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Cervical Dysplasia

Natural Cervical Dysplasia Battle Plan

Cervical dysplasia is abnormal cells on the cervix. A large Q-tip is swiped on the cervix and then swiped on a glass slide. The slide is fixed with the spray, stained, and then examined by a medical technician under the microscope. For this reason, there are some false positives and some false negatives. The medical technician is only human and must examine several hundred slides a day. So, the medical technician is susceptible to fatigue. The best way to be assured that your Pap smear is accurate is to repeat the Pap smear again after several months.

Cervical dysplasia if present, usually foretells that there may be cervical cancer in the future. However, if you can reverse the cervical dysplasia, then, the cervical cancer in the future can also be avoided.

For decades physicians have held cervical cancer was linked to many sexual partners. Later, human papilloma virus was implicated for increased rates of cervical cancer. Now, birth control pills are suspected of causing high rates of cervical cancer.



1. Cervcal Dysplasia Defined

2. Birth Control Pills and Xenoestrogens May Cause Cervical Dysplasia

3. Reverse Cervical Dysplasia

4. Vitamin B Deficiency May Cause Cervical Dysplasia, Xenoestrogens Cause a Vitamin B Deficiency

        4.1 Malabsorption May Cause a Vitamin B Deficiency

5. Treat Both HPV and Remove Xenoestrogens to Treat Cervical Dysplasia

6. What are Xenoestrogens?

7. Natural Herbs Cause Miscarriage

8. Natural Organic Herbs Can Be Dangerous

9. Natural Progesterone is NOT the Same as Brand Name Progestins

10. How to Prevent Getting Worse While Taking Progesterone

        10.1 Five Outcomes Taking Progesterone (Side Effects)

11. Iodine Helps Get Rid of Cervical Dysplasia

        11.1 Iodine Bad Effects are Really Bromine Toxicity Effects

12. Four Easy Steps to Treat Cervical Dysplasia

Birth Control Pills and other Xenoestrogens May Cause Cervical Dysplasia

Dr. Amy Barrington from a cancer research UK epidemiology unit at the Radcliffe infirmary in Oxford, said the research showed that the longer women use the pill, the greater the risk of developing cervical cancer, and the effect remains even though other risk factors for disease such as infection with human papilloma virus were taken into account. This runs contrary to the theory that increased risk of cervical cancers among women taking contraceptives was likely due to exposure to the virus, rather than the pill itself.

They found that women who used the pill for five years or less had a 10% increase risk of cervical cancer when compared with women who had never taken the pill. This increased risk of cervical cancer rose to 60% with 5 to 9 years of pill use and double the risk with 10 years of use or over.

In 1994 study by Dr. Giske Ursin of University Southern California and published in the medical journal Lancet, researchers found that being on birth control pills for only 1 to 6 months increases the risk of cervical cancer three times. Ursin believes the study explains why the incidence of cervical cancer more than doubled in the United States between the early 1970s and mid-1980s, which parallels the advent of widespread use oral contraceptives.

Reverse Cervical Dysplasia

In the book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause" by John Lee, M.D. page 108-113, Lee, M.D. claims that cervical dysplasia may be reversed, and the cervix can become normal by using natural progesterone and taking his recommended vitamins: a Vitamin B 100 in the morning, Vitamin E 400 IU's per day and Vitamin A 10,000 IU's per day orally or directly on the cervix. This recommendation is found on page 113. He treated his own daughter that had cervical dysplasia with this regime and claims that the cervical dysplasia was gone only after three months of menstrual cycles.

Vitamin B Deficiency May Contribute To Cervical Dysplasia: Xenoestrogens Cause a Vitamin B Deficiency

The Birth Control Pill, a known xenoestrogen, is known to create a vitamin B deficiency.

The most important thing to do for cervical dysplasia is a take a vitamin B 100 in the morning. Birth control pills are known to cause vitamin B deficiencies.. If the person has a neuropathy (nerve disease), this may be due to a severe vitamin B deficiency.  The neuropathy may look like a burning sensation on the skin of the legs and the arms or the back. The neuropathy may also feel like a creepy crawling feeling on the legs or the arms.

A mild vitamin B deficiency has no neuropathy. A severe vitamin B deficiency has neuropathy.

