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Hypothyroid Caused by Xenoestrogens and Iodine Deficiency

After the age of 35 years old, most people become hypothyroid. Why? Many of the laundry detergents, cosmetics and toiletriesherbsrosemary.jpg have estrogenic herbs and chemicals. Estrogen says,"Build up fat for the pregnancy!" These estrogenic herbs and chemicals build up fat for the pregnancy by decreasing the thyroid receptor sensitivity. You become less sensitive to thyroid hormone. You become hypothyroid. You build up fat. Thyroid hormones are largely normal or slightly low.

Simultaneously, after the age of 35, for most cycles but not all cycles, you stop producing progesterone, for the most part. Progesterone can balance out small amounts of weak xenoestrogens and estradiol. With the loss of this progesterone, the estrogen effect on your body becomes dominant. Hence the name estrogen dominance. Taking progesterone can help with this estrogen dominance assuming that the xenoestrogens that you are taking simultaneously are weak and few. If you take progesterone with strong plentiful xenoestrogens, then you can actually get worse temporarily until you stop the progesterone.

Table Of Contents


1. Hypothyroid

2. Iodine Deficiency And Bromine Poisoning

3. Thyroid Receptor Blockers

4. Summary Of Hypothyroid Causes

5. What Is Hypothyroidism?

6. What Are Xenoestrogens?

7. Hypothyroid Is Epidemic After Age 35

8. Progesterone Can Help Balance Weak Xenoestrogens

9. Iodine Deficiency And Bromine Toxicity Can Cause Hypothyroidism

10. Chemicals Can Cause Thyroid receptor Blockage

11. Fear / Stress / Anxiety Impairs the Body's Ability to Detoxify Itself

12. Summary Of Hypothyroidism

Iodine Deficiency and Bromine Poisoning

The second reason why you have hypothyroid is because you have an iodine deficiency and are poisoned with bromine. Bromine is an element in the same column of the periodic table and can replace iodine in your body. Bromine can displace iodine in enzymes and hormones making these enzymes and hormones not work correctly. For instance, it may be possible for iodine in T3 to be replaced by bromine. T3 is thyroid hormone. There are three iodines in T3. T4 is also thyroid hormone. There are four iodines in T4. T3 is the active form of thyroid hormone and is more potent than T4. It may be possible for bromine to substitute for one of the iodines in T3. So instead of three iodine's in T3 you may have two iodines and one bromine instead. It may be that the thyroid tests cannot differentiate between a T3 with three iodine's and a poisoned T3 with 2 iodines and one bromine. The poisoned T3 with two iodine's and one bromine may not work correctly in your body.

Thyroid Receptor Blockers

The third reason why you have hypothyroid is that there are chemicals and possibly herbs that block the thyroid receptor. For instance, fire retardant mixed into plastic in the computer I'm using when absorbed by the body will block the thyroid hormone, and cause hypothyroid.

Summary Of Hypothyroid Causes

1. Xenoestrogens make you less sensitive to thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormones are normal or slightly low. After 35, most cycles do not have progesterone to balance out the estrogen. Take progesterone to balance out weak xenoestrogens.

2. Iodine deficiency. Poisoned with bromine.

3. Chemicals in our modern life can block the thyroid receptor.

Other less common reasons for hypothyroidism are diseases, chemicals or herbs that prevent or impair the conversion of T4 to T3. For instance, diabetic type II patients typically may have more difficulty converting T4 to T3. I did have one patient that gained weight, had viral sores in the back of her throat, and had a tendon that ripped after taking a course of ciprofloxacin. What happens is that she wiped out the normal flora of her gut. The normal flora of her gut was replaced by a bad bacteria. This bad bacteria caused by malabsorption. The malabsorption caused impaired absorption of sulfur which caused weakening of her tendons.  She ripped her tendons.

Also, it is well-known that pig farmers give antibiotics routinely to pigs to replace their bacteria with another type of bacteria causing a diabetic type II syndrome in the pigs. The takes gain weight rapidly because of the antibiotics. This same effect can be happening in some of my patients. Antibiotics can cause bad bacteria to take over the gut and cause a diabetic type II picture making them gain weight just like the farmed pigs.

What Is Hypothyroid?

