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Infertility Treated Naturally

The most important thing to do to treat infertility especially before the age of 35, but also after the age of 35, is to remove hormone disrupting chemicals and herbs from the patient's environment. Some of these chemicals and herbs can block the progesterone receptor. Progesterone is produced by the ovary during the latter half of the menstrual cycle, during the first trimester of pregnancy and also during the last two trimesters of pregnancy by the placenta. Sufficient progesterone is needed to maintain the pregnancy. If the patient does not produce enough progesterone, or the patient takes an herb or chemical that blocks the progesterone receptor, then a miscarriage or even a failed embryo implantation can occur. Progesterone fits into the progesterone receptor and is needed to maintain the pregnancy. If another chemical herbs fits into the progesterone receptor, blocking the receptor from progesterone, then a aloevera.jpgmiscarriage occurs. The morning after pill, Plan B, or RU-486 works in this way. Plan B is a synthetic progestins that binds to the progesterone receptor but does not stimulate the progesterone receptor. Plan B blocks progesterone from the progesterone receptor. Thus Plan B creates a miscarriage. Similarly, certain natural herbs have same effect.

For instance, (I do not morally agree with this) aloe is taken during the first trimester in certain cultures to create a miscarriage. If you take enough aloe during the first trimester it will block progesterone receptor and cause a miscarriage. Thus, if you have shampoo with aloe, it is absorbed through the skin and can cause a miscarriage or block conception. Therefore, taking aloe topically or orally when trying to get pregnant is disingenuous. I am not against aloe. If you have an immune deficiency, or a sunburn, aloe is the thing to use topically and orally. If you have a first degree burn from cooking in the kitchen aloe works great. However if you are pregnant or trying to conceive aloe is not the thing to put on your skin or take orally. I am not against herbs. I'm against the ignorant use of herbs. If you are using herbs, you should certainly know what you are doing.

Other herbs and chemicals also mimic estrogen or can increase your estradiol levels. This can have adverse effects on your baby while developing in the womb. It would be advisable to use these chemicals and herbs while you are pregnant or trying to conceive.



1. Infertility Treated Naturally

2. What Are These Herbs And Chemicals (Xenoestrogens) Coming From?

3. Prenatal Nutrition Is Also Very Important

4. Iodine Prevents Mental Retardation

5 Infertility Treatment After Age 35

6. Why Does Progesterone Help?

7. Words Of Caution And Advice


Where Are These Herbs And Chemicals (Xenoestrogens) Coming From?

They're coming from things that you put on the skin. Just as estrogen patches and nicotine patches are absorbed through skin, other things put on the skin are absorbed as well. In fact, anything put on the skin is 10 times oral dose in potency compared to what you would take orally. This is because anything put on the skin goes directly to the body. However, anything that you take orally is 90% first pass metabolized by the liver. So ironically, you should pay attention to what you put on the skin 10 times more than what you eat orally. This is counter intuitive. Lotions, cosmetics, chapstick, lipstick, shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner, laundry detergent, and deodorant all contain chemicals and herbs that may be hormone disruptive or estrogen mimicking.

So the most important thing to do is to avoid chemicals and herbs that are known to cause miscarriage. Here is a list of herbs that are used in folk medicine to cause miscarriage from Encyclopedia of Birth Control by Vern Bullough:

Anything that can cause an abortion may be a progesterone blocker. Aloe (Aloe Vera), Artemisia (Artemisia scoparia), Asarum (Asarum europaeum and Asarum canadense), Birthwort (Aristolochia), Celery (Apiceae family), Chaste tree (vitex agnus-castus serves as an abortifacient, but also stimulates progesterone production), Dittany (Dictamnus albus), Ferns (Capillus veneris possible Asparagus(?)), Juniper (Juniper communis or Juniper sabina), Cypress (Cyperus incompleteus), Mint (mentha), Peppermint (mentha), Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium), Sage, Marjoram, Thyme, Rosemary, Hyssop, Myrrh, Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota), Rue (Ruta gravcolens, Murraya paniculata and M. sapientum), Squirting cucumber (Ecballium elaterium), Willow (Salicaceae family), Poplar (Populus alba).
This is by no means a complete list. I had a woman from Italy that now lives in the United States. She claimed that a pharmacist in Italy told her that if you wanted to create a miscarriage or abortion, he had a tincture of concentrated parsley that would do the trick. I do not know if this is true or not, but it illustrates herbs have hormone disruptive effects.