Malabsorption leads to Mega Vitamin B Deficiencies

It is also important to look for why the person will have a severe vitamin B deficiency. The patient may be a vegetarian. Vitamin B is found in meat. A vegetarian that does not eat meat is susceptible to vitamin B deficiency. Also the patient may have a malabsorption. Malabsorption may be due to a bad bacteria in the intestine, low acid in the stomach, or severe allergies in the gut.  Allergies lead to a "rash" in the gut.  Women with Celiac Disease (Wheat Allergy) have malabsorption by definition.

The vegetarian can take a vitamin B 100. The patient with malabsorption can also take a vitamin B 100. It is important to take a vitamin B 100 in the morning. Vitamin B creates vivid dreams and sometimes difficulty sleeping. So, if you take a vitamin B 100 in the morning then all excess vitamin B washes out in the urine during the day so that you can have a restful sleep at night. Vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin and so, in general, you don't have to worry about vitamin B toxicity. The one exception to the rule is vitamin B6. In rare cases, vitamin B6 can cause a neuropathy, if taken more than 200 mg per day. However, most vitamin B 100s contain only 50 mg of vitamin B6.

If there is a bad bacteria in the gut causing malabsorption, you can eat many different probiotics. I emphasize quality and quantity. I emphasize eating kimchi, sauerkraut, different kinds of yogurts, Kiefer, and live cottage cheese. All these fermented foods containing live bacteria.  The live bacteria will kill the bad bacteria. You may have to take these fermented foods for about eight weeks.  I suggest trying different brands, as different brands will have different bacteria.

It is also possible you have an allergy that creates a rash in the intestines. This rash in the intestines prevents absorption of needed nutrients including vitamin B. For example, gluten sensitivity is the poster child for poor nutrition in the gut. Is also accompanied with tendon problems. This is because you did cannot absorb sulfur and sulfur is used to nourish the tendons.  These women with tendon problems and celiac disease should take 10 g/day of crystalline MSM with 400 mcg/day of chromium nicotinate for the rest of their life to make sure their tendons are repaired and nourished.

It is also good to check for low acid in the stomach. A sufficient amount of acid in the stomach is needed to digest food correctly. If you don't have enough acid in the stomach then you won't have good nutrition. You can take some betaine hydrochloride with pepsin or glutamic acid hydrochloride with pepsin. I recommend powdered encapsulated preparation, not  the tablets.  There is some evidence that taking acid tablets will change the probiotic environment of the gut as well.  This may mean that the malabsorption is due to a “bad” bacteria in the gut.  This is also known as dysbiosis.

Treat both the HPV and Remove Xenoestrogens to Treat Cervical Dysplasia

I myself am unsure whether or not HPV or xenoestrogens cause cervical dysplasia. So, why not treat both? Most HPV infections can be gotten rid of by using Beta-Mannan by Glickman M.D. Beta-Mannan is a derivative of the aloe vera plant. For most patients, Beta-Manna for several months seems to get rid of HPV permanently. However, eventually, most HPV infections disappear anyway.  If you want to buy Dr. Joseph Glickman's Beta-Mannan you may do so here.

There have been some case studies of Dr. Joe Glickman's Beta-Mannan getting rid of Herpes permanently as well.

In general, estrogen causes proliferation of cells. I believe xenoestrogens cause cervical dysplasia. However, I cannot cite any scientific articles at this time that says that all xenoestrogens cause aloe.jpgcervical dysplasia. However, the pill is a synthetic estrogen and is considered to be a xenoestrogen, and the evidence above seems to suggest that the pill would cause an increase incidence of cervical dysplasia.  Xenoestrogens are weird "Frankenstein" estrogens. Xenoestrogens are herbs or synthetic chemicals that mimic estrogen.

So, for my patients, I recommend a two-pronged approach. If they have HPV, that I recommend Dr. Glickman's Beta- Mannan to try to get rid of the HPV infection. Beta Mannan is from aloe. Then, if the cervical dysplasia still persists, I recommend that the patients avoid xenoestrogens, take progesterone, take a vitamin B 100 in the morning, vitamin E 400 IU's per day, and vitamin A 10,000 IU's per day. You cannot take aloe and progesterone simultaneously. The reason why is that aloe blocks the progesterone receptor and essentially makes progesterone useless for the time that you are taking aloe.

