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Parasites with Bone Spurs, Tendonitis

Parasites may cause Tendonitis, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Cardiac Arrhythmias,  Bone Spurs, Sciatica, Maybe Spinal Stenosis, Muscle Cramping.  

How do parasites do this? 

Some parasites that live in the gut cause malabsorption.  Malabsorption causes malnutrition in Sulfur and Magnesium. Malnutrition in Sulfur causes tendon weakness. Malnutrition in Magnesium causes build up of bone in wrong places like in Bone Spurs and Sciatica, and maybe Spinal Stenosis. Low Magnesium can cause Cardiac Arrhythmias, Muscle Cramps and Muscle Tremors as in Restless Leg Syndrome. Low Magnesium can also come from xenoestrogens manifesting as a Chocolate Craving just before the period. Chocolate is the food that is high in Magnesium.

Parasites are very common in the USA. According to the CDC, 14% of all United States Americans have a parasite.  This is one out of a seven people. A patient can easily get a parasite from kissing their dog or cat.

The most common parasite symptom I see is tendon issues. Plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain may or may not be due to tendon weakness. The parasites can cause malabsorption in the gut.  This leads to malabsorption.  The malabsorption leads to sulfur deficiency and this leads to tendon weakness.  Tendons need sulfur to be strong. An easy fix.  Simply take 10 grams of MSM, 3 grams of Vitamin C, and 200 micrograms of Chromium Nicotinate or Chromium Polynicotinate (NOT Chromium Piconinate (poor absorption)).  Start with 1 gram of MSM per day and work your way up.  MSM will detox the patient also. This is uncommon, but watch for it. You may buy MSM from  Get the Optimsm made in America.  The Optimsm is slightly more expensive, but does not have a strange smell as the imported MSM does.

I also see bone spurs or calcified tendons.  This is from a Magnesium Deficiency also from Malabsorption. The Magnesium deficiency CAUSES deposition of Calcium oxalate. The patient can also have micro calcifications in the breast.  Again, the malabsorption is from the parasite  It may be also possible that the patient may get a Sciatica or perhaps a stenosis of the spine.  If the Magnesium Deficiency gets really bad, you can even get cardiac arrhythmias with pace maker insertions.  Excess estrogen from xenoestrogens can also cause Magnesium Deficiency. This is also easily fixable.  Just take Magnesium Citrate 600-800 mg/day or more until you get loose stools.  Do not use any other Magnesium.  The Citrate ion complexes with Calcium, and the Calcium Citrate is 567 times more soluble in water than the Calcium Oxalate.  Magnesium Oxalate is also more soluble in water.  DO NOT TAKE CALCIUM. CALCIUM WILL CANCEL OUT THE EFFECT OF TAKING MAGNESIUM. DO NOT TAKE CALCIUM.

The Magnesium Citrate is one of the best ways to get rid of calcifications. I had a patient with calcified uterine fibroids. She completely eliminated xenoestrogens and took Magnesium Citrate.  Within 2-3 months, her stomach was flat. The fibroids were decalcified.

Patients are also drinking apple cider vinegar to get rid of calcifications.  Also, the herb Chanca Piedra is used to get rid of calcifications in particular kidney stones.

If the parasite is numerous in the person’s gut and the person is older, really nasty things can happen. Malabsorption can occur with malnutrition. The patient has poor appetite and weight gain problems. Then, macular degeneration and cataracts can occur. Jonathan Wright, MD of the Tacoma Washington clinic treats macular degeneration with vitamins.  Sometimes the oral vitamins don’t work, and he has to use IV vitamins.  The reason why is that these patients have malabsorption.  I suspect they have parasites.

How would a patient detect parasites? Usually, a fresh stool is given to the lab. A stool test is notoriously unreliable.  Just because you get a negative stool test does NOT mean you have no parasites.  However, most lab techs are not used to looking for parasites. Or they are looking for eggs and all the parasites are in the adult phase, and they miss them.  So if you submit a stool test, and you find a parasite, then you know you have a parasite.  However, it is possible that not all of the parasites were found.  However, if the parasite stool test is negative, it means nothing. The lab tech could easily have missed it.  The “Go  To” place for testing for parasites for the USA is  The head of the place has a PhD in parasitology and is from Egypt, from what I hear.  The lab is in Scottsdale, Arizona. Again, the stool test is notoriously unreliable.

