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Side Effects of Natural Progesterone

Side Effects Of Progesterone: Why Your Symptoms Get Worse

Natural Progesterone is bioidentical to thewrongway.jpg progesterone that your body makes. About 40% of women that take progesterone without modifying their lifestyle have More Estrogen Dominance symptoms after starting progesterone.


It is the same progesterone their body makes. Some women taking Natural progesterone and no change in their lifestyle experience, more hair falling out, more fat on the belly , more bloating, more breast tenderness, increased PMS, increased mood swings, more irritability, weight gain, more chocolate craving, more sugar craving, more water retention just before the period, increased headaches, more constipation, more cold hands and feet, more breast cysts, more ovarian cysts, and bigger migraine headaches.

Progesterone is supposed to cure all these Estrogen Dominant symptoms by “balancing out” the estrogen. Instead the exact opposite is happening. You are getting worse and not better. It is the exact same progesterone your body is producing. Progesterone is supposed to help, not make you worse. What is going on? Patients ask me, “Why do my boobs hurt more, now that I am taking progesterone? My boobs are supposed to be hurting less.  Why am I experiencing weight gain?  I thought I was supposed to be losing weight.”


The answer is that it is about everything else you are putting on your skin.




1. Side Effects Of Progesterone: Why Your Symptoms Get Worse

2. Topical Products Often Contain Hormone Disruptors

3. How Does This Make My Symptoms Worse?

4. Xenoestrogens Are The Problem

5. Small Amounts Have Large Side Effects

6. How To Get Rid Of The Side Effects Of Progesterone

7. The Natural Progesterone Works For 2 Months And Then Does Not Work

8. Natural Progesterone Does Not Work At All

9. Solution For Natural Progesterone Side Effects

10. Other Side Effects Of Progesterone

11. Natural Progesterone And Altered Sensitivity To Thyroid Hormones

12. Natural Progesterone And Allergies

13. Natural Progesterone, Cortisol and Stress

14. Natural Progesterone, Cortisol, And Autoimmune Disease Like Lupus

15. Natural Progesterone And Shortness of Breath

16. Chronic High Dose Progesterone May Or May Not Lead To Mental Dullness

17. Sleepiness After Taking Natural Progesterone

18. Natural Progesterone And Thinning Smooth Skin

19. Natural Progesterone Normalizes Diabetes And Normalizes Blood Clots


Essentially, You are Sick Because You are Unintentionally Poisoning Yourself by Putting Hormone Disruptors on Your Skin Found in Common Household Products

See Robert Lawrence, MD, talk about Hormone Disruptors found in common everyday products on PBS Frontline in a 3 minute video. Robert Lawrence is the Center for a Livable Future Professor Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Environmental Health and Engineerings at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Professor Emeritus of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Lawrence is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, and trained in internal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. He served for three years as an epidemic intelligence service officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Public Health Service.

If you completely eliminate hormone disruptors (xenoestrogen) from your environment for 3 months, many times the female disease will simply disappear.  Buy any product from us an get a "SAFE" list of products to use and "NO-NO" list of products to avoid.  Using product from the "SAFE" list only will prevent Progesterone cream side effects.

Hormone Disruptors in Common Cosmetics and Toiletries can Torpedo the Use of Progesterone on the Skin

See the video on how Common Cosmetics and Toiletries can foil the action of progesterone leading to progesterone cream side effects by Eckhart, MD.

Topical Products Often Contain Hormone Disruptors

In most, if not all of the cosmetics, toiletries, deodorant, and laundry detergent contain Hormone Disruptors and are absorbed into the body.  Nicotine patches found in the drug store to help you kick the habit of smoking rely upon nicotine absorption through the skin. The nicotine patch leaches out nicotine onto the skin, and the nicotine goes right into the body.



Similarly, a shampoo put onto the head goes directly through the scalp and into the body. All those shampoo ingredients are now coursing through your veins. Unfortunately, many of the chemicals and herbs in the shampoo mimic or appear to be like estrogen to your body. For instance, body looks at, say a chemical such as parabens and decides that the chemical structure is close enough to estrogen to trigger an estrogen response. A hormone is simply a chemical messenger. So this paraben masquerades as estrogen to your body and your body interprets a paraben as a Strange Estrogen, and makes your body do estrogen like things. However, the paraben is NOT estradiol.

A hormone test only measures estradiol. A hormone test does NOT measure parabens. Thus, your body can look like it is getting more estrogen, but your hormone test is normal.