However, you can take Dr. Joe Glickman's Beta-Mannan without interfering with progesterone.  Dr. Glickman wrote me personally and he says that the aloe steroidal components are taken out of the Beta-Mannan.  Glickman, MD believes that you can take progesterone and Beta-Mannan together and the Beta-Mannan will NOT block progesterone.  I highly recommend Beta-Mannan, I have several patients that got rid of their HPV.  Buy Beta-Mannan directly from Joe Glickman, MD at this website.

Xenoestrogens act like Real Estradiol But are Weird Estrogens

What are xenoestrogens? Xenoestrogens simply means “foreign” estrogens. Xeno means foreign.

Your body makes three kinds of estrogen: estradiol, estrone, and estriol. The pill contains a xenoestrogen that is unlike these three estrogens. The reason why the pharmaceutical companies made it different is so that they could patent the new estrogen. Once you patent a new estrogen, you own the rights to that estrogen and no one else can sell it. Then, you spend $100 million to prove efficacy and safety.  Then, you hire drug representatives at $100,000 a year to push the drug on unsuspecting doctors. Then, the doctors push the drug on unsuspecting patients. The xenoestrogens look like estrogen and act like estrogen, but are not really estrogen. The pill has side effects like causing mammary tumors (ie breast cancer) in beagle dogs according to the physician's desk reference.

The federally funded WHO study showed that breast cancer was indeed increased by using synthetic estrogens.

Unfortunately, the pill is not the only xenoestrogen that women are exposed to. Please see our video about poisoned waters from frontline PBS. The film clip features a doctor from John Hopkins University talking about xenoestrogens in our rivers and in our cosmetics and in our toiletries. He points out that everything about modern society seems to include chemicals that just happen to look like estrogen. Shampoos, lotions, conditioners, cosmetics, toothpaste, and deodorant all contain chemicals that seem to mimic estrogen. Many of these chemicals are suspect for causing breast cancer. Now, I suspect that these same chemicals are also causing cervical dysplasia and eventually cervical cancer as well. For an explanation for the layperson, you might want to visit

For example, parabens are a common preservative used in lotions. When taken orally, parabens are not toxic, are not estrogenic, and are not very allergy producing. However, when parabens are put on the skin of rats, parabens increase uterine weight by 30%. The European Union was interested in banning parabens for use in cosmetics because the European Union was concerned that these parabens would increase the rate of breast cancer. However, the industry backlash has been severe. There are some products which claim to be paraben free but use phenoxyethanol instead. Unfortunately, phenoxyethanol is also a xenoestrogen as well.

For example, BPA is implicated in thousands of papers as a xenoestrogen and hormone disruptor.  Walmart Canada pulled all the bottles that leached BPA from their shelves. However, despite the crushing weight of evidence, the US FDA maintains that BPA is safe for humans.

Natural Herbs Cause Miscarriage

Unfortunately, there are also natural sources of xenoestrogens. For example, you may search for “sheep clover disease” in Australia. Right after World War II, Mediterranean Clover also known as subterranean clover was imported into Australia and planted so that the sheep could eat it for protein. After the introduction of Clover, in the first two years, the sheep began to have miscarriages. After three or four years, there were no baby sheep at all. It turns out that Clover contains formononeten.  Formononeten goes into the progesterone receptor and binds to it, blocking natural progesterone thatblknosesheep.jpg the sheep produce. Natural progesterone needs to bind to the progesterone receptor to maintain the pregnancy. If progesterone does not bind to the progesterone receptor, then, the sheep develop a miscarriage. So, the Clover was not poisonous. Clover simply blocked the progesterone receptor. Subterranean Clover causes miscarriages and infertility in sheep in Australia through hormone disruption.  Subterranean Clover is like “Plan B” that you can buy from the pharmacy to trigger a miscarriage.

Is it possible that there are other natural herbs that cause miscarriages as well? Yes, there are many herbs that are traditionally used to cause miscarriages. Aloe is one of them. I do not agree with this morally. However, in certain cultures if you do not want your pregnancy, if you drink enough aloe during the first trimester it will cause a miscarriage. Aloe or certain components of aloe seem to bind to the progesterone receptor, and block progesterone from binding to the receptor. Therefore, aloe causes miscarriages.

If you take aloe with progesterone, the progesterone will have NO effect on the body.

