow on the inside of the uterus and look like a mushroom. In this case, it  is called a polyp of the uterus. Essentially, the tumor is made from the smooth muscle of the wall of the uterus.

I have only able to help 60% to 80% of all uterine fibroids. Usually, I can help with the smaller fibroids instead of the bigger ones.  The bigger fibroids usually have a strong emotional component.  Women that get upset from fights with other women, spouses, or stressful situations may have impaired excretion of xenoestrogens.  More about this later.

Fibroids usually disappear after menopause. After menopause, estradiol levels reduced to 60% of normal before menopause. Thus, it would seem that estradiol stimulates the fibroid to grow. The smaller estradiol levels after menopause usually shrinks the fibroid. Any kind of “strong” estrogen feeds the fibroid to make it bigger. These “strong” estrogens that make the fibroid bigger may also be chemicals or herbs that mimic estrogen or cause your body to have high estradiol levels.

The follicles on the ovaries produce estradiol.  So, after menopause, there are no follicles and no estradiol is produced.

The fat cells also produce estradiol.  So, the more heavy set you are, the more fat you have, the more estradiol is produced.  In fact, a heavy set woman after menopause produces more estradiol, than a skinny woman before menopause.



1. Fibroids are Common in America

2. Why Fibroids are So Common In America

        2.1 Lavender and Tea Tree Oil Act like Estrogen

3. 20% Effort 80% Effect

        3.1 Eliminate Xenoestrogens

        3.2 Miniscule Amounts Can Torpedo All Your Efforts Synthetic

4. Fear, Stress, and Anxiety Impairs Excretion of Xenoestrogens

5. Take Progesterone only if Fibroid is Smaller than a Grapefruit

        5.1 Five Outcomes of Using Progesterone

        5.2 Progesterone Only Works if You Eliminate Xenoestrogens

        5.3 Don't Use Progesterone in Fibroids Bigger than a  Grapefruit

7. Indole-3-Carbinol Lowers Estradiol

8. Bioflavinoids help Indole-3-Carbinol

9. Nattokinase Dissolves most Fibroids

10. Magnesium Citrate Dissolves Calcifications Around Big Fibroids

11. Iodine Shrinks Fibroids

        11.1 Bromine Gives Iodine a Bad Name

        11.2 Iodine Shifts "Strong" Estradiol to "Weak"Estriol

12. Fibroid Treatment in 6 Easy Steps 


My Fibroids Are So Small That.... The Doctor Couldn't Find Them.

Progestelle has really changed the quality of my life and has most certainly prevented me from having serious health problems down the road.

I have always had very painful periods. I experienced heavy bleeding, excruciating cramps before, during, and after my period. After I turned 40, I began having other symptoms that my doctor couldn't explain. I know now that it was all attributable to estrogen dominance. My hair began to thin, my thyroid was swollen but my numbers were in a normal range, my cholesterol was significantly elevated. My ObGyn told me I had fibroids in my endometrial wall. I then started finding lumps in my breasts which were cysts.

After educating myself about what it meant to be estrogen dominant, I began using Progestelle to balance my hormones. I had only used Progestelle for one month when I noticed my hair began to grow back. I was amazed that I didn't have to take Aleve for cramping during my first period after using Progestelle. After a year, I no longer have to take pain killers to get through the month. During my last OBGYN appointment, my fibroids are so small that my doctor couldn't find them. My thyroid is no longer swollen. My cholesterol is at a normal level at my last appointment. My breast tenderness is gone. My breast lumps are gone. I can't feel the breast lumps anymore. The added bonus is that my libido is back and my husband is happy about that too! Thanks for a wonderful and natural product. Dr. Eckhart, Thank you for working to correct the problem instead of trying to treat the symptoms. I am very thankful.


Andrea R. , Carson City, Nevada Nov. 9, 2006

Uterine Fibroids Getting Smaller - Operation Avoided Again!

I'm writing to let you know about my results from the IVP test and the ultrasound done last week. The IVP was normal (I expected that).  The ultrasound showed the fibroids to be smaller. My uterus reduced in size by 2 centimeters. I was overjoyed. I've only been taking Progestelle for 3½ months. Also, I was three pounds lighter than the visit on 10/7 (yearly well woman and PAP test).