Unfortunately, parabens are only one type of fake strange estrogen, there are many others both synthetic and natural and organic chemicals and herbs that mimic estrogen. They are collectively known as xenoestrogens, endocrine disrupters, and hormone disruptors. If you order any product from us, you will get a list of chemicals and herbs to avoid that are hormone disruptors. You will also get a list of recommended products that we have found to be safe.

Recently, the US Federal Government has been moving to regulate the ingredients of cosmetics and toiletries.  See this Good Morning America video on parabens and phthalates in cosmetics.

Other chemicals will actually increase estradiol. For instance, coffee will actually increase estradiol. A Brigham Young University Study found that several cups of coffee per day will increase your estradiol levels by 70%.[1] If you drink several cups of coffee per day, and are extremely allergic with decreased excretion, it may be that estradiol levels can increase 300% anecdotally. Extremely allergic women tend to have higher low level, fear, stress or anxiety. Fear, stress, anxiety, increase histamine and interleukin-6 levels. Fear, stress, anxiety actually causes the allergies. This disturbed biochemical balance found in fearful women prevents the woman from excreting all chemicals natural or synthetic. Endometriosis patients tend to have higher fear levels, more allergies and higher estradiol level after drinking coffee because of their decreased ability to excrete chemicals.

Chemicals and herbs put on the skin can either mimic estrogen or increase estradiol directly. It is important to remember that these are Strange Estrogens which may signal your body to do strange things like create breast cancer. has a nice presentation that talks about these effects of common house hold chemicals and herbs found in toiletries and cosmetics that make breast cancer grow.

How Does This Make My Symptoms Worse?

The body to protect itself against this avalanche of estrogen mimickingperfume.jpg chemicals and herbs, shuts down its sensitivity to estrogen. This biological effect is called “Down Regulation”. It is like working in a Perfume Shop all day. Initially, when you first walk into the shop, you smell the wondrous smell of Perfume. However, after working in the Perfume Shop all day, the smell of perfume is very weak or you seem not to smell it at all. What has happened? Has the Perfume Smell Changed? No, your body has become accustomed to the smell of perfume and Down Regulated the smell of perfume that is perceived by your body.


Similarly, with estrogen, your body copes the huge tide of estrogen mimicking chemicals, xenoestrogens, by Down Regulating the estrogen receptors and becoming less sensitive to estrogen. When you take progesterone, the estrogen receptors wake up and become more sensitive. When you take progesterone, the Down Regulation goes away. When you take progesterone, the estrogen receptors regain their original sensitivity, back to normal. Thus, when you take progesterone, the Estrogen Dominance symptoms become worse. People at this point usually blame progesterone, and not the real culprit xenoestrogens. Typically, women exclaim, “I thought this progesterone was suppose to make me better by balancing out the estrogen, but instead I am getting worse. It’s the progesterone’s fault.” Blame the real culprit, your changing estrogen sensitivity, because of the huge avalanche of xenoestrogens down regulating your estrogen receptor.

Xenoestrogens Are The Problem

Xenoestrogens are causing your disease, NOT the progesterone. Progesterone is what your body naturally produces. Xenoestrogen means “foreign estrogen”. Foreign estrogens are causing your disease. Your body does NOT make xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are foreign to your body.

Yes, it is a pain to avoid xenoestrogens. However, xenoestrogens cause breast cancer. See Breast cancer is a pain, too. You have to get a mammogram. Do the mastectomy. Do the chemotherapy. Do the radiation treatment. Do the nutrition therapy. Breast cancer is a massive pain. Both are a pain. Avoiding xenoestrogens is a pain. Breast Cancer is a pain. Basically, life is a pain.

The surprising thing is that estradiol and xenoestrogen are active at extremely minuscule amounts.  I had one patient that had 10 years of migraines (that varied with the cycle).  She went on our program of avoiding xenoestrogens and taking progesterone.  She had NO MIGRAINES for 6 months.  She only used progesterone for the first 2 months.  She used NO PROGESTERONE for 4 months and was FREE of migraines.  She was free of her migraines for 4 months because she was avoiding all xenoestrogens.  Then, she called me.  She complained that she was getting a migraine headache again.  She said stomachpain.pngher breasts hurt.  She could feel her breasts retaining water.  She was getting bloating again.  But the worst thing is that she developed a 9 out of 10 pain (where 10 is the pain of child birth) in her lower right abdomen right in the area of her appendix.  I told her that she had introduced a xenoestrogen into her environment.  She protested loudly that she only used things on our recommended list.  She did not change anything.  She only used safe natural things on her skin.  I spent an hour with her on the phone.  I could not find anything on the skin that I could identify that was a xenoestrogen.  She was doubled over in pain.  She continued to insist that she had not changed anything.  I could not find it, but I told her that she had changed something, she had introduced a xenoestrogen into her life.  We ended the phone call on that note. 

