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Menstrual Cramping

I've Gone Through a Complete Cycle 
Since Then and I Have Experienced NO pain!
Dear Dr. Eckhart,

I just wanted to contact you and give you an update. After our last 
conversation I eliminated the items in question (Teeccino with "natural 
coffee flavor," dill and stevia) and I've gone through a complete cycle 
since then and I have experienced no pain! I'm kind of in disbelief and 
somewhat confused because I haven't had this much time without my body 
going haywire on me for years*. I want to thank you for all of your help 
and support. I know that feeling better is just the first step to 
getting healthy and I hope that I can maintain it, but I wanted to let 
you know about our success right away. I'm just ecstatic.

Best to you and your wife. Thank you.

Danni C.  Alexandria, Louisiana Jul 3, 2018
Pain No Longer Consumes 2 Weeks Every Month

Nina E.,  Boiceville, New York, Feb. 22, 2018
Used Progestelle for a Couple of Years Now with Great Results
Hello Dr. Eckhart,

As you know, I have used Progestelle for a couple of years now with great results.  Well, I was so comfortable with my results, I decided to use a lipstick that I used to love, use Sensodyne toothpaste (as my teeth were a little sensitive and I ran out of my Peelu tooth powder), and use a lotion on my hands (with carrot seed essential oil) due to dryness...all over the past month.  To my dismay, my period started yesterday and it was horrible, I had nausea, vomiting, and lots of discomfort! This was the first like this in over a year and a half.  I guess my body is extremely sensitive to ANY xenoestrogens.  Needless to say, back to the drawing board for me!  

Should I stop the Progestelle completely for a couple of months? Or since I only used these products sporadically over the past month, can I just stop using them (which I already have), and continue with Progestelle at the dose I have been using?

Obviously, I have learned my lesson, and will not attempt this again.  

Thanks in advance.
Ericka D.  Dallas, TX  March 19, 2019
Just a note on skin care. Although I liked the Conti soap and still use it on my hands only, it dried me out quite a bit.  What I have been doing for the past year and a half is using water only to wash my body.  I know it sounds gross, but I do not smell and have no issues with any rash, infections, etc.  The key is to use a different washcloth daily and scrub every area of your body as water flows over you. You become accustomed to it, and it eventually feels very refreshing.  I wash my face using a mix of castor oil and grape seed oil with a warm/hot washcloth. My skin (which is acne prone) has not had a blemish.  I just wanted to share this for your patients that may have dry skin. 
Ericka D.  Dallas, TX  March 19, 2019
After you stop putting "Frankenstein Estrogens" (xenoestrogens) on the skin, it will take 2-3 months for them to wash out of the body.  Furthermore, the xenoestrogens are stored in the fat.  If the body fat is reduced, then the fat will release xenoestrogens and you will get sick again.
I would stop xenoestrogens, then AFTER 2-3 months, after they wash out of the body, you may start to take the progesterone again.
Progesterone interacts badly with some types of xenoestrogens.  Under chronic xenoestrogen exposure, the body to protect itself shuts down its sensitivity to xenoestrogens.  Taking progesterone will wake up the estrogen receptors, and now taking progesterone will make you worse instead of better.  It is the xenoestrogens that are causing the discomfort, NOT the progesterone.
Painful Cramps and Breast Tenderness Went Away - Iodine Reduces Sensitivity to Xenoestrogens
Before I had: 

Breast tenderness 

Very painful cramps that kept me in bed. 

These symptoms went away after using items off the purple sheet and applying Progestelle, but I became overly sensitive to estrogenic items afterwards.
I took Iodoral iodine for a while and now topical Lugol's drops which fixed the extreme sensitivity.
Amber T.  Phoenix, Arizona  March 28, 2019
My period that has been unmanageable for the past 8 years - Strong pain and Clogging has almost disappeared by second period!!
I can report, that I am doing MUCH better, since taking the Progestelle and cutting out Xenos and taking the supplements you recommended. I am vegan and my period that has been unmanageable for the past 8 years, basically since moving form Europe to US for school. It has gotten better significantly and strong pain and clogging has almost disappeared by second period!! It was very difficult for me to go to work during my period over the past years. I am an artist and art teacher and cannot leave the classroom most of the day, so I am always worried to have an accident….It used to be very painful and getting up every hour the first two nights for the past years. I am so happy things are getting better!! My mother used to suffer with the same thing in my age, but she went the usual paths and went for the surgery. I think it had bad effects, and she now has fibrosis and arthritis and a bunch of other things she doesn't want to talk about. She’s on antibiotics, all the time. She’s getting old, and  believes this is just what happens and only believes in her regular school medicine country doctors sadly….
Esther B., Brooklyn, NY, February 26, 2023