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Heart Disease Heart Attacks

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

Esselstyn, MD from the Cleveland Clinic has emphatically stated that Heart Disease is a “Toothless Paper Tiger”. Esselstyn, MD was able to reverse severe heart disease in 32 months by simply changing the diet. He had many severely ill heart disease patients that were too sick to undergo heart bypass operations. For those patients, that followed his diet recommendations they completely reversed their heart disease. Esselstyn, MD believes that Heart Disease, Heart Attacks, and Congestive Heart Failure is a lifestyle disease. Ex-President Bill Clinton even adopted this diet to save himself from heart disease.[1]

My classmate from Medical School in Hawaii went on a rotation in Indonesia for training. It is the favorite game of senior Physicians to “pimp” their students. Pimping means that you ask difficult and hard questions that are unanswerable with the goal to belittle and teach the junior medical student whose boss. The original goal was that the student will learn something from this method of teaching (Socratic Dialogue), but it seemed many times to me to be used to put the medical student in his place. Well, the physicians in Indonesia wanted to make sure that this fancy swanky Medical Student from the USA couldn’t answer the question. So, they asked what the cardinal symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure were. My classmate answered with complete thoroughness and correctly. The Indonesian physicians were taken aback by surprise and awe and treated her with respect. You see, Congestive Heart Failure in Indonesia is a rarity. However, in the USA, it is common. Every Medical Student in the 3rd year of Medical School sees countless Heart Attacks and Congestive Heart Failure patients. 40% of the Hospital Ward is made up of Heart Disease. Could it get any more routine?

Why is Congestive Heart Failure so rare in Indonesia and commonplace in America?


This happened in 1989. So, I don’t know if it still applies, as incomes are rising in Indonesia. But at that time, Indonesians were poor and could not afford meat. Esselstyn, MD noted from the “China Study” that poor people who eat mainly vegetables and can’t afford meat were relatively free of heart disease.

Well without further ado, Here is a link to Esselstyn, MD youtube video. Buy his book on Amazon “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease”. Also, watch the DVD “Forks Over Knives.” [1]

Here is a picture from the book Preventing and Reversing Heart disease. These are angiograms of the heart arteries. The heart arteries or coronary arteries feed the heart with blood and oxygen.  If the arteries become narrowed, then the arteries are starved for oxygen and blood. When a piece of the plaque breaks off and blocks the artery, then there is a heart attack.  The arteries are filled with radio-opaque dye that shows the inside of the artery. The picture on the left shows the artery before the diet. See the narrowing of the artery?

Heart Disease Nutritionally Cured

After the diet, the picture on the right show the artery has opened up.

Watch Out for Dental Cavities by Watching Out for Your Blood Phosphorus

So, I am a Medical Doctor and about 10 years ago an optometrist looked into my eyes to visualize the blood vessels. The blood vessels had plaques in them. He said, “The last time I saw that was in a Youth Pastor. Two weeks later, he had a Heart Attack.” This got my attention. Four years later, my good friend from Medical School, now a Professor of Surgery at UCSF died from a massive Heart Attack. So, I went on Esselstyn MD’s diet. It is similar to the Shintani, MD diet as well. I think the Shintani, MD diet is much more doable,[2] but the Esselstyn MD diet may be more applicable for the severely ill.

Well, I did a strict Esselstyn MD diet for 9 months. My wife did the diet too. My eye arteries cleared up. Here is the clinical pearl. I developed 11 dental cavities over the period of 9 months. My wife developed 8 cavities over the same period. What happened? Well, my wife could not eat beans because it made her joints sore. Because of the lack of meat we were always hungry. So we ate more rice. Rice is high in starch and drove down my blood phosphorus levels. We found an extremely good dentist, Nunnally DDS, in Marble Falls, TX that understood nutrition. He stated that whenever the blood phosphorus level drops below 3.5 phosphorus flows into the teeth from the mouth. And low phosphorus levels mean massive amounts of cavities. At phosphorus levels above 3.5, phosphorus flows out of the teeth. At high blood phosphorus levels above 3.5, dental cavities are at a minimum.[3]

The conclusion is that if you go on Esselstyn MD’s diet, make sure you eat beans. If you can’t eat beans, cheat a little on Esselstyn MD’s diet and eat a very little meat. I prefer wild fish, salmon, wild venison, wild elk, or grass fed beef or grass fed lamb. I suspect that grain fed beef and lamb have high omega 6 oils from the grain they are being fed. These omega 6 oils may be the culprit for creating Heart Disease. But the evidence is not quite all in on omega-6 oils. So if you want a guaranteed way to get rid of your Heart Disease follow the Esselstyn MD diet. Just make sure that you do not drop your blood phosphorus level below 3.5. You can go to, and order up a phosphorus blood test and track your own progress.

Track Your Heart Disease

You can use a new test called the new PLAC blood test. The PLAC test evaluates the likelihood of plaque rupturing within the vessels. Its predictive value seems to be remarkably accurate in identifying the primary initiator of most heart attacks and strokes. The PLAC test measures levels of the enzyme lipoprotein phospholipase A2 (Lp-PLA2). Lp-PLA2 triggers a chain of events resulting in endothelial dysfunction, which is a pathological abnormality in the blood vessel wall that sets the stage for atherosclerosis, plaque accumulation, and rupture. Basically, the PLAC test measures vascular inflammation. You can get the PLAC test (Lp-PLA2) at at Personalabs.

Crandall, MD believes that CT scans of the heart are not very good in patients with lots of calcification because the calcifications may be interpreted as blockages when they really aren’t. Crandall, MD doesn’t like the CT scans because they have the same radiation as 400 chest x-rays and there is some evidence of increased leukemia 10 years later.[3]

If you do have a lot of calcifications, this is indicative of a magnesium deficiency. Whenever there is a magnesium deficiency, there are calcium deposits. What is causing the magnesium deficiency? Xenoestrogens put on the skin cause a magnesium deficiency. The solution is to cut out the xenoestrogens on the skin, and take magnesium until you almost get diarrhea. You can also apply magnesium oil to the skin for topical absorption. I like easily absorbable “Jig Saw Magnesium”. The hallmark of magnesium deficiency is a chocolate craving just before your period if you are a woman. Chocolate is high in Magnesium. If you have a craving for magnesium, your body wants chocolate. If you cut out xenoestrogens and take the maximum amount of magnesium (do not take calcium), then in several months the calcium deposits will be dissolved. The chocolate cravings should also disappear.  The best magnesium to take is magnesium citrate.  The citrate ion will combine the calcium to dissolve the calcium deposits.  Make sure your magnesium citrate does NOT have stevia in it.  Stevia is an endocrine disruptor.

 Summary for Curing Heart Disease through Lifestyle Changes

1. For severe disease, follow the Esselstyn MD diet. For mild disease, follow the Shintani, MD diet.

2. Eat enough beans. If you can’t eat beans, eat grass fed meats only a little.

3. Track your blood phosphorus at Make sure your blood phosphorus is above 3.5. If the blood phosphorus is below 3.5 eat fewer starches and carbohydrates. Take the blood sample in the morning at 8-10 AM as this is when the blood phosphorus is lowest for the entire day.

4. You can track your progress of heart disease by using the PLAC blood test. You can get the PLAC test (Lp-PLA2) at Personalabs.

5. See the movie, "What the Health".  It is eye opening at the least.  This is a mandatory read if you are afflicted with heart diseases, tumors, or diabetes II.



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