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Ovarian Cysts

Natural, Effective, and Permanent Countering for Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are simply cysts that grow on the ovary. A cyst is simply a fluid-filled space surrounded by a membrane. A cyst is a sort of like a grape.  The ovary can have one cyst (simple cyst) or multiple cysts. The cyst can also be filled with some blood. The blood can be from endometrial cells. In this case, the cyst is called a chocolate cyst or an endometrioma. Essentially, a chocolate cyst or endometrioma is endometriosis growing inside the ovarian cyst.

I have very good luck with simple cysts however multiple or complex cysts are more troublesome.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a disease of insulin resistance, hair on the face, and multiple cysts on the ovaries. I have a good success rate with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I have better luck with thinner women rather than the heavyset woman with PCOS. There is a separate place I write about PCOS in this website here.

In my opinion, xenoestrogens cause ovarian cysts.  Eliminate xenoestrogens from your environment and ovarian cysts disappear.



1. Natural Treatment for Ovarian Cysts

2. How Ovarian Cysts Form

3. Remove Xenoestrogens

        3.1 20% Effort 80% Effect

        3.2 Take Progesterone

4. Side Effects of Progesterone

        4.1 Common Side Effects

5. Take Iodine

        5.1 Side Effects of Iodine

        5.2 Why Iodine Works

6. Emotional Contribution to Ovarian Cysts

7. Ovarian Cyst Treatment Summary

I Am Happy To Report A Huge Relief Of Breast And Ovarian Pain From Cysts

Dear Dr. Eckhart,
I am now into my third month on natural progesterone, avoiding xenoestrogens & phytoestrogens as much as possible, and taking the recommended supplements as per your suggestions in the little blue booklet.

I am happy to report a huge relief of breast & ovarian pain from cysts. Two months ago I could not even lay on my side or stomach. Now there is no problem. The endometrial pain I have suffered with for 10 years is greatly diminished, I feel clearer in my thinking, my energy is coming back, my hair is indeed getting thicker, and I am feeling a new joy in life and very hopeful of even more improvements to come.

Considering that half my life was consumed with endometrial pain (from ovulation, until menstruation), combined with horrible PMS (which I just thought was NORMAL until I read your literature!) I NOW have an extra 2 weeks every month that I can actually function like a normal person rather than being curled up in bed with pain & exhaustion written all over my face.

Please feel free to use my experience in any of your product promotion. I am starting a grassroots movement to share my experiences with xenoestrogens to educate other women and would like to know if you have literature you would like me to pass out when I have my first meeting. I am sharing simply my own experience, but I will definitely be telling them about Progestelle and your research.

Your work is amazing and important, and I want to thank you from myself and from the many women you have helped and will help due to your fantastic research for a new opportunity to live without pain, keeping our ovaries and learning proactively how to take charge of our own health.

With heartfelt thanks,
Cindy H - Sarasota, FL
Aug 28, 2009

I Just Really Need To Give You A HUGE Thank You!!

Good morning! I just really need to give you a HUGE thank you!!! I just had a transvaginal ultrasound last week ad got the results. I had a large cyst on my remaining ovary (left one was removed with a very large cyst a couple of years ago) and it has gotten significantly smaller AND my endometrium lining as also gotten quite a bit smaller! It went from 16 to 6!!!!!!!!!!! That change has taken place in about 4 months.

If you recall, I was not using the correct dosage of the progestelle for quite a while. Once you pointed that out which was about 4 months ago, my periods came back. That was my theory anyway, that if I would get a period, the lining would shed and become thinner. Although I was confused as to if I was simply starting to go through menopause which is why no period and that the thickened lining was a true sign of something more serious.

I think I've made a believer out of my doctor! She was not at all onboard with the natural progesterone.
Thank you again so much! I'm so glad you are there!.

Tawana C - Madison, Wisconsin
April 12, 2008


How Does An Ovarian Cyst Form?

During a normal cycle, the ovaries create a follicle. The follicle is like a giant pimple. The follicle pops out an egg. Then, the used follicle becomes the corpus luteum. The follicle produces estradiol. The corpus luteum produces progesterone.

An ovarian cyst is formed when the follicle grows on the ovary and does not pop out an egg. The follicle keeps on growing to create a cyst. No egg is released. And no corpus luteum is produced. No progesterone is produced.

Remove Xenoestrogens And Ovarian Cysts Won’t Grow Back

I personally believe that ovarian cysts are caused by hormone disruptors such as xenoestrogens.  Get rid of the xenoestrogens from your environment and the ovarian cysts won’t grow back.

Chemicals and herbs can act like hormones. They can cause disruptions in the hormonal communication in your body. Some chemicals mimic estrogen. Some herbs can act like estrogen. Other chemicals and herbs can block testosterone. Other herbs are known to block progesterone. These herbs by blocking progesterone can create abortions.