It is extremely important to avoid herbs and chemicals that mimic estrogen because this estrogen could have feminizing effects on your baby in utero. There are numerous examples of wildlife becoming feminized in nature from chemicals in our environment that mimic estrogen. Buy any product from us and you will get a list of chemicals and herbs to avoid. You will also get a list of safe products to use that do not have any herbs or chemicals that act like estrogen. This list was compiled over a period of 15 years and 20,000 patients of clinical experience. I started this list in 1999.

Prenatal Nutrition Is Also Very Important

Prior to 90 days before conception, sperm and egg are in suspended animation. They are asleep. Therefore, prior to 90 days before conception, chemical insults do not apply to them in general. During the 90 days before conception the sperm and egg wake-up and begin to take in nutrients to prepare for conception. So, during this period of time, it is extremely vitamins.jpgimportant for both parents to take prenatal vitamins and minerals to build up both egg and the sperm. All over-the-counter drugs should be avoided at this time. Anecdotally, I have seen cold medications cause sperm malformation. Once the cold medications were stopped, sperm malformation disappeared.

Folic acid at a thousand micrograms or more per day prevents spina bifida. Chromium nicotinate 200 to 400 µg per day prevents gestational diabetes. There are no or little deposits of chromium in both North and South America. There is no chromium on the soil. There is no chromium in the grass that grows on the soil. There is no chromium in the cattle that eat the grass. When you meet the cattle there is no chromium in the cattle. Therefore, Americans both North and South are usually deficient in chromium and any lab test measuring chromium would be low. There is chromium in South Africa, Asia and Europe. But again, there is no or little chromium deposits in North and South America. Chromium is used as a cofactor for insulin. Chromium helps insulin to function. A deficiency in chromium will lead to insulin resistance. There is a small study that I was reading in Europe where we would gestational diabetes were given chromium and the gestational diabetes disappeared. I recommend 200 to 400 µg of chromium nicotinate. Some nutrition is also recommend vanadium in the form of vanadyl sulfate hundred milligrams per day. Vanadium acts like insulin. However, I have not had much experience of vanadium in pregnancy.

Iodine Prevents Mental Retardation Due To Iodine Deficiency

Iodine is also extremely important to take 90 days before conception. You must take iodine before the 90 day period before conception. conception because iodine forces out toxic bromine and my patients usually suffer from bromine toxicity. Bromine and iodine are in the same column of the periodic table. Therefore, bromine can substitute for iodine where the body uses iodine. This is not good because then this toxic bromine when used instead of iodine messes up the body. When patients first take iodine bro toxic bromine is forced out of the tissues and people get sick from bromine. This temporary detox reaction is blamed on iodine mistakenly. But it is not iodine that is causing the problem. It is bromine that is causing the problem. For myself, when I first took iodine I started to have vivid dreams at night. Then after two weeks, these toxic bromine reactions went away. For 15 years I had a low body temperature of 96 or 97, when the normal temperature is around 98.6. I went to many medical doctors and I myself am a medical doctor; thyroid hormones and whatever the medical doctors did not make any difference. Finally, I began to listen to my patients and they told me that iodine made a big difference in the body temperature. So I took the iodine, and after two months my temperature came back up to 98. I gave I unto my wife and she started to have heart palpitations and vivid dreams. However, after taking iodine forward two weeks, vivid dreams and heart palpitations have decreased and have almost disappeared. Bromine may be able to substitute for iodine in thyroid hormone to effectively mess up your thyroid hormone. Iodine pushing out toxic bromine can cause a rash, acne, hair falling out, emotionality, sinus draining, coughing, mouth and tongue sores, tingling in twitching hands and feet, urination, vision changes, and many other side effects. The most common side effect is vivid dreams. The most worrisome side effect is a sore thyroid. This indicates thyroid cells breaking up. The inside of the thyroid cells may induce a Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Therefore, it is extremely important to start off with small amounts of iodine and work your way up gradually. I like to start with 3 mg per day of iodine or less and increase 5 mg per day every one to two weeks. You should work your way up to 50 mg per day for three months. Then, cut back to 10 mg per day for maintenance.