I'm feeling a lot better. I feel more restful and less stressed now than before. I know the vitamins and supplements, as well as exercise contributed to feeling better. I have lost a total of 10 pounds so far. That in itself helps me feel better.

You have my permission to publish. I read all the testimonials of others. This is one of the reasons I decided to try Progestelle. If my experience can help someone, I'm glad to do it. I'm already telling everyone I come in contact with about Progestelle. (Even a stranger at the grocery store!! I don't even remember how we got started in the conversation to the point of me telling her about your website and Progestelle. I also told her to get the book by Dr. Lee.)

Phyllis T.

Why are Fibroids so Common in America?

Answer:  Xenoestrogens Make Fibroids Grow

The question remains, "Why are fibroids so common in America?"  The answer is:  Americans are exposed to xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are chemicals or herbs that mimic estrogen. There also are some chemicals and herbs that tell your body to increase the levels of estradiol. The most common herbs I can think of that tell your body to increase levels of estradiol are coffee, chocolate, and cocoa butter (in lotions). Chocolate, coffee and cocoa butter will increase estradiol levels in my patients and stimulate fibroids to grow.

In contrast, xenoestrogens, chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen do NOT increase estradiol my patients. Instead xenoestrogens act directly to mimic estrogen and fit into the estrogen receptor to directly stimulate fibroids to grow. So, xenoestrogens do not show up on the hormone test because they are not estradiol. The hormone tests only tests for known hormones like estradiol, estrone, and estriol. The hormone test does not test for xenoestrogens. For instance, lavender is a known xenoestrogen. Lavender creates gynecomastia or "man boobs" in  young boys. Lavender also seems to make fibroids bigger. However, lavender does NOT show up on the hormone test because the hormone test does NOT test for lavender.

Lavender and Tea Tree Oil are NOT Estrogen, but They Fool the Breast Cancer Cells into Thinking They Are Estrogen

Clifford Bloch MD, a pediatric endocrinologist from Colorado, had three young boys with gynecomastia or man boobs. He tested their own endogenous hormones and found that their lavender.jpghormones were normal. Next, he found that the parents were giving the young boys tea tree oil and lavender oil to put on the skin. On a hunch, he took away the lavender and tea tree oil. In 3 to 4 months, the "man boobs" went away. Then, he took the lavender and tea tree oil separately and put them in breast cancer cells in a test tubes that were sensitive to estrogen. He found that the lavender and tea tree oil separately made the breast cancer cells proliferate. This means the lavender and tea tree oil fit into the estrogen receptor in the breast cancer cells and stimulated breast cancer cells to grow. This means that lavender and tea tree oil mimicked estrogen. Lavender and tea tree oil are not estrogen, but they fooled the breast cancer cells into thinking that they were estrogen. Likewise, lavender and tea tree oil stimulate fibroids to grow because it looks like estrogen to the fibroid cells. So, something natural and organic like lavender and tea tree oil can be bad for you and stimulate the fibroid to grow.

Lavender and Tea Tree Oil are NOT Estrogen But Act like Estrogen and Make the Fibroid Bigger

Lavender and and tea tree oil are NOT estrogen and do NOT show up on the hormone test.  Yet, your body thinks that lavender and tea tree oil is just like estrogen. Lavender and tea tree oil signals your body to grow and make the fibroid bigger.

How to do 20% Effort and get 80% Effect: Concentrate on Topicals rather than Diet

I found that anything on the skin goes directly into the human body with 10 times the potency compared to an oral dose. Remember the nicotine patches and estrogen patches that you can find at the drugstore? Nicotine and estrogen are in these patches that stick on your skin, and nicotine and estrogen go directly into the body. Similarly, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, laundry detergents, and deodorant are applied to the skin and go directly into the human body. Many of these topical cosmetics and toiletries have chemicals and herbs in them that mimic estrogen known as xenoestrogens. So, you could use a lavender soap in the bathtub to wash your body and this is stimulating your fibroid to grow bigger. This was a shock to realize this.