Because the pain was so intense, she went to her Ob/Gyn for evaluation. The Ob/Gyn did a CAT scan, MRI, and an ultrasound and came up with nothing. Her Ob/Gyn could not find anything wrong with the all the scans. So, the patient called me up again a week after the scans complaining of the intense pain. Again, I reviewed all the shampoos, lotions, and laundry detergent that she was using for half an hour. I could not find any hormone disrupting chemical or herb. She was, of course, quite upset. She had a 9 out of 10 pain in her abdomen. Again, I told her that she had a xenoestrogen in her environment. I didn’t know where it was, but it was there. She insisted that she had not changed anything. I believed that she believed that she had not changed anything.

I remember this distinctly. The patient called me up on a Saturday morning. She had found the xenoestrogen. She found that she hard started a new lip balm at the same time the migraine headache had reappeared. The lip balm contained cannabis oil. I said, “You found it! Marijuana creates man boobs. Marijuana is estrogenic. Hemp is in the same botanical family as marijuana. You found the problem!”

She called me again the following Thursday. The pain in her abdomen was now a 3 out of 10 instead of a 9 out of 10. Her migraine headaches were improving. Her breasts were less sore. Her breasts retained less water. She was feeling remarkably better. However, she exclaimed, “I am really quite skeptical. I can’t see how this little lip balm can affect me this much. I only use this lip balm 3 times per week. I don’t believe it.”

I answered, “Its really quite simple. Just try to use the lip balm again and see if the pain comes back.”

She retorted, “No! I am not going to put that lip balm on again!”

Why Did My Patient Have 9 out of 10 Pain with Cannabis Oil (Marijuana Oil)??

The 9 out of 10 pain that the woman felt near her appendix using lip balm that contained cannabis oil (marijuana) may have been due to a forming ovarian cyst.

Victoria Holt, PhD MPH, Professor and Chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Washington found that women with low BMI and smoked marijuana had an increased incidence of ovarian cysts.  Low BMI (Body Mass Index) women are skinny with low body fat.  In contrast, high BMI women or heavy set women that smoked marijuana were protected against ovarian cysts.  High BMI (thick) women had less ovarian cysts when they smoked marijuana than skinny leaner women.[2]

One previous study found that ovarian cysts were more common among marijuana smokers than never smokers.  A small case-control study in the same Health Maintenance Organization found that women with ovarian cysts were more likely to be current marijuana smokers than non-smokers.  However, they did not differentiate between non-smokers and women that never smoked.  Another small study did not show any correlation.[3][4][5]

Marijuana contains several phenolic ring compounds in the marijuana smoke condensate.  Researchers tested marijuana smoke condensate on rat uteri.  The marijuana condensate stimulated obvious uterine skin changes (epithelial) related to the estrogen receptor (ER) pathway.  Cell proliferation assays were also used to confirm estrogen activity of the marijuana.  Seven fractions of the condensate were identified to be estrogen mimickers.  Phenolic ring compounds were found in the fractions.  Phenolic ring compounds typically are xenoestrogens and fit into the estrogen receptor.  These laboratory studies confirmed that marijuana contains estrogen effect hormone disrupting chemicals.[6]

Marijuana contains chemicals that show estrogenic effects.  In fat women, the fat soaks up the estrogenic compounds (xenoestrogens) protecting the smoker from ovarian cysts.  In skinny women, there is no fat to soak up the xenoestrogens.  So, the marijuana in skinny women is more likely to cause the ovarian cyst.

Back to My Patient with 9 out of 10 Pain

I know just how my patient felt. When I started treating patients with progesterone and avoiding xenoestrogens back in 1999, patients told me strange things. I had 3 different unrelated patients tell me that mascara made them bloat, retain water, and have breast tenderness. I rebuffed the first lady who called me and told me mascara made her bloat. I thought she was crazy. This was only a small amount of mascara on the eye lashes. I told her she was crazy. But she insisted that her observation was correct. She kept on insisting, “This mascara is making me bloat.”

