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Female Estrogen Dominant Disease Conditions

Female Estrogen Dominant Diseases

Progestelle Progesterone Oil Purer Than Progesterone Cream

Female Estrogen Dominant Diseases Helped by Natural Progesterone

Safe, Natural, Over the Counter Help

for Menopause, PMS, Endometriosis, Menstrual Cramps, Menstrual Migraines, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Adenomyosis, Acne that varies with the Cycle, Uterine Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Restless Leg Syndrome, Weight Gain after 35 years old.

Why Progesterone?

How can progesterone help so many female conditions?  The reason why is that most of these female conditions are caused by and exacerbated by xenoestrogens.  Xenoestrogens are chemicals or herbs that mimic estrogens.  These estrogens are strange estrogens that fit into the estrogens receptor and fool your body into thinking it is estrogen.  Progesterone can balance out small amounts of  "weak" xenoestrogens.  But, progesterone can NOT balance out small amounts of "strong" xenoestogens, or progesterone can NOT balance out large amounts of "weak" xenoestrogens.

John Lee, MD documented Natural Progesterone helping many of these female disease in the book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause".  Any women should read this book to safe guard her health.

Estrogen Dominance is Too Much Strange Estrogen

Normally, your body makes estradiol by the ovaries and body fat.  The estradiol fits into the body's cells and messages the cells to create a female body.  Estradiol tells the body to create breasts and hips.  "Xeno" means foreign.  So, "xenoestrogen" means foreign estrogen.  These foreign estrogens fit into the estrogen receptor.   However, they are strange and weird estrogens.  They have "female" like effects, but are strange.  They create different female diseases by fitting into the estrogen receptor and faking out the estrogen receptor.  Xenoestrogens tell the body to do strange things like breast cancer, uterine fibroids, bloating and breast tenderness. To further confuse and confound the patient and doctor, the estradiol that your body makes is stimulating some receptors, and the xenoestrogens are stimulating some other receptors.  Your body reacts to the sum total of both the estradiol and xenoestrogens.  Thus, your symptoms of pain, cramping, acne, migraines vary with the cycle (and your estradiol levels).  Thus, many doctors incorrectly finger just estradiol.  They should be fingering both estradiol AND xenoestrogens.  Estrogen Dominance is defined as "too much estrogen", but it should really be defined as "too much xenoestrogens."  If you just get rid of the xenoestrogens, for the vast majority of the patients, the female diseases disappear.  You don't need to watch the estradiol.  You need to focus on the xenoestrogen intake.

Why Hormone Testing Doesn't Help

I started treating Estrogen Dominance diseases in 1999.  As of 2015, I've had over 20,000 customer / patients.  I used to do hormone testing.  What I found out is that the vast majority of patients had normal hormone tests for their age.  However, the patients were still sick.  The patients insisted that they had premenstrual syndrome, breast cysts, migraines that varied with the cycle, loss of hair, weight gain, water gain (cyclical edema), but their hormone tests were normal.  I believed the patients.  Sometimes the doctor will mislead the patient and tell them that that their hormone test showed that their estradiol to progesterone ratio was extremely high.  But in reality, the patient did not ovulate, did not have a corpus luteum, and because there was no corpus luteum, no progesterone was produced.  So the estradiol / progesterone level would be high, normally for that patient for her age.  After the age of 35, most cycles, most of the time, but not all, the patient cycles, but the patient does not ovulate.  Thus, for a patient after the age of 35, her progesterone is less than 1% of a woman before the age of 35 because she did not ovulate, and does not have a corpus luteum.  Having a low progesterone is normal for a woman after the age of 35 for most cycles.  There is nothing abnormal here.  So why does she feel lousy?  Why is her sex drive low?  Why did she gain weight?  The answer is that she has a large intake of xenoestrogens ( or is taking just one potent xenoestrogen ).  Xenoestrogens do NOT show up on the hormone test.  Again, I will repeat because this has been a constant question in my practice.  Xenoestrogens are NOT measured by the hormone test.  The hormone test does not measure xenoestrogens.

For instance, lavender is a strong xenoestrogen that is proven to cause gynecomastia or "man boobs" in young boys.  Lavender does not show up on the blood or saliva hormone test.  So, if you are using lavender soap, the lavender is being absorbed by your body, the lavender acts like a weird estrogen, makes you sick, and your hormone test is normal.  Why?  The hormone test does NOT measure lavender.  There is no hormone test that measures lavender.   Thus, doing a hormone test is useless. I simply ask the patient to stop using lavender products.