In 1999, my mother came down with a fibroid the size of a softball. She was taking a brand-name synthetic estrogen and she was 70 years old. This brand-name synthetic estrogen was rosemaryfibroids.jpgactually stimulating the fibroid to grow. I had just read the book by John Lee, M.D. by the title of "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause". John Lee, M.D. suggested to take progesterone to decrease size of the uterine fibroid or myoma. So I asked my seventy-year-old mother to stop her brand-name synthetic estrogen. If I had just done that is likely that her fibroid would have disappeared. From John Lee, M.D.'s book I got the name of a progesterone cream and give it to my mother. After a month, I called her, and asked how she was doing. She answered, "My fibroid is bigger now!"

I was horrified. I searched through the progesterone cream’s ingredients and found that it contained rosemary. I contacted the company asked them why my mother's fibroid was bigger after using their progesterone cream which was supposed to decrease the fibroid size. They answered that rosemary was a phytoestrogen. The rosemary was causing the fibroid to become bigger.  What was a phytoestrogen? A phytoestrogen is simply a plant estrogen. It turns out that rosemary mimics estrogen very strongly and caused the fibroid to grow.

I switched to another progesterone cream and in three months her fibroid disappeared to nothing. I then began to check the new progesterone cream's ingredients. The new progesterone cream contained a emulsifier/preservative called stearyl konium chloride. According to the computer database of University of Texas Austin, 3 mL of stearyl konium chloride taken orally causes fatal convulsions in adults. I was horrified anew. I called the company that made this progesterone cream. I asked and how could they use stearyl konium chloride which is a very toxic ingredient. They answered this was an industry-standard. You take a bucket of standard cream and throw progesterone in it and mix it together.  Everyone was doing it.

Then, I began to check all the cosmetics and toiletries in the department store, and found that many of the ingredients were either toxic, carcinogenic, or hormone disruptive. Then I began to check all the products in the health food store and found that many of the herbs used in the health food store products were hormone disruptive. That was why my patients were getting sick!

Things on the skin are absorbed into the human body. And many of the topicals, lotions, and cosmetics contain toxic, carcinogenic, or hormone disruptive chemicals and herbs. Reporting on this does not make for many friends.

Eliminate Xenoestrogens from the Skin Cure Rate Goes Up

I found that if I eliminated many of these xenoestrogens, chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen, I could increase the help rates for many of my patients. Many of these xenoestrogens are just as potent as progesterone except they act in the opposite direction. Initially, I published a list of commonly used herbs and chemicals that were found to mimic estrogen. However, many of my patients still were not getting better. Later, upon questioning my patients I found that they were using many shampoos, toiletries, and cosmetics that still had xenoestrogens. So I decided to make a list of safe safe products to use. It took me several months. I looked through 500 shampoos and could only find three that were acceptable. I had no idea how difficult it was to find an acceptable shampoo. That was why my patients could not get better, they could not find acceptable products. So, I decided to ship and include a list of acceptable products to use with the therapy to treat fibroids. It was not easy making the list.  The list took several months to make, and this was after I had 10 years of experience looking for xenoestrogens. I had no idea what my patients were going through trying to find acceptable products.

When my patients decided to use this acceptable product list, the success rate went up.

Minuscule Amounts Torpedo All Your Efforts

It is extremely impressive that small amounts of these xenoestrogens in cosmetics can cause large hormonal effects. I had one patient that had migraines for 10 years. She used only products on the purple sheet that I provided with the acceptable products. For six months, she had no migraines for the first time in 10 years. She had only taken progesterone for the first 2-3 months. She was elated. She was so happy she couldn't stand it.

torpedoefforts.jpgAnd then, after 6 months, she gave me call and said that her migraines started to reappear and she had increased breast tenderness and bloating. However, the worst symptom that she had was a lower right quadrant pain that was 9 out of 10 in her abdomen. 10 was ranked as the pain of child birth.  Initially, she denied changing anything in her topical regime. After talking with her for an hour, I could not find anything that she had changed. So, I hung up.