Do you remember nicotine patches and estrogen patches from the drugstore? Nicotine patches and estrogen patches release and nicotine and estrogen into the body through the skin. Therefore, anything on the skin goes directly into the body. Thus, if you are pregnant is likely not a good idea to use a lotion, shampoo, or deodorant with aloe in it. These topical lotions and cosmetics that contain aloe may be causing a miscarriage. In fact, anything put on the skin has 10 times the potency of the oral dose because it bypasses the liver. Therefore, it is more critical to watch what you put on the skin and to watch what you eat. This seems to be counterintuitive.

Natural Organic Herbs Can be Dangerous

I am not against herbs.  I am a guy.  If I have a sunburn, I would put aloe on the sunburn.  However, I would not use aloe on a pregnant woman because aloe is used to create miscarriages in certain cultures during the first trimester.

sagelft.jpgMany of my patients think that there are doing fine because their using organic or natural products on their skin. However, nothing could be further than the truth. Many of these "healthy products" contain herbs that are actually hormone disruptive.

Thus, the plants are fighting back at the animals. Some plants have thorns. Some plants are
poisonous. Some plants replicate wildly. Some plants are hormone disruptive. I live in Texas in deer country. It is impossible to plant a fruit tree without a fence around it. A fence is a standard protection against deer. However, there are some plants that seem to be deer resistant. Many of these plants like verbana, rosemary and sage are also hormone disruptive. So the plants fight back at the animals by being hormone disruptive. Many of these hormone disruptive plants are used in lotions, shampoos, soaps and cosmetics because they smell "nice." They seem to give my sick estrogen dominant patients a lot of trouble.

So, many of these herbs and chemicals act like estrogen and are stimulating the cells proliferate. I believe that these xenoestrogens are also causing cervical dysplasia. If you want to get rid of your cervical dysplasia, it is essential to get rid of these xenoestrogens out of your environment so you do not stimulate the cervical dysplasia to occur.

Many of these xenoestrogens in synergy are stronger than progesterone but in the opposite direction.

Natural Progesterone is NOT the Same as Brand Name Synthetic Progestins And Your Doctor May NOT Realize It

The body creates three different kinds of natural estrogen: estradiol, estrone, and estriol. The body creates one kind of progesterone called progesterone. Progesterone is known also as natural progesterone, or bioidentical progesterone. Progesterone is not the same as a progestin.

A progestin is a brand-name synthetic progestin patented and synthesized by a pharmaceutical company. A progestin may not be found in nature. The pharmaceutical companies take progesterone and make it slightly different creating a new compound. Thus, this new compound can be patented. The company then owns the new compound and can charge large amounts of money for it and push it on patients and doctors with a large advertising campaign.

The physicians desk reference shows that many of these progestins cause cancer. These progestins cause birth defects.

Natural progesterone does not cause birth defects. Natural progesterone is used routinely by fertility medical doctors to prevent miscarriage.

One causes birth defects. One does not cause birth defects. Which would you rather use?

Typically I recommend 20 to 60 mg of natural progesterone topically per day during days 14 -26 if the patient wants to conceive immediately.

How to Prevent Getting Worse While Taking Progesterone

There are several things to watch out for though. If you take natural progesterone with strong potent xenoestrogen, you will get worse. Why? Most women in America have large amounts of xenoestrogens in their environment that may or may not be potent. Their body shuts down the estrogen receptors to protect itself. The body becomes less sensitive to estrogen. This biological reaction is termed down regulation.

When you take progesterone, estrogen receptors all of a sudden wake up. Now, it seems like you're even getting more estrogen because now the estrogen receptors are not shut down, they're woken up. The patient usually blames the progesterone. However, the patient should actually blame taking potent xenoestrogens simultaneously with progesterone.

park.jpgLet me give you an analogous situation. Suppose you go to a rock concert. Initially, the rock concert seems really loud. Then after about half an hour the rock concert doesn't seem that loud anymore. You think, "This rock concert is not so loud." What is really happening is that you're ears are down regulating to the loud noise. The noise is still loud. Your ears have just become less sensitive to the noise. So, now, you take progesterone. Immediately, the noise becomes loud again, and you blame progesterone. But it is not progesterone that's making the noise loud. Your ears are perking up to its original sensitivity because of the progesterone.