Hypothyroid literally means "low" thyroid. Hypothyroid means loss of hair and thinning hair. Gobs of hair may fall off your head in the shower. Eyebrows may become thinned. Underarm hair may take a long time to grow back once it is trimmed. The most diagnostic sign is low temperature. The normal temperature of the human body should be 98.6 Fahrenheit. However, for thermometer1.jpgthe majority of my patients, their temperature is usually in the high 96's is and in the low 97's. It is extremely important to measure the temperature of the body using a very accurate thermometer. Most thermometers that can be bought at the grocery store may be off by as much as 1°F. So, I recommend calibrating your thermometer to an extremely accurate one that you can find your physicians office. All you need to do is to call your physicians office and asked the nurse to read off the temperature off your chart. Then, you may correlate that temperature with the thermometer that you're using in your mouth right now. An accurate way to measure temperature is to use the calibrated thermometer is to measure the temperature of the urine right when you wake-up in the morning. I instruct my patients to urinate in a Styrofoam cup for three consecutive mornings and measure the temperature of the urine. This will give you an idea of what your temperature really is. The temperature measures both the thyroid hormone and the thyroid receptor system. If you just measure the thyroid hormone, this measures just thyroid hormone levels. It does not explain why your hair is falling out and your temperature is low.

You may feel sluggish, lack energy, and tired with hypothyroid. You may also have a foggy brain but not always. you may have fat build up around your belly and on your hips. It seems that no matter how you diet and exercise you just can't seem to get rid of the fat on your belly. The fat just doesn't come off. You need to get rid of xenoestrogens and correct the hormone imbalances before you diet or exercise.

What Are Xenoestrogens?

Too much estrogen known as estrogen dominance tells the body to build up fat for the pregnancy. Xenoestrogens are chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen. Not only do they look like estrogen to the body, but they are also strange and weird estrogens. They kind of act like estrogen in many ways but fit into the estrogen receptor strangely and stimulate the estrogen receptor receptor strangely. They are able to do this by reducing your sensitivity to thyroid hormone. Thus, you begin to look hypothyroid.

For instance, in classic 1950s experiment, baby roosters were injected with DDT. The baby roosters grew up looking like hens. Two researchers from Syracuse University zoologists Lindemann and Burlington injected DDT into 40 roosters for. Of 2 to 3 months. The daily doses of DDT did not make the roosters sick or kill them. DDT made the roosters look like hens. The roosters testicles were 18% of normal. The combs and wattles were stunted and pale like hens. The roosters were for all intents and purposes chemically castrated.

Clifford Bloch M.D, a pediatric endocrinologist, found that large male breasts or gynecomastia may be caused by tea tree oil and lavender oil. In July 2006, Bloch found that lavender oil and tea tree oil containing compounds that act like female sex hormones and contain compounds that block the expression of testosterone. Clifford Bloch M.D had several young boys with gynecomastia. He tested their own hormones and found them to be normal. He noted that their parents were putting pure lavender oil on the skin or tea tree oil on the skin. He advised the parents to refrain from using these essential oils. In several months, the gynecomastia disappeared. He even exposed human breast cancer cells to lavender oil and separately to tea tree oil. He found that both of these oils made the breast cancer cells proliferate. The breast cancer cells were sensitive to estrogen and proliferated with estrogen. He then put the lavender and tea tree oil into cells that were sensitive to testosterone and found that they blocked the expression of testosterone. He concluded that lavender and tea tree oil both stimulated the estrogen receptors and blocked testosterone expression simultaneously. Therefore, the implications for women with ovarian cysts, endometriosis, PMS, and breast cysts are staggering. Lavender and tea tree oil may exacerbate these conditions! Lavender and tea tree oil may also depress the thyroid receptor sensitivity leading to hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism Is Epidemic After Age 35

After the age of 35, most cycles but not all cycles, produce little or no progesterone. This is because after the age of 35, most but not all the cycles are anovulatory. Anovulation means "no ovulation." Normally, before the age of 35, most cycles are ovulatory. The ovary produces a follicle. The follicle produces estradiol. The follicle pops out an egg like a pimple. The used follicle becomes the corpus luteum and now produces progesterone.

After the age of 35, the follicle forms on the ovary. The follicle produces estradiol. However, the follicle goes back down and does not produce an egg. No egg is popped out of the follicle. Therefore, there is no corpus luteum. The corpus luteum normally produces progesterone. However, since there is no corpus luteum, no progesterone is produced. In summary, after the age of 35, for most cycles but not all cycles, progesterone is not produced in any significant quantities.