Her abdominal pain got so bad that she visited her OB/GYN. The OB/GYN ran a CAT scan, MRI, and ultrasound, but could not find anything. So the patient called me up again. I told her that there was some xenoestrogens are environment. However, she could not think of anything that she changed. A week later, she called me again she finally remembered that she had just bought a new type of Chapstick which contained cannabis oil. The use of this new Chapstick corresponded to when all these symptoms returned. So, she discontinued the Chapstick. That was a Saturday. By Thursday, the pain in her abdomen had reduced from a nine out of 10 to a three out of 10. Her breast tenderness was reduced and her headaches were reduced. She called me again. She said that she was extremely skeptical that this Chapstick had made her sick. She said that she only used the Chapstick three times a week. So I answered that she could try to use the Chapstick again and see if the pain, headaches, bloating and breast tenderness would come back. She answered,"Hell NO, I not doing that!"

I can understand what she was thinking. It is extremely hard to believe that Chapstick used three times a week could cause so much trouble. And yet, time after time I'm impressed by the case studies that I see clinically, that extremely small amounts of topical xenoestrogens can cause large hormonal disruptions.

Fear, Stress, and Anxiety Impairs Excretion of Xenoestrogens

Some of these patients may be more susceptible than other patients. The susceptible patients tend to be patients who have high anxiety levels or low-level anxiety all the time. Fear, stress, and anxiety causes increased histamine and interleukin-6 blood levels. These patients haveanxietyrt.jpg impaired excretion abilities. If you give them a 500 mg dose of caffeine and then take their blood levels of caffeine 24-hour's later, you will find elevated levels of caffeine as compared to normal patients. So fear, stress, and anxiety will make it difficult for these patients to excrete the xenoestrogens that are applied to their skin topically more than other patients. Relaxed patients, on the other hand, may have more tolerance for the xenoestrogens on their skin because their excretion rate is not impaired.

For most of my large fibroid patients, there tends to be a conflict with them and another woman. I hypothesize that the stresses caused by the conflict increases histamine and interleukin-6 causing decreased excretion of xenoestrogens. This increase of xenoestrogens causes an increase in fibroid size.

Many times, when the patient is able to make peace with the person she's having a conflict with, the fibroid size diminishes. Again, as the fear, stress, and anxiety decreases, the person's ability to excrete the xenoestrogens goes up, and the fibroid disappears.

I had one patient who developed a fibroid in Florida. The myoma was the size of a softball. She was fighting with her spouse. She took some time off and walked in the beach in the Bahamas for six months. The fibroid disappeared. After six months, she flew back to Florida and began to fight with her ex-spouse again. The fibroid reappeared. Now, Florida and the Bahamas had different xenoestrogen environments. However, Florida and the Bahamas also had different levels of fear, stress, and anxiety.

Coauthor Jesse Hanley, MD, in her book “What Your Doctor May not Tell You About Premenopause”, writes that a woman had just extricated herself emotionally and financially from a physically and sexually abusive relationship and presented with a fibroid[1].  Hanley, MD used Lupron and a small amount of progesterone and was able to reduce the fibroid to a manageable size.  Emotional turmoil is a common denominator in many of my fibroid patients.

Progesterone Counters the Effect of Small Amounts of Xenoestrogens ONLY in Fibroids SMALLER than a Grapefruit

John Lee, M.D. used progesterone for fibroids smaller than a grapefruit. Progesterone can oppose the effect of small amounts of "wimpy" xenoestrogens. However, if progesterone is used with large amounts of strong xenoestrogens they can make the fibroid bigger. Large amounts of strong xenoestrogens taken with progesterone make for a bigger fibroid. John Lee, MD also found that taking progesterone for fibroids are bigger than grapefruit made the fibroids bigger as well. So I only recommend progesterone to be taken for the fibroids that are smaller than a grapefruit. I also recommend to eliminate all xenoestrogens.

grapefruitlft.jpgProgesterone is not the same as brand-name synthetic progestins. Progesterone does not cause birth defects. Natural progesterone does not cause cancer. Brand-name synthetic progestins cause birth defects according to the physicians desk reference. Brand-name synthetic progestins cause cancer in beagle dogs according to the physicians desk reference.

Which are you rather use? One causes birth defects. One does NOT cause birth defects.