Later that week, a second unrelated lady said the same thing, “This mascara is making me retain water.” Then, 3 months later, a third unrelated patient said the exact same thing that her mascara was making her retain water. I assume that they were using different brands of mascara. But I was astounded how such a small amount of foreign chemical could make such a large difference.

Small Amounts Have Large Side Effects

So, I began to ruminate about it. Let’s take a normal estradiol level. A normal estradiol serum level would be 70-300 pg/ml for an adult woman in the luteal phase according to this laboratory. So, let’s take the higher range of 300 pg/ml. A ml is a estradiol.pngmilliliter is one gram. Thus, 300 pg/ml is the same as 300 pg/g. One picogram is 10^-12 grams. One billionths of a gram is 10^-9 grams. So, 1000 picograms is one billionths of a gram. Thus, 300 pg/ml is the same as 0.3 parts per billion.

One of the highest levels of estradiol that an adult woman has is 0.3 parts per billion. 0.3 parts per billion! The normal operating range for estradiol is below 1 part per billion! At this rate, lip balm and mascara is right in the range where your hormones operate. However, most of the time, the concentration of chemicals or herbs that you are getting is even higher than that. So, even if these hormone disrupters are “weak”, there may be more of them relative to your own hormones. This is why you are sick.

Thus, one of the side effects of taking natural progesterone is that you have more Estrogen Dominance symptoms. You get worse. The reason why is you are taking one or more strong xenoestrogens. Constant xenostrogen exposure decreases your sensitivity to estrogen from Down Regulation making the estrogen receptors sleepy. Natural Progesterone wakes up the estrogen receptors. You become more sensitive to the existing xenoestrogen intake and your Estrogen Dominance symptoms become worse!

How To Get Rid Of The Side Effects Of Progesterone

The solution to this side effect of taking Natural Progesterone and getting worse is to eliminate the use of xenoestrogens in your environment. Most of the time, I concentrate on what is being put on the skin, and not so much about what is being eaten. This is because whatever is put on the skin goes directly into the body bypassing the detoxification ability of the liver. Whatever is taken orally, is 1st pass metabolized by the liver. I am not saying to completely disregard what is being eaten, merely to pay 10 times as much attention to what is being put on the skin compared to what is being eaten. Anything on the skin is 10 times in potency compared to what is eaten. If you order any product from us, you get a list of chemicals and herbs to avoid that mimics estrogen (xenoestrogens) or that could stimulate your body to produce more estrogen. You also get a list of recommended products to use that are free of xenoestrogens. These “safe” products are not easy to find. I looked through 500 shampoos and only found 3 that were acceptable.

After you stop xenoestrogens on the skin, many times it takes 1-3 months for them to wash out of the body because they are stored in the subcutaneous fat. Many times you will feel better after 2 weeks of getting rid of xenoestrogens, but sometimes not. If you don’t feel better after 1 month of removing all xenoestrogens, then there is a possibility that you still have a xenoestrogen in your environment. Most of the time, you just have to concentrate upon what is being put on the skin. However, sometimes you must look at your supplements and even the herbs used in cooking for very sensitive patients. Since xenoestrogens are fat soluble, xenoestrogens are stored in the fat. As fat is reduced and lost, xenoestrogens stored in the fat are released into the body.

I had one patient with a severe case of adenomyosis, she eliminated all xenoestrogens, and at first took topical Natural Progesterone. Then, she did not take any progesterone. She was pain free for one and a half years. Then, her adenomyosis came back for three months and she began to have severe pain again. However, she did not change any of her cosmetics and toiletries. She couldn’t figure out where the xenoestrogens were coming from. After 3 months of pain, without consulting me, weightlossfruit.jpgshe finally gave up and had a complete hysterectomy. She finally called me after the fact. It turned out that the adenomyosis had recurred at the same time she went on a special fruit diet. The diet that she followed specified that she only eat fruit. She lost about 5 pounds of weight per month. This is when her adenomyosis reoccured. What happened is that as she lost fat, the xenoestrogens stored in the fat were released into the body. The same effect occurs to people that have used LSD, the drug of abuse.

10 years later after taking LSD, a person taking LSD can have a bad trip. The reason why this occurs is that LSD is fat soluble and active at very small amounts. 10 years later, the person could have a flu and not eat for several days and the fat dissolves,releasing the stored LSD. And the person has an LSD trip from the LSD that is released from the fat being lost.

Similarly, I had a friend working for Outward Bound. He used to take pot heads hiking in the mountains. As they began to sweat, the marijuana stored in the fat was released and they began to get high even though they were not smoking. The THC was stored in the fat and as they sweated and exercised, the THC was released from the fat. Marathon Runners who have not run for a while will experience a runner’s flu when they start running again. Again, toxins stored in the fat will be released during exercise and sweating.

Similarly, as you run, sweat, or lose fat, xenoestrogens are released from the fat and you may experience Estrogen Dominance from the released xenoestrogens.

The Natural Progesterone Works for 2 Months and Then Does NOT Work

There is another side effect of taking Natural Progesterone. For the first 2 months, the Natural Progesterone works and you feel better. There is less bloating, less breast tenderness, less hair falling out, less PMS, less fat on the belly and hips, less mood swings, less water retention, less sugar craving, and less chocolate craving. However, on the third month, the Natural Progesterone does not work. You put on the Natural Progesterone and nothing happens. There is no effect. Nothing appears to be in the bottle. I sometimes get calls from customers claiming that I am cheating them and sending them no progesterone in the bottle. The answer is that it sometimes take 2-3 months for Natural Progesterone to wake up the estrogen receptors. Once the estrogen receptors are “woken up”, it seems like you are getting more estrogen then you were before. Now, after the estrogen receptors are woken up, you feel worse and the progesterone isn’t working. In fact, you get better by stopping the Natural Progesterone.


Again, the solution is to stop the Natural Progesterone, eliminate the xenoestrogens in your environment, and then try to take the Natural Progesterone again next month. If you get worse taking Natural Progesterone, there is some strong xenoestrogen that you are also taking with the progesterone.

Natural Progesterone Does Not Work at All

Another side effect of Natural Progesterone is baseballglove.jpg the patient does not feel anything good or bad after application. It is as if there is nothing in the bottle. Again, the most common accusation I get is that there is nothing in the bottle and this is a scam. What is the answer to this conundrum? There are herbs and chemicals that block Natural Progesterone at the receptor level. Picture the progesterone receptor as a baseball glove. The baseball glove usually catches a white baseball representing Natural Progesterone. When the baseball goes into the glove, the baseball is a chemical messenger, that tells the body to do progesterone things like prepare the body for pregnancy. However, there are progesterone blockers. Picture a purple softball going into the glove. The purple softball can still go into the glove, but signals the body to do nothing. The purple softball lodges in the glove blocking proper white baseballs from going into the glove, and telling the body what to do. The purple softball represents a progesterone blocker.

Natural Progesterone is a hormone chemical messenger that tells the uterus to make a nice bedding for the embryo to implant in. Natural Progesterone is also used by the body to maintain the pregnancy. The most common cause of a miscarriage between 5-8 weeks is a Natural Progesterone deficiency, or a herb or chemical is being taken that blocks Natural Progesterone from the progesterone receptor. This progesterone blocker is the “purple softball”. For example, RU-486, the morning after pill, used to create a miscarriage, is a progesterone blocker. RU-486 is a “purple softball”. I do not agree with this morally, but aloe is used in some cultures to create a miscarriage. This particular culture knows that if you drink enough aloe during the first trimester, this will create a miscarriage [7]. Aloe may block progesterone at the receptor level. I had one patient that complained that the progesterone I sent her did not work and it seemed as though there was nothing in the bottle. I found that she was drinking one glass of aloe juice in the morning. I asked her to stop drinking aloe, if she wanted to take Natural Progesterone. Aloe is a common ingredient in shampoos, soaps, and lotions. Aloe may be a “purple softball” blocking Natural Progesterone at the receptor level. I am not against aloe. If you have a sunburn or an immune deficiency by all means take aloe. But if you are pregnant, it may be unwise to use that skin lotion that contains aloe. If you want to take Natural Progesterone, you cannot simultaneously take aloe.

Mint in all it forms, spear mint, pepper mint, and mentha plant family is also used to create miscarriages [8]. Mint may also be a Natural Progesterone blocker. Mint may also be a “purple softball”. I had one patient that was doing fine on Natural Progesterone. She liked the fact that progesterone made her have a nice sleep induction. She changed to all “natural products” and now found that the same progesterone bottle now did NOT make her sleepy any more. The