For instance, I do not personally agree with this, but during the winter solstice mistletoe was used as an abortifacient according to John Lee M.D. Mistletoe was put in the to the drinks during the festival winter solstice. Mistletoe is thought to increase libido or sex drive. That's why we have the custom of kissing under the mistletoe.

How You Can Put In The 20% Effort And Get 80% Effect

Surprisingly, what you put on the skin topically is 10 times more potent than what you eat in terms of hormone disruption. In the drugstore, you can buy nicotine skin patches and estrogen skin patches.  These skin patches demonstrate that pharmaceuticals can reliably be absorbed into the skin.  Similarly, many other chemicals found in common toiletries and cosmetics are absorbed by the skin and go directly into the body. 

From 1999 to 2013, I treated several thousand ovarian cyst patients. I usually do not bother with their diet or what they eat. I usually concentrate on the things that they put on their skin. Laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, deodorant, and cosmetics seem to contribute to ovarian cysts much more than the diet. This is because whatever you put on the skin goes directly into the body by passing the filtering effect of the liver. A hormone taken orally is 90% pre-filtered by the liver. However, anything you put on the skin is absorbed directly into the body.

It has been my experience that changing to safe products on the skin and taking progesterone routinely stops and reverses ovarian cysts. Changing to safe products stops the cause of ovarian cysts.

Many chemicals have been implicated in causing hormone disruption. One classic case experiment was done in the 1950s. DDT that was injected into baby chicks. The males grew up looking like females.

cloverrt.jpgHowever, many of my patients believe that by using products from the health food store they are xenoestrogen free. Unfortunately, the vast majority of products from the health food store also have herbs that are hormone disruptive. For instance, the mushrooms that grow in your yard after a big rainstorm are natural and perhaps organic but you wouldn't eat them because they may be poisonous. Similarly, many of the herbs, even though they are natural and organic, found in cosmetics and toiletries in the health food store have hormone disrupting herbs in them.

One classic example again from the 1950s is sheep clover disease in Australia. After Word war II, clover from the Mediterranean was imported to Australia for the protein content to be fed to sheep.  Soon the ewes began to have stillbirths. After several years, the sheep did not have any baby lambs at all. Later analysis showed a chemical in the clover named formononetin, a phytoestrogen caused infertility and stillbirths.

Some plants have thorns to protect themselves. Some plants are poisonous. And some plants are hormone disruptive. The plants that are hormone disruptive tend to be fragrant. This is probably why plants like rosemary and sage are not eaten by deer.  The plants are protecting themselves using hormone disruption.

Thus, it is important to rid your environment as xenoestrogens. If you do not rid your environment of xenoestrogens then the ovarian cyst will simply recur because you haven't dealt with the root cause of the ovarian cysts.

Help Prevent An Ovarian Cyst From Forming By Suppressing Ovulation and Suppressing Follicle Formation: Take Natural Progesterone Whenever You Do NOT Have A Period

If you take natural progesterone before you ovulate, then the ovaries will look at the progesterone levels and assume that you are pregnant and will not ovulate. So if day one is the first day of your period, and you take 60 mg of natural progesterone per day from days 6 through 26, you are telling your ovaries that you are pregnant. So your ovaries will not ovulate. By using progesterone from days 6 to 26, you are suppressing ovulation. No follicle is created. And no corpus luteum is created. If there is no follicle, then no cyst can be formed.

So you may use progesterone from day 6 to 26 to suppress ovulation. Suppressing ovulation means no follicle is formed and thus, no cyst can be formed.

Side Effects Of Natural Progesterone Cream: The Reason Why You Keep Getting Worse

If you take progesterone simultaneously with strong xenoestrogens then it is possible that your cysts will get worse and bigger. This is the most common reason for progesterone cream therapy to fail. You are taking xenoestrogens by putting them on the skin. You must realize that everything on the skin goes into the body and is absorbed into the body. Therefore, you must consider everything on your skin to be a potential hormone disruptor or drug. Chemicals or herbs can act like hormones or hormone disruptors. So you are not taking progesterone alone but you're also taking progesterone in combination with all the chemicals or herbs you're putting on the skin.

The solution is to stop taking chemicals and herbs that are hormone disruptive on the skin for one to three months and then take natural progesterone cream. It takes one to three months for the xenoestrogens to wash our your body. But only if you stop taking xenoestrogens. If you continue to take xenoestrogens, then they won't wash out of the body because it is a constant source.

rockconertrt.jpgThe reason why you are taking progesterone and not getting better is because most everyone in America has a constant input of xenoestrogens.  The body, in order to protect itself, shuts down it’s sensitivity to xenoestrogens.  This is called “down regulation” in Biology.  However, when you take progesterone, the estrogen receptor wakes up.  Then, you get worse, because you are more sensitive to estrogen.