Brand-name synthetic progestins are patented. Only one company can make the brand-name synthetic progestin.That one company is the one that owns the patent. This means that high profits can be charged. And you can hire hundred thousand dollar a year salesman to push these brand-name synthetic progestins on unsuspecting medical doctors. You can pay for $100 million clinical trials. You can pay for large advertising budgets on TV and radio. You can hire doctors to write books and go on book tours. Lawyers may be hired to hassle natural progesterone cream makers.  Marketers are hired to monitor natural progesterone websites, and sic the FTC on them.

Natural progesterone is not patented. Natural progesterone cannot be patented because it is the same molecule your body makes. There are many competitors. The price is low. There is not much profit. I cannot hire hundred thousand dollar a year salesman to push these natural progesterones on unsuspecting doctors. There is no money for research. There is no motivation to research it. Any research I spend my money on, can be used by my competitors. It doesn't make sense to do any research. There is no money to pay for hundred million dollars clinical trials. There is no money to have large advertising budgets on TV and radio. There is no money to hire doctors to write books and go on book tours. There is no money to fight lawyers by hiring lawyers.

After taking high doses of Magnesium, you should see decalcification of the fibroids in 4-6 months.  After you completely cut out xenoestrogens, the Magnesium Deficiency should disappear and you won't need to take Magnesium any more.

Five Outcomes of Using Natural Progesterone Side Effects

1. You get rid of ALL xenoestrogens completely.   You don’t need progesterone.  You are fine.  You are healthy.

2.  You take few and “wimpy” xenoestrogens with progesterone.  You get better.  You take progesterone indefinitely.

3.  You take one “strong” xenoestrogen with  progesterone.  You get worse.  The fibroid becomes bigger. Headache is worse.  You gain weight. Bloating is worse. Breast soreness is worse.  Hair falls out. It doesn’t “work.”

4.  You take progesterone and continue to take xenoestrogens.  The progesterone “works” for the first two months.  The progesterone does “NOT work” after that.

5.  Your take progesterone with herbs that block progesterone at the progesterone receptor level.  These herbs cause miscarriage (i.e. aloe, mint).  The progesterone has no effect good or bad.  It seems as if nothing is in the bottle.

Why Progesterone Only Works If You Eliminate Xenoestrogens

The reason why progesterone only works if you get rid of xenoestrogens is that progesterone wakes up the estrogen receptors to normal sensitivity. Chronic xenoestrogen exposure forces the human body to protect itself by the human body shutting down the estrogen receptors.  This is a common biological phenomenon known as “down regulation”.  Then, when you take progesterone, the estrogen receptors “wake” up and it seems like you are getting more estrogen even while you are not.  Thus, you get worse taking progesterone.

It is like going to a noisy cocktail party at a noisy restaurant.  Initially, it is noisy.  Then, after 1/2 hour, it is not so noisy anymore.  This is because your ears down regulate their sensitivity to “reduce” the noise in the room.  Taking progesterone “wakes” up the ears, and then the room is noisy again.  Customers that encounter this phenomena usually blame progesterone for “waking” up their estrogen receptors and making them feel worse.  However, they need to place blame on the correct bad player - xenoestrogens.

The solution is to eliminate xenoestrogens first, then take progesterone.  It may take 1-3 months for the xenoestrogen to wash out of the body.  Topicals like lotions, shampoos, laundry detergents have fat-soluble components and soak into the subcutaneous fat.  If you buy any product from us, you will get a list of recommended products that are devoid of xenoestogens and hormone disruptive chemicals and herbs.  I looked through 500 shampoos and only found 3 acceptable shampoos.

Don’t Use Progesterone on Fibroids Bigger than a Grapefruit

John Lee, MD discovered in his treatment of patients that giving progesterone for fibroids bigger than a grapefruit may actually increase the size of the fibroid.  It seemed to John Lee, MD that for myomas bigger than a grapefruit, progesterone made the fibroids bigger. The bigger fibroid converted the progesterone to estradiol.  Estradiol feeds fibroids and makes them bigger.