Where is this bromine coming from? Bromine comes from soft drinks and sports drinks in the form of brominated vegetable oil. PepsiCo as of 2014, has taken out bromine out of many of their drinks several years ago. The European Union has banned brominated soft drinks and sports drinks. Bromine is also used as a leavening agent in commercial bakery products. Bromine is used in asthma inhalers, brominated swimming pools instead of chlorinated swimming pools, sleep aids, and asthma inhalers.pool.jpg

If you buy any product from us, you will get the protocol on how to take iodine to minimize your bromine toxicity reaction.

According to Brownstein M.D., out of 500 patients in Michigan 95% of his patients were deficient in iodine. During the 1800s, there was a large corridor belt in the Midwest around the Great Lakes region. This is because there is little or no iodine in the soil around Great Lakes region. Iodine is present in seawater. However, the Great Lakes were formed by great glaciers that gouged out the Great Lakes. The glaciers took with them the soil that contained iodine from the ancient seas. I deficiency and iodide will lead to cretinism which is kind of a mental retardation. Abraham M.D. claims that women that take iodine during pregnancy may have an increase of 10 IQ points in their baby. This is the most cost-effective easy way to increase the intelligence of your baby. However, you must have all the detox reactions before you become pregnant or conceive. It is contraindicated to take iodine and have a bromine toxicity reaction while you are pregnant. However, I do recommend you take iodine when you are pregnant to guarantee the intelligence of your child assuming you have gotten all of the bromine out of your body.

Infertility Treatment After The Age Of 35

After the age of 35, for most cycles, but not all cycles, the woman is having anovulatory cycles. What is an anovulatory cycle? Normally, the woman has a follicle on the ovary. The follicle is like a pimple, and at about day 14 it pops out an egg. The used follicle then becomes a corpus luteum and produces progesterone.

Anovulation simply means "no ovulation". In an anovulatory cycle, many times (but not all) after the age of 35, the follicle comes up and goes back down and does not produce an egg. No corpus luteum is produced and thus no progesterone is produced. The women still cycles, but no egg and no progesterone is produced.

To trigger ovulation, I use two methods at the same time:

1. Take 2 caps per day of Formula IV irregardless of cycle or period from
2. Take topical progesterone 60 mg/day, 30 mg in the morning and 30 mg in the evening for 2 months, THEN come off of progesterone until after you ovulate. Try for conception by having sexual intercourse for 6 consecutive days centered about the day of ovulation. After ovulation, take 60 mg /day for 3 months or 9 months for the entire pregnancy if you are pregnant. Do NOT skip a day. If you skip a day, this will result in a miscarriage. The dropping progesterone levels from skipping a day will signal the body to create a miscarriage. See "the use of progesterone to prevent miscarriage."

Oral progesterone, or progesterone taken rectally or vaginally is 10 times less potent than topical because the progesterone is 90% first pass inactivated by the liver. The vagina and rectum is drained by the portal vein, and the progesterone is 90% inactivated. So a topical 60 mg/day of progesterone is the same as a 600 mg oral dose, 600 mg vaginal dose, or 600 mg rectal dose. So 75 mg/day dose of progesterone in a vaginal suppository is NOT enough to hold a pregnancy.

Each Cap of Formula IV contains 2 pounds of rice bran. This contains sterols (not steroids) to trigger ovulation and a pregnancy. As of 2010, I have a colleague Medical Doctor in Hawaii that has used this for 30 years to get women to conceive. I have used this for at least 5 years. Some of the children conceived on Formula IV are now 30 years old. Formula IV does contain soy oil, unfortunately.

babu.jpgThe egg and sperm each have a lifetime of 3 days. Thus, you should have sex for 6 consecutive days centered about the day of ovulation. The sperm production each day goes down. But the overall conception rate goes up.

