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Watch these 3 Overview videos before taking Progestelle

  • vid0quickstart.jpg
    Overview of Progesterone Use: How to Use Progesterone Cream, Topical v Oral Hormones, Organic Natural Herbs Can Make You Sick, Side Effects of Progesterone Cream, How to Avoid The Side Effects Of Progesterone Cream
  • hormonedisruptors.jpg
    Robert Lawrence, MD (John Hopkins Medical School) Explains Endocrine Disruptors Or Xenoestrogens And How It Is A Threat To Your Health [PBS Frontline April 2009].  Basically, you are sick because you are unintentionally poisoning yourself with hormone disruptive chemicals and herbs.  The main route of entry is from the skin, and to a much lesser extent orally.
  • stinkimg.jpg
    Bonus Video - See the Netflix streaming movie, "STINK!". It is a movie uncovering the risks of everyday products causing cancer in your home.  Man marries beautiful wife.  He has two daughters.  Wife dies of breast cancer.  Man finds out chemicals in the home likely caused her breast cancer.  Why is this happening?  Who is making this happen?

Lectures Given to Medical Doctors to Explain How to Treat Female Issues, Lay People can Watch Them Too.

  • title-pagesm-compressor.jpg
    Eckhart, MD Explains Estrogen Dominance to Medical Doctors.  If you watch this video, you will be able to explain why many issues are happening to women and how to fix them.  Every women that wants to take Progesterone should watch this video.  This lecture was given to Medical Doctor Residents in training to educate them.  The video is one hour and 15 minutes long.
  • menopause-woman-min.jpg
    Eckhart, MD Explains the "Transition in Life for Women" to Medical Doctors.  This video explains why the transition is difficult for some women and not for others. You will be able to have an easy "Transition in Life".  Every women that is going through the "Transition in Life" should watch this video.  This lecture was given to Medical Doctor Residents in training to educate them.  The video is 42 minutes long.
  • Lady with child
    STINK!  the movie. A man gets married and has two beautiful daughters. His wife dies of Breast Cancer. He is now a single dad of the two children. This is a documentary about his journey to find out why his wife came down with Breast Cancer. This is a must see to keep your family safe.  The video is 90 minutes long.

Other Videos: 

  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Flechas, MD Explains Excess Estrogen Inhibits Iodine Absorption. He Claims Iodine Deficiency Causes Fibrocystic Breast Disease , Endometriosis, And Ovarian Cysts. Flechas, MD Has Controlled PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) with Iodine and Iodide
  • progesteronesynthesis.jpg          
    Julian Percy, PhD And Production Of Natural Progesterone