Indole 3 Carbinol Lowers Your Estradiol But Does Not Affect Xenoestrogens

Indole-3-carbinol is a natural chemical derived from cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. Indole-3-carbinol gives your body the raw material to detoxify yourself from estradiol. Indole-3-carbinol does not affect xenoestrogens. Thus, when you take indole-3-carbinol your estradiol levels are lowered. Thus, indole-3-carbinol can be used to decrease the size of the fibroid.

Indole-3-carbinol goes into the stomach and is metabolized into 20 different other compounds. One of these compounds is Di indoyl methane or DIM. DIM is also marketed to help battle fibroids. DIM gives less side effects such as nausea and vomiting. However, I have not found DIM to help my fibroid patients. I never had a myoma decrease in size using DIM. However, my endometriosis patients think that DIM helps.

I usually give my patients 600 to 800 mg/day of indole-3-carbinol with meals. If the patient begins to feel nauseous from using indole-3-carbinol, then, I counsel the patient to lower the dose of indole-3-carbinol until the nausea disappears. I usually have fairly good luck with indole three carbinol and tolerance. Maybe, one out of 100 patients is allergic to indole-3-carbinol.

It is important that your indole-3-carbinol does not contain rosemary. If your indole-3-carbinol does contain rosemary, it may make the fibroid bigger instead of smaller.  Rosemary is a phytoestrogen. So make sure that your indole-3-carbinol does not contain rosemary. Rosemary is used as an antioxidant in the indole-3-carbinol to prevent indole-3-carbinol from breaking down at room temperature. At room temperature without rosemary, indole-3-carbinol breaks down 5% in six months. So, the indole-3-carbinol without rosemary must be kept in the refrigerator.

Indole-3-carbinol will not affect levels of xenoestrogens.  The detoxification pathway for xenoestrogens is different from estradiol and is not affected by indole-3-carbinol.

Bioflavonoids (Fancy Vitamin C) Helps Indole-3-Carbinol to Lower Estradiol

I use I also use bioflavonoids with indole-3-carbinol. Bioflavonoids are like a fancy vitamin C and seem to intensify the effect of indole-3-carbinol. 1000 to 2000 mg a day of bioflavonoids taken with indole-3-carbinol is what I recommend for patients with fibroids.

Nattokinase Dissolves Most Fibroids

Nattokinase is an enzyme from a fermented food called Natto.  Natto is a traditional fermented food from Japan that they had been eating for several thousand years. Natto is fermented food that is grown on soy. The bacteria that grows on the soy is Bacillus subtillus. This bacteria produces nattokinase. Nattokinase breaks down fibrin.  Fibrin is a fibrous non-globular long protein that is found in blood clots and most fibroids. So, nattokinase will dissolve blood clots and help break down fibroids but not all fibroids. Therefore, if you have trouble with vaginal bleeding, do not nattokinase. However, nattokinase can be very useful to break down fibroids. You must be sure to use high-quality nattokinase otherwise, it may not work. The nattokinase brand that is used is extremely important.

There are other formulations of enzymes used to break down fibroids or myomas.  Some of my patients have had luck with these formulations. I like to use nattokinase found in Fibrovan.

Calcifications of Fibroids use Magnesium Citrate

Getting rid of calcifications on fibroids is extremely important.  I had one patient that had a very large fibroid.  She reported that the fibroid was the size of an 8 month pregnancy.  She took Endovan (nattokinase), indole-3-Carbinol, iodine, and bioflavinoids.  She removed all xenoestrogens.  But nothing was happening.  She complained that the fibroid was "hard".  The fibroid was obviously calcified.  I told her to take Magnesium Citrate.  I told her to keep on increasing the magnesium citrate until she almost had diarrhea and then back off on the dose.  She was able to take 800-1000 mg/day of magnesium citrate.  Within 2 months time, the 8 month pregnancy fibroid had reduced to become the size of coconut!  I was amazed.  Apparently, on the large fibroids especially, calcification can form around the fibroid and protect the fibroid from the dissolving action of the nattokinase.  So, if you have a large fibroid most likely it is calcified, and the calcifications will protect the fibroid against attack. 