Chocolate, Cocoa Butter and Coffee Elevate Estradiol

Occasionally, I do have patients that have elevated estradiol.  Typically, the astute physician will then give an aromatase inhibitor to decrease the amount of estradiol being produced.  The better question to ask is why does the patient have elevated estradiol?  The answer is that the patient is eating chocolate, cocoa butter, or coffee.  I take the hormone test, look at the results, see the estradiol results, then see the elevated estradiol.  Then, I would ask the patient whether or not they were eating chocolate, coffee, or cocoa butter.  Then, I would tell them to stop eating chocolate, coffee, or cocoa butter or stop telling them to put it on their skin.  Now, I just cut to the chase.  I do NOT do the hormone test.  I just tell them to stop eating chocolate, coffee, or cocoa butter.

For instance, I had one patient who was a naturapath in Spain.  She told me that she was estrogen dominant and needed to take progesterone.  I answered that taking progesterone was only one half of the problem.  The major part of the problem was that she was taking xenoestrogens in some way.  She answered that she only used natural things.  She used no chemicals.  In fact, she presented her hormone test to me.  She did have an estradiol of 300.  This was very high.  I said, "There is something that is causing your estradiol to go high."  So I examined all of the things that she was using on her skin.  It turns out that she was using Black African Soap.  Black African Soap contains cocoa butter. Cocoa butter and chocolate contains phenylethylamine.  Chocolate and cocoa butter can elevate the patients estradiol.  I told her to stop using Black African Soap.  Just use a fragrance free herb free soap.  Just use a plain bar of soap.

After several months, her estradiol levels returned to a low normal level of 57.9.  She felt good.  No more migraines, and no more Estrogen Dominance.  A constant intake of xenoestrogens will cause a Magnesium Deficiency.  Chocolate is one of the foods highest in Magnesium.  Therefore, women with Estrogen Dominance will have a craving for chocolate because of its magnesium content. This chocolate craving occurs just before the period, usually. But the chocolate will act as a xenoestrogen, and in addition, chocolate will actually raise the estradiol levels in the woman.  This increased Estrogen Dominance will cause more of a chocolate craving resulting in a vicious cycle.  So, normally if I see an elevated estradiol level, the first question that I will ask is, "Are you eating chocolate, cocoa butter or coffee?  Are you putting these on the skin?  If so, please stop."  Now, I no longer do a hormone test.  I simply cut to the chase and ask the patient to stop eating chocolate, coffee, or cocoa butter.  Here is the testimonial of the Naturapath in Spain.

Hormone Disruptors Act and Mimic Estrogen

So xenoestrogens can mimic estrogen, but do not raise estrogen levels.  These xenoestrogens do NOT appear on the hormone test.  Thus, the hormone test canNOT detect them.  Xenoestrogens fit into the estrogen receptor, stimulate the estrogen receptor, and fool the body into thinking that they are estrogen.

Some Herbs Raise Estrogen Levels

Coffee, chocolate and cocoa butter raise estrogen levels.  Elevated Estrogen levels are usually traced to these foods that are either eaten or put onto the skin and absorbed.


Video Testimonials

Women claims that progesterone helped her menopause symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats.  Double blind studies show natural progesterone helps 83% of women with menopause night sweats and hot flashes.

Women claims that progesterone helped with her decade long endometriosis symptoms of pain and thickened lining of the uterus.


Solid Science
Robert Lawrence, MD professor at John Hopkins Medical School featured on PBS FRONTLINE April 2009 teaches about Endocrine Disrupters or Xenoestrogens. Endocrine disrupters are being targeted as causing many of the female diseases today.  Ovarian cysts, endometriosis, adenomysosis, pms, breast cysts are largely due to hormone disrupters.  Scientific evidence from the past 50 years has fingered hormone disruptors as the cause of many of the female problems.

Video Testimonial
A woman claims that her body is now quiet.  She eliminated xenoestrogens in her environment.

How to Avoid Side Effects of Progesterone
How to Avoid Side Effects of Progesterone Cream - Overview - QuickStart Video [A].  Avoiding side effect of natural progesterone is easy if you are willing to change all your topical products to safe ones.

Xenoestrogens Cause Your Disease

Xenoestrogens are defined.  Find out the what xenoestrogens are.  Video 1 of 6.