The solution is to go to a quiet park, then, take progesterone.

Going back to their original situation, the solution is to cut all xenoestrogens for one to three months and then take progesterone. Then, you don't have this loud estrogen effect anymore.

If people do not remove xenoestrogens from their environment what can also happen is the progesterone works for the first two months and then doesn't work again. Frequently, the patient blames the progesterone. They say something is wrong with the progesterone. But actually, the progesterone is fine. This sensitivity to estrogen has changed over period of two months. It has taken two months for this receptors to wake-up again.

So, to get consistent results from taking progesterone is important to eliminate all xenoestrogens from their environment especially to eliminate topical xenoestrogens on the skin.

Side Effects of Progesterone Five Outcomes of Taking Progesterone

1.  You remove all xenoestrogens from your environment.  You don’t need progesterone after 3-4 months.  You become normal.  If you buy any product from us, you will get a recommended list of products FREE of XENOESTROGENS.  It was not an easy list to make.  I looked at 500 shampoos and I only found 3 shampoos that were safe.

2.  You take “weak” xenostrogens with progesterone.  You feel better.  You continue to take progesterone indefinitely.  You become an excellent customer.

3.  You take a “strong” xenoestrogen with progesterone.  You get worse.  The cervical dysplasia gets worse.  You experience the Loud rock concert as above with a first hand experience.  You should blame the xenoestrogen, not progesterone.

4.  You ignore the purple sheet or don’t buy from us and go it alone eliminating xenoestrogens.  You actually are still taking xenoestrogens.  You are not careful and use any shampoo.  The progesterone “works” for the first 2 months, then the progesterone does “not work” after that.

5.  You take progesterone with an herb that blocks progesterone at the receptor level.  Mint and aloe cause miscarriage.  Mint and aloe block progesterone at the receptor level.  Progesterone taken with these herbs results in progesterone being blocked at the receptor level.  The progesterone has no effect on your body.  The progesterone becomes impotent because progesterone is blocked by the miscarriage herbs at the receptor level.  You think that progesterone is a scam even though it works on your friends.  For a full list of herbs that cause miscarriage and block progesterone, see the booklet.  You get the booklet when you buy any product from us.

Iodine Helps Get Rid of Cervical Dysplasia

Iodine is extremely important for cervical dysplasia as well. Iodine seems to reduce the sensitivity to xenoestrogens. According to Jonathan Wright, MD of the Tahoma Clinic, iodine helps convert “strong” estradiol and “weak” estrone into “weak” estriol.  He has never seen this written up.  He has seen in several hundred patients that when iodine is given estriol levels rise.  Iodine also causes estradiol and estrone levels to fall.  Estriol is the natural estrogen of pregnancy.  Estriol goes up 100 times during pregnancy.  It is well known that women that are pregnant many times and deliver have a smaller chance of breast cancer and endometrial cancer.  High estriol and high progesterone levels are thought to be protective against these 2 cancers.  However, the risk of cervical cancer and multiple pregnancies is less clear.  The studies I have seen did not separate out the effect of many deliveries, smoking, the pill, and HPV adequately.

I usually recommend my patients either take Iodoral or Lugol's iodine. Both of these formulations for iodine contain both iodide and iodine. Iodide is the iodine ion. Iodine is atomic or elemental iodine. Some tissues take up iodine. Some tissues take up iodide. So for optimal health, both types of iodine are needed by the body. This is why I do not recommend kelp or potassium iodide.

Lugol's iodine has been around since the 1850s. It is cheap and easy to find. The problem with Lugol's iodine is that it may cause stomach upset or stain the clothes. Iodoral is an iodine pill that is convenient and easy to take. Iodoral is expensive, though.

The iodine in iodized salt is not enough to maintain optimal health. It is just enough to stave off goiter.

I like to start off with 3 mg of iodine per day. 2% Lugol's iodine means that one drop is 3 mg. This one drop of Lugol's iodine can be mixed in a glass of water. You can ramp up the iodine intake by 5 mg per day for a week, increasing by 5 mg/day each week until you reach 50 mg per day. Take 50 mg of iodine per day for 3 to 4 months. Then, you can maintain iodine at 10 mg per day. The quarter tablet of Iodoral is 3 mg. A half a tablet of Iodoral is 6.25 mg. So, I start off the patient with a quarter tablet. Then, every week I could increase the dose by half a tablet of Iodoral. Each tablet of Iodoral is 12.5 mg.