90 days before conception, both egg and sperm are in “suspended animation” asleep. Then 90 days before conception they both wake up and start taking in nutrition for the conception. So it is important for both the man and the woman to take Prenatal Vitamins 90 days before conception. Make sure the woman gets at least 1000 mcg of folic acid and 200-400 mg of Chromium Nicotate.

Once again, 90% of the people in North and South America are chromium deficient. There are no chromium deposits in North and South America. Thus, chromium is not in the food chain and food supply of North and South America. There is chromium in Europe, Africa, and South East Asia, but no chromium in North and South America. Thus, the only place that an American will get chromium is from a vitamin bottle. Sufficient Chromium will prevent gestational diabetes. I remember reading about a small study of about 100 women with gestational diabetes that showed giving chromium supplementation during pregnancy was able to counter the effects of gestational diabetes. I could not find the article again to give you exact reference.

Why Does Progesterone Help?

Here is the explanation for progesterone suppression of follicles from John Lee, MD.

"The use of natural progesterone can give women the power to enhance their fertility without a lot of expensive office visits and prescription hormones. It also flies in the face of mainstream medicine's approach to fertility, which doesn't trouble me since their success rate in achieving conception is depressingly low. It's no wonder--they are prescribing the wrong hormones! Synthetic estrogens and progestins generally cause more harm than they solve.
I believe that estrogen dominance from progesterone deficiency has caused a near epidemic of infertility among women in their midthirties. Excess estrogen seems to stimulate the ovaries to overproduce follicles, which, combined with delayed childbearing, results in an early burnout of the follicles. If you are having difficulty in conceiving, you may be able to use progesterone to your advantage.
I had a number of patients in my practice who had been unable to conceive. For two to four months, I had them use natural progesterone from days five to 26 in the cycle (stopping on day 26 to bring on menstruation). Using the progesterone prior to ovulation effectively suppressed ovulation. After a few months of this, I had them stop progesterone use. If you still have follicles left, they seem to respond to a few months of suppression with enthusiasm, and the successful maturation and release of an egg. Some of my patients who had been trying to conceive for years had very good luck conceiving with this method. There are even a few children named after me!

Words Of Caution And Advice

On the other side of the coin is the fact that using progesterone prior to ovulation can suppress ovulation. In a normal menstrual cycle, the release of progesterone by one ovary functions as a signal to the other ovary not to ovulate-- Nature's brilliant plan for avoiding multiple births. If you’re using progesterone cream prior to ovulation, chances are good both ovaries will interpret its presence as a sign that the other ovary has ovulated, thus effectively suppressing ovulation.
If you decide to use progesterone while trying to conceive, be sure to begin using it only after you have ovulated each month. You can track your ovulation by taking your temperature each morning before you get out of bed. When you ovulate, the release of progesterone will cause a slight rise in body temperature. Once that has happened, you can safely continue using the progesterone cream.thermometer.jpg

If you think you maybe are pregnant and want the pregnancy, do NOT stop the progesterone until you have done a pregnancy test, as a sudden drop in progesterone levels would signal the body to shed the uterine lining, possibly inducing an abortion. While the urine pregnancy tests you can buy at a drugstore are reliable after day 28 of your cycle, a blood pregnancy test is reliable within several days of conception. (You usually do not need a doctor's prescription to get a blood pregnancy test at a local medical lab.) If it is positive and you want to remain pregnant, you should continue to use progesterone cream to prevent the scheduled menstrual shedding and to protect the developing fetus from early miscarriage. Progesterone should be continued at least until the third month of pregnancy, when the placenta becomes the major producer of progesterone, at which time you can GRADUALLY taper your progesterone supplementation. If blood progesterone levels remain good, you can discontinue it altogether. By the third trimester, the placenta will be making hundreds of times more progesterone than you would be getting with the cream alone."