Progesterone Can Help Balance Weak Xenoestrogens

Because of xenoestrogens and your own estradiol, and no progesterone, you have too much estrogen relative to progesterone. This is known as estrogen dominance. Because of this estrogen dominance, your thyroid receptors become less sensitive to thyroid hormone, and you become hypothyroid. Thus, you can take progesterone and balance out the estrogen dominance.

Progesterone interact with xenoestrogens and your own estradiol. There are five possibilities:

1. You completely eliminate xenoestrogens and not take progesterone. You become normal. Your hypothyroidism disappears.

2. You take weak xenoestrogens and take progesterone. You become normal. Your hypothyroidism disappears.

3. You take strong xenoestrogens and take progesterone. You become worse temporarily until you stop progesterone. Your hypothyroidism gets worse.

4. You take xenoestrogens and take progesterone. The progesterone "works" for the first two months. Then, the progesterone does not "work" anymore.

5. You take progesterone with an herb that blocks progesterone. Herbs that block progesterone also cause miscarriage. Herbs like mint and aloe in toothpaste or shampoo will block progesterone and render progesterone impotent.

Thus, it is extremely important to change your lifestyle. Most women believe that change your lifestyle has to do with things that you eat. Things that you eat are important. However, the things you put on your skin are 10 times more important than what lotionsoap.jpgyou eat. This is because anything you put on the skin is 10 times more potent than what you eat. Anything that you put on the skin goes directly into the body. Just like nicotine and estrogen patches that you can buy at the drugstore, lotions, shampoos, cosmetics and detergents go through the skin and into the body. Many of these cosmetics and toiletries contain chemicals that are just as powerful as progesterone except they are in the opposite direction. So, not only does progesterone go into the body, but also anything you put on the skin like shampoo goes into the body as well. Many of these things are toxic, carcinogenic, allergenic, or hormone disruptive. Unfortunately, the government agencies are not protecting us very well. Hormone disruption is rarely considered even in healthy natural health food store products. If you buy any product from us, you will get a list of of safe products. If you buy any product from us, you will get a list of chemicals or herbs that are hormone disruptive.

Many times progesterone creams contain ingredients that are estrogenic to control hot flashes. However, these same estrogenic ingredients will exacerbate breast cysts, fibroids, and ovarian cysts. These same ingredients are usually found in common cosmetics and toiletries found in the health food stores and in conventional department stores. This is likely why there is epidemic of breast cancer. Click here to download the "state the evidence" from breast cancer

Progesterone found in health food store progesterone creams are not the same as progestins. Progestins are synthetic progesterones that are chemically modified from progesterone. Why are they modified? They are modified because they can be patented. Once these progestins are patented, then this allows the patenting company to charge exorbitant amounts of money for them. Then, you can make large amounts of profit. The large amounts of profit are used to buy TV and magazine advertising. The large amounts of profit are also used to buy drug representatives to foist the patented drug on unsuspecting doctors. A drug representative makes at least $100,000 a year. The research required to bring a drug to market may cost hundred million dollars. Who would want to pay $100 million for non-patented drug. There there is no way to recoup a cost of the hundred million dollars for a non-patented drug.

Progestins cause birth defects according to the physicians desk reference. In contrast, natural progesterone is used routinely by fertility M.D.'s to prevent miscarriage. The fertility M.D.'s are the physicians that are able to perform test tube pregnancies. If a fertility MD used a progestin to prevent a miscarriage, this would be considered malpractice.

Which would you rather use?

Iodine Deficiency And Bromine Toxicity Causes Hypothyroidism

Most Americans according to Brownstein M.D are deficient in iodine. This is especially true for people living in the Midwest near the Great Lakes. Iodine is found in seawater. However, the glaciers that scooped out the Great Lakes also scooped out the soil that contains iodine. Therefore, the Midwest near the Great Lakes is deficient in iodine. During the mid-1800s, there was a goiter belt around that area. A goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland. The enlarged thyroid gland means that you are deficient in iodine. Iodine supplementation of table salt was instituted as a public health measure and the goiters disappeared. This was a triumph of the public health system. However, the amount of iodine in table salt is just enough to stave off goiter and is not enough for optimal functioning of the human body. Abraham M.D. believes that the optimal amount of iodine for the human body is 10 mg a day based upon iodine intake of the Japanese people. Complicating the iodine deficiency, is the issue of bromine toxicity.