Chronic xenoestrogen exposure causes a magnesium deficiency.  The magnesium deficiency causes calcifications.  Calcium deposits in places where it should not.  Bone spurs can form.  Calcification on tendon insertion.  Calcification in the muscles.  Vitamin K2 deficiency can cause calcium to deposit in the arteries.

Anyway, this is very important.  Most of the large fibroids are calcified.   The calcification can protect the fibroid against the enzymes you are using to dissolve it.  Take magnesium citrate until you almost get diarrhea to dissolve away the calcifications.  It is very important to use Magnesium Citrate and NOT other types of Magnesium.  See why here.

 Iodine Helps Fibroids

The late Guy Abraham M.D., found that iodine was really good to use in estrogen dominant diseases. I had one patient in the UK that followed all of my suggestions including the elimination of xenoestrogens and taking progesterone.  However, after three months her purplelft.jpggolfball size fibroid persisted. And nothing seemed to happen. She was reading on the internet about the use of iodine for fibroids. So, she found a small bottle of iodine on clearance in the local grocery store in the UK for £.50. She took the iodine for three weeks. After three weeks, she found that the fibroid had disappeared. This anecdotal story startled me.

I had another patient with endometriosis the UK as well. After following our protocol with the avoidance of xenoestrogens and taking progesterone for six months, her pain decreased from 10 out of 10 to 3 out of 10. I told her about my patient with the fibroid and iodine. I advised her to take iodine. After three weeks of taking iodine, her pain decreased to a 0 out of10.

I had another patient in Austin Texas. She had severe uterine pain that she characterized as being 11 out of 10 for two or three years. This pain was a constant uterine pain throughout the entire day. After being on our program of avoidance of xenoestrogens and taking progesterone, her pain decreased to only half an hour a day. She was elated. Then I told her about iodine. After three weeks, her pain dropped to no pain all day.

Iodine seems to be extremely important to take. Guy Abraham, M.D. recommends taking either 2% Lugol's iodine or Iodoral.  Lugol's iodine has been around since the mid-1800s. It is inexpensive but may give stomach upset if taken orally. Also if spilled on your cloths, it may stain your clothes. Iodoral is expensive, but convenient. Iodoral does not cause stomach upset.  Iodoral does not cause staining on your clothes.  Both forms of iodine contain both the iodide ion, I-, and atomic iodine, I2. Your body's tissues need both iodide and iodine. Some tissues take up iodide. Some tissues take up iodine. Thus, is important have both forms in your iodine.  Don’t take kelp.

Bromine Toxicity When Taking Iodine Gives Iodine a Bad Name

In our modern lifestyle, we're all bromine poisoned. Iodine will force out bromine out of your tissues. And you'll experience bromine toxicity. So, taking iodine you may get sick, but this is from bromine coming of out of your tissues not iodine. You may experience a brassy cough, excessive mucus, heart palpitations, racing mind, a bromine rash, bromine acne, hair falling out, and in rare cases a sore thyroid. The sore thyroid is especially worrisome because the cells of the thyroid may be breaking up. When this happens, the insides of the thyroid cells go throughout the body, and you may develop antibodies against the thyroid cells. You may develop a Hashimoto's thyroiditis. So, if you have a sore thyroid while taking iodine, please stop the iodine immediately. You may detox with sea salt, then after the detox with sea salt, you may try to take iodine again. Start off with an extremely small amount of iodine and ramp up slowly. I give an exact protocol about how to do this with any product that you buy from us.

Bromine is found in soft drinks, sports drinks, commercial bakery products, asthma inhalers, and brominated swimming pools. Obviously, if you keep taking bromine, you can’t detox from bromine.  So stop the bromine intake.  This is very important.  Bromine in sodas is banned in the European Union.  Pepsi Co. announced that it would take out all brominated  vegetable oil out of all its drinks on May 5, 2014 in the USA.  Japan has banned brominated vegetable oil since 2010 as a food additive.