Wright, MD of the Tahoma Washington Clinic observed that iodine helped shift estradiol levels down and estriol levels up.  Estradiol is a strong estrogen and may contribute to cervical dysplasia.  Estriol is weak and will block the estrogen receptor from stronger xenoestrogens.  Thus, iodine helps treat cervical dysplasia.

Iodine Side Effects are Really Bromine Side Effects - Blame Bromine Toxicity, Don’t Blame Iodine

The one thing to watch for is bromine toxicity. When iodine is taken, it forces bromine out of the tissues. Bromine is toxic. The toxic bromine can cause a rash, cough, increased mucus, hair falling out, acne, heart palpitations, and in rare cases, a sore thyroid. The sore thyroid is the most worrisome because the cells in the thyroid gland are exploding. The exploding thyroid cells leave the inside of the thyroid cells in the body. The body can then develop antibodies against the inside of the thyroid cells. And you may develop a Hashimoto's thyroiditis. If you have a sore thyroid while taking iodine, stop the iodine immediately.

If the side effects from taking iodine are severe, please stop the iodine. But, do not blame iodine. Bromine is coming out because iodine is forcing bromine out of the tissues, and you are actually experiencing bromine toxicity not iodine toxicity. Bromine is found in soft drinks and sports drinks, commercial bread products (bromine is used as a leavening agent), sleep aids, asthma inhalers, and brominated swimming pools instead of chlorinated swimming pools. As of May 2014, PepsiCo recently phased out all its brominated vegetable oil out of soft drinks and sports drinks. The European Union has banned bromine from soft drinks as well.

Many hypothyroid patients that I see are due to in part, bromine toxicity. Bromine poisons the thyroid hormones possibly substituting the iodine for bromine in the thyroid hormone.

Also, xenoestrogens depress the thyroid receptor sensitivity to your own thyroid hormone.

There are also other chemicals that block the thyroid hormone from the thyroid receptor. For example, one classic thyroid blocker is Triclosan. Triclosan is found in soaps, plastics such as cutting boards and the drawers in refrigerators, and toilet brushes. It is being sold as a antimicrobial for anti-fungus and anti-bacteria. However, it is also a thyroid blocker. Triclosan may make you hypothyroid. There are many other chemicals that block the thyroid hormone. There is no commonly available medical test that I know of as of 2014 that tests for these chemicals that block thyroid hormone in the blood at the receptor level.

If you have side effects from taking iodine, please stop the iodine immediately. You can then detox with sea salt eating a quarter to a half teaspoon of sea salt off the palm of the hand and taking two liters of purified water per day for several months. Then, you may try to take the iodine again starting off with a very small dose.

The most common side effect from bromine toxicity from taking iodine is heart palpitations and vivid dreams. My wife and I both had this side effect from taking iodine. After several weeks of taking iodine at 10 mg/day for me, this side effect disappeared and I could take 50 mg iodine without feeling anything. Again, this side effect of iodine is really bromine toxicity. Please don't blame iodine.

Four Easy Steps to Fight Cervical Dysplasia and One Optional Step

1.  Remove xenoestrogens from your environment.  Buy any product from us and get a list of recommended products that are FREE of Xenoestrogens.  I looked through 500 shampoos and only found 3 that were safe.

2.  Take topical natural progesterone.

3.  Take a Vitamin B-100 in the morning. Take Vitamin E 400 IU's per day and Vitamin A 10,000 IU's per day orally or directly on the cervix. Take Vitamin A in the form of retinal palmitate.  Beta Carotene is NOT Vitamin A.

4.  Take iodine in the form of Lugols iodine or Iodoral.  Watch out for Bromine Toxicity.  Don’t Blame Iodine.  Blame Bromine.

5.  If you feel that cervical dysplasia is caused by HPV, take Glickman MD’s Beta Mannan.  Order Beta-Mannan Here.  Even though Beta Mannan is from Aloe, You may take Beta Mannan together with progesterone.  Beta Mannan will NOT block progesterone at the receptor level according to Dr. Joseph Glickman.  In contrast, taking straight Aloe with Progesterone may block the Progesterone at the receptor level, and stop the Progesterone from working.