This is analogous to going to a loud rock concert. Initially, walking into the rock concert, it seems very loud.  However, after 1/2 hour, the rock concert doesn’t seem so loud anymore.  This is because the ears have downregulated to the loud noise.  The noise seems less but really has not changed.  Taking progesterone makes the noise loud again.

Similarly, progesterone wakes up your estrogen receptors and makes it seem like you are getting more estrogen.  You get worse taking progesterone.  You blame progesterone.  But it's simultaneous taking of progesterone and “strong” estrogens that are the real problem.

The most common complaint I get from taking progesterone cream is that they're getting worse taking progesterone cream but their lifestyle is natural and free of synthetic chemicals. However, in practice, even natural herbs can be hormone disruptive. You don't eat the mushrooms growing your yard after a big rain. The mushrooms are natural and organic. Why wouldn't you eat them?

So these patients (where progesterone doesn't seem to work) think that they are xenoestrogen free. However, in reality, they're taking xenoestrogens that are natural and organic.

Progesterone Cream Side Effect Common Causes

There are five different outcomes taking progesterone:

1.  You completely eliminate xenoestrogens.  You become normal.  You don’t need progesterone.

2.  You take progesterone with “weak” and few xenoestrogen.  The progesterone works great!

3.  You take progesterone with “strong” xenoestrogens.  The progesterone backfires.  You have bad side effects of progesterone.  The pain is worse.  The cysts get bigger.  The cramps are worse.  You hate progesterone.  You hate me. You hate the world, in general.

4.  You take progesterone with xenoestrogens.  The progesterone “works” for the first two months. Then, the progesterone does not “work”.

5.  You take progesterone with herbs that cause miscarriage (like aloe or mint).  These miscarriage herbs block progesterone at the receptor level.  It seems like there is nothing in the bottle.  Progesterone is blocked at the receptor level by these herbs.

Furthermore, if you take progesterone cream before you ovulate, the ovaries will not ovulate because the ovaries think you're pregnant. So you can't get pregnant if you take progesterone cream before you ovulate.

Take Iodine - Iodoral Or Lugol's Iodine To Reduce Your Sensitivity To Xenoestrogens

Iodine is extremely important to take if you have ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts are linked to an iodine deficiency. According to Brownstein M.D., 95% of all Americans are deficient in iodine. In my experience, iodine supplementation seems to decrease the sensitivity to xenoestrogens. Also, iodine supplementation seems to decrease ovarian cysts as well.

It is extremely important to take Iodoral or Lugol's iodine. This is because these forms of iodine contained both iodide and iodine. One is the atomic form of iodine. And one is the ionic form of iodine. The body tissues seem to need both forms. Some tissues take up iodide (I-) and some tissues take up iodine(I2). That is why I do not use kelp to give iodine. Kelp contains only one kind of iodine.  Also, according to Gaia herbs, it is very difficult to find uncontaminated kelp. And kelp only contains one form of iodine, not both.

Side Effects Of Iodine Are From Toxic Bromine, NOT Iodine

Many times people get sick taking iodine. This is very common. This is because of iodine forcing out bromine out of the body stores. Bromine is toxic. Bromine makes people sick. But bromine toxicity is usually blamed on iodine. The European Union banned brominated vegetable oil in sodas because of toxicity and in 2012, PepsiCo took out the brominated vegetable oil in many of their sodas. The FDA is considering banning brominated vegetable oil in all sodas.

kelp.jpgSide effects of taking iodine resulting in bromine toxicity are as follows: hair loss, acne, frontal sinus headache, increased salivation, heart palpitations, vivid dreams, and sore thyroid. Again, if you were bromine free, you would not get these side effects from iodine. I started taking 3 mg a day and I had vivid dreams and difficulty sleeping. Then, after several weeks, these side effects stopped. I slowly ramped up from 3 mg to 50 mg a day. And I don't have any side effects now from iodine driving out bromine. You usually detox yourself from bromine either by taking iodine or sea salt. Make sure to drink 2 L of purified water every day so that you bromine can wash out of your body. The exact protocol to detox yourself from bromine is found on the purple sheet that you get when you buy any of our products.

Obviously, you cannot detoxify from bromine if you continue to take bromine. Bromine is found in sodas, commercial bakery goods, sports drinks, sleep aids, asthma inhalers, and brominated swimming pools.

After ramping up to 50 mg a day for 3 to 4 months, you can then maintain iodine intake at 10 mg a day. My body temperature used to be 97°F. However, after about nine months of iodine supplementation, my temperature is now 98.4°F. Xenoestrogens can also cause thyroid receptor depression, and also can lower temperature. So it is important to also avoid xenoestrogens as well if you have hypothyroidism and have relatively normal thyroid hormone levels. You are not hypothyroid because of your thyroid hormone levels. You are hypothyroid because of xenoestrogens and bromine toxicity. This is very common. However, there may chemicals which also block thyroid hormone.

One chemical that blocks thyroid hormone is Triclosan.  Triclosan is used as a mold inhibitor and is used in plastics that inhibit mold growth. It was found to be a thyroid blocker. Fire retardant added to plastics like the computer I'm using is also a classic thyroid blocker. I don't know what to do about them other than to avoid them.

Anyway, make sure you take iodine for ovarian cysts. Iodine seems to help my ovarian cysts patients greatly.

Why Iodine Works

Jonathan Wright, MD of the Tahoma Clinic observed that giving super saturated iodine to patients resulted in lower estradiol and estrone levels.  Giving iodine will also result in higher estriol levels. Iodine helps convert both “strong” estradiol and “weak” estrone into “weak” estriol.  Your body makes 3 different natural estrogens.  Estradiol is the “strong” estrogen. Estradiol and xenoestrogens combined make estrogen dominance worse. Estriol and estrone are “weak” estrogens.  An increase in estriol makes estrogen dominance better and thus, ovarian cysts become less.

Emotional And Spiritual Issues That Make Ovarian Cysts Worse

It is very common for most of my patients but not all of my patients, for the ovarian cyst to start when they had a fight with another woman. For instance, I had one woman who was fine until her grandmother moved into her house. She stated that she had arguments and fights with her grandmother. Several months later, she had multiple ovarian cysts. I don't completely understand why this happens. However, it seems to be a recurring theme in my patients.

Jesse Hanley M.D. typically asks a woman with an ovarian cyst if there has been a traumatic event that recently took place in her life. The symptoms of ovarian cysts are often preceded by a dramatic life event. It may be traveling across the continent or ocean. More often Dr. Hanley finds the woman with the ovarian cyst has had an unfaithful husband or boyfriend, bad news about a child's health, or sudden financial problems. The tremendous event is usually connected to anger at another person or even themselves. It is especially true when the woman is in denial about the problem. Dr. Hanley feels that forgiveness is powerfully healing. She believes that we forgive not for other people but for ourselves[1].

It is possible that when you fight, you become emotionally upset. This emotional turmoil leads to increased histamine levels and interleukin six levels. Then, your body's ability to excrete xenoestrogens and hormone disruptors that you put on your skin would be impaired.

So by becoming upset, the stage is set to retain hormone disruptors that you put on the skin. However, when you feel peaceful and not in turmoil, your body's ability to excrete these chemicals is normal and you are less likely to get ovarian cysts.

I recommend my patients to do a seminar at Pleasant Valley church in Thomaston, Georgia. It is a weeklong seminar designed to get rid of unforgiveness, getting rid of bitterness, getting rid of anger, getting rid of jealousy, and finally on Friday getting rid of fear and anxiety. After getting rid of these negative emotions, and making peace with people you're fighting with some patients have claimed that their ovarian cysts disappeared. Again, I don't pretend to understand this, fully. I am just reporting my observations. You can find the church at

Fight Your Ovarian Cysts In 4 Easy Steps NO SURGERY

1. Get rid of Ovarian Cyst causing Xenoestrogens.  Think about what you put on the skin 10 times more than what you eat.  Buy any product from us and you’ll get a list recommended products devoid of xenoestrogens.  These recommended products are NOT easy to find.  I looked through 500 shampoos and only found 3 shampoos that are acceptable.  You also get a No-No list of commonly used xenoestrogens.

2.  Take Natural Progesterone anytime you do not have a period.  The ovaries look at the progesterone levels in the body and think that you are pregnant and will not ovulate.  This will prevent new ovarian cysts from forming.

3.  Take Iodine.  Iodine reduces your sensitivity to xenoestrogens by converting “strong” estradiol to “weak” estriol.  Watch out for Iodine forcing out toxic Bromine.  Stop taking Bromine in the form of soft drinks, sports drinks, sleep aids, asthma inhalers, and brominated swimming pools.  Start off with small amounts of Iodine and slowly ramp up.  The exact protocol is given if you buy any product from us.

4.  Repair your relationships with other women.  Being emotionally upset prevents easy excretion of xenoestrogens.  If you are calm and not upset, your body has an easier time excreting chemicals.



1. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-menopause Balance Your Hormones in Your Life from 30 to 50. John Lee M.D., Jesse Hanley M.D., 1999, Warner books, pages 126-127.