The Complete Blood Count, or CBC, is another unreliable way to test for parasites.  If the patients has a Eosinophilia, it is indicative of either an allergy or parasites.

Nowadays, I don’t test for parasites any more, I simply shotgun treat them.

I have used “Cleanse, Freedom, Restore” from   Again, the PhD there studied ancient Egyptian texts to get a good herbal blend to kill parasites.  I used this on my Dad and myself.  Take it for 90 days.

Patients also use Ivermectin and Panacur (fenbendazole).  The Pancur is NOT approved for use in humans.  Both of these drugs have excellent non toxic side effects compared to other Drugs. During the years between 2020 and 2022, there were only 4 overdoses of Ivermectin reported to one of the government agencies.  This is compared to 30,000 ER visits per year for Tylenol overdose.  There is also a wide therapeutic range. Patients have taken mistakenly enough to dose a horse and suffered no ill effects anecdotally. Some patients buy Ivermectin from and This horse paste ivermectin is for horses and not supposed to be for humans. But, I figure some horses are worth 2 million dollars and are worth more than me. So, Ivermectin for horses in America is probably pretty good.

You can take Ivermectin once or twice per year. Here is the drug information.

In a study posted online in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from McGill and Michigan State Universities showed that ivermectin does not kill the worms directly. It binds to proteins secreted by young worms to block the host’s immune system. With the worm’s defenses down, white blood cells move in for the kill.

Ivermectin “is an extraordinarily safe drug,” Dr. Mackenzie added. “We’ve given out 25 million doses in Tanzania and had only two minor side effects.”

Again, there are 2000 parasites that afflict humans.  Ivermectin can only kill a portion of them.  Some people also like to take Panacur, a dog medicine not approved for humans. They believe that they can get a wide coverage by using both drugs.  

Parasites are tricky. The Panacur only kills adult worms by inhibiting formation of microtubules. Panacur does not kill eggs. So, several doses of Panacur may be necessary. And if you guess the wrong maturation time of the worms, and they make eggs before you kill them, then you are still infected. Some patients buy Panacur from Amazon here. Sanare Fenbendazole seems to be ok. Make sure you do NOT buy FENBEN. FENBEN seems to be fake with lower amounts of fenbendazole.

Fenbendazole, the active ingredient in Panacur and Safe-Guard, it is a benzimidazole dewormer which prevents cell division. It is generally considered a safe drug, toxicity only occurring at 100x overdoses and in exotic species. Fenbendazole isn’t systemically absorbed and over 50% leaves the animal in feces. It must be given for at least 3 days to kill parasites, since it needs to halt cell division for a certain duration before it is fatal to the parasite.

Naturally, the patient needs to treat the spouse, children, and dogs.  Maybe the patient can treat presumptively every year for parasites. 

Some breeds of dogs, including Collies, Australian Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, Old English Sheepdogs, and English Sheepdogs, may have intolerance to ivermectin.

I recently talked to a veterinarian friend.  He tries to follow eosinophilia and stool, looking for eggs.  But parasites don't always produce eosinophilia or eggs that can be found. He treats with Mebendazole.  Then, treats again with Mebendazole in 2-3 weeks.  The second treatment of Mebendazole is very important because Mebendazole only kills adult worms.  Mebendazole does not kill eggs. If this is unsuccessful, then he gives a dose of Ivermectin.

Other patients are using FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth. These are microscopic sea shells.  They get between the segments of the worms and wear away the soft parts. The worms die. The dose is 1 and increasing to 2 heaping tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth does NOT kill eggs, so you must take the Diatomaceous Earth long enough so that when the eggs hatch, the baby worms will get killed by the Diatomaceous Earth.  You may have to take Diatomaceous Earth for 30 to 60 days. Take Diatomaceous Earth one hour before the meal or 2 hours after a meal to make for an empty stomach. Take Diatomaceous Earth for 10 days. Then take a 7 day Holiday. Then, take Diatomaceous Earth for 10 days again.

Here is one website and another website.


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