Iodine Shifts “Strong” Estradiol into “Weak” Estriol and Helps to Shrink Fibroids

Jonathan Wright, MD of the Tahoma Clinic writes that he has observed in several hundred patients that iodine increases estriol at the expense of estradiol and estrone.  Thus, giving iodine helps reduce fibroids.  Your body makes 3 different estrogens.  Your body makes estriol, estrone, and estradiol.  Estradiol is the “strong” estrogen responsible for signaling the body to make breasts and wide hips.  Estrone is a “weak” estrogen.  Both increased estradiol and estrone are associated with increased breast cancer risk.  Estriol goes up 100 times during pregnancy.  Estriol is considered to be a “weak” estrogen. Women that are pregnant multiple times and deliver are at lower risk for breast cancer because of high levels  of estriol in the body.  Iodine increases “weak” estriol at the expense of estradiol and estrone.  This enables fibroids to become smaller.

 IF the Fibroid is Calcified Take Magnesium Citrate Until You Almost Get Diarrhea

Sometimes the Fibroid can be calcified.  Most large fibroids are calcified. The fibroid is usually calcified because you have a Magnesium Deficiency.  A Magnesium Deficiency causes calcifications in the body.  Bone spurs are common with a Magnesium Deficiency.  You have a Magnesium Deficiency because of chronic xenoestrogen exposure usually on the skin.  Chronic Xenoestrogen exposure causes Magnesium Deficiency.  Magnesium Deficiency also causes tightening of the muscles.  This increased muscle tension may cause constipation, Charlie Horses, back pain, and cold hands and cold feet.  Cold hands and cold feet are caused by the arterioles that feed the hands and feet constricting and limiting blood flow to the hands and feet.  The Magnesium Deficiency causes the muscular sheath around the arterioles to constrict.

You must decalcify the fibroid in order to dissolve away the protective calcium shell.  The protective calcium shell must be dissolved so that the enzymes can attack the fibroid.  If you do not dissolve away the protective shell, then the enzymes like nattokinase will not be able to work.

The solution is simple.  Simply take Magnesium Citrate until you almost have diarrhea.  For most people, the dose of Magnesium Citrate to use is 800-1000 mg/day.  Cut out all xenoestrogens on the skin.  Buy any product from us and strictly follow the purple sheet for recommended products that are safe.  It is VERY VERY important to use Magnesium Citrate  The fibroid usually becomes decalcified in 2-3 months.

The reason why you want to use Magnesium Citrate is that the calcifications are made of calcium oxalate.  Calcifications will occur when Magnesium is low and Calcium is high.  Magnesium Oxalate is 567 times more soluble than Calcium Oxalate.  Citrate will also complex with the calcium to form a soluble complex and dissolve away the calcium oxalate.  Many medical schools have used potassium citrate and calcium citrate in association with kidney stones made of calcium oxalate.  But I have no idea why they would not use Magnesium Citrate.  This would seem obvious from the basic chemistry.


Fibroid Treatment NO Surgery Seven Easy Steps

1.  Eliminate xenoestrogens on the skin.  Don’t worry too much about food with the exception of coffee, chocolate and cocoa butter.  Only use products recommended on the purple sheet.  Buy any product from us and you’ll get a NO-NO list and recommended product list for FREE.

2.  Take progesterone, if and only if, your fibroid is below the size of a grapefruit.  Taking progesterone for a fibroid that is above the size of a grapefruit may result in an increase in the size of the fibroid.  The bigger fibroids get bigger with progesterone because the bigger fibroids begin to convert progesterone to estradiol.

3.  Take Indole-3-Carbinol and Bioflavinoids.  This reduces estradiol levels, but NOT xenoestrogen levels.  DIM doesn’t seem to work for fibroids.  DIM may work for endometriosis.

4.  Take Iodine in the form of Iodoral or 2% Lugols iodine solution.  Watch out for bromine toxicity.  Do NOT take more bromine.

5.  Take a good quality Nattokinase.  Bad quality Nattokinase does not work.  Nattokinase directly dissolves the fibroid. I like to use Fibrovan.  Fibrovan contains Nattokinase.

6.  Repair relationships with other women and others.  Decreasing fear, stress, anxiety will increase your body’s ability to detoxify itself from xenoestrogens.

7.  Take Magnesium Citrate 800-1000 mg/day until you almost get diarrhea and cut out xenoestrogens to decalcify your fibroid.  Do NOT use any other type of Magnesium.  Only use Magnesium Citrate.



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