can.jpgBromine can be found in soft drinks, sports drinks, commercial bakery products, sleep aids, and asthma inhalers and brominated swimming pools instead of chlorinated swimming pools. Bromine may be able to substitute for the iodine in thyroid hormone rendering the thyroid hormone impotent. Bromine is stored in the tissues of the body. There have been some patients that are hypothyroid and when given thyroid hormone nothing happens. However, when iodine is given to these patients, bromine will come out of the body resulting in toxicity. Then, when finally all the bromine is flushed out the patient becomes normal. Fatigue disappears. Fat disappears. Hair grows back.

Brominated vegetable oil is used in soft drinks in the United States to keep citrus oils mixed into the soft drink. Brominated vegetable oil in soft drinks is banned in the European Union. As of 2014, several years ago, PepsiCo very quietly took out brominated vegetable oil in some their products. Coca-Cola is contemplating following suit.

When taking iodine, bromine is forced out and patients get to have bromine toxicity. Many people blame iodine. Please do not blame iodine. Blame the correct villain bromine. Bromine can have the following symptoms eyelid twitching, foot twitching, tickling in the hands and feet, heart palpitations, sinus acne, metallic taste, headache, loss of hair, increase salivation, dream changes, kidney pain, strange odor, frequent urination, and irritability. These changes and toxic reactions are not from iodine but from bromine toxicity. I suggest starting out with very small amounts of iodine of 3 mg or less slowly ramping up 5 mg per week all all the way to 50 mg per day for 3 to 4 months. Then, maintain at 10 mg per day.

I recommend taking Lugol's iodine or Iodoral. Lugol's iodine is a combination of iodine, I2, and iodide, I-. It is important to take both atomic iodine and ionic iodine as some tissues take up the atomic form and some tissues take up the ionic form. Lugol's iodine causes stomach upset and may stain your clothes, but it is cheap. Iodoral is expensive but does not cause stomach upset and does not stain your clothes.

Chemicals Can Cause Thyroid Receptor Blockage

Some chemicals go into the thyroid receptor, fit into it and do not stimulate the receptor effectively blocking the thyroid receptor. One common chemical that does this is triclosan. Triclosan and is found in 75% of the antibacterial soaps and is a known thyroid blocker. In some cases, triclosan is directly used in the formulation of plastic drawers in refrigerators to discourage mold and spoilage. Triclosan may also be used in plastic cutting boards. These thyroid blockers cause hypothyroidism and do not affect the thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid hormone levels are normal.

Fear / Stress / Anxiety Impairs the Body's Ability to Detoxify Itself

In addition, fear, stress, and anxiety can impair the body's ability to eliminate chemicals from the body.  Fear, stress, and anxiey increases histamine levels and interleukin 6 levels in the body and changes the biochemistry of the brain.  Biochemical changes in the brain affect body chemistry.  The hallmark of fear, stress, and anxiety is a hypersensitivity to smell or loss of smell.  Patients complain that perfumes make them sick or they cannot walk down the detergent aisle of the grocery store.  They may get sea sick if they travel in a small boat in the ocean or take an amusement park roller coaster.  They typically, are more sensitive to drugs than their peers. If they drank some coffee before bedtime this would keep them up at night.  What this is indicating is that their ability to excrete drugs is impaired, and their ability to excrete xenoestrogens put on the skin is also impaired.  Their Romburg test is abnormal.  The Romburg test is a neurological exam. Put your feet together.  Close your eyes.  Stand on you tip toes.  Do you wobble?  Then, the Romburg test is abnormal.  One or all of these symptoms may be present.  Also these symptoms may be present and vary in severity from 1 to 10.  These symptoms are NOT black and white, but are present in degrees.

The degree to which you are stressed out will be directly proportional to how easy it is to excrete chemicals.  To release stress, I recommend going to the Pleasant Valley Church one week seminar at

Summary Of Hypothyroidism

To fight hypothyroidism eliminate xenoestrogens, take progesterone, and take iodine. Remember not to take progesterone in conjunction with xenoestrogens as it may make your symptoms worse. Once again, progesterone wakes up the estrogen receptors, making the xenoestrogens seemingly more potent. Also remember to slowly increase iodine intake to avoid or minimize bromine toxicity.

Buy any of our products and get a list of recommended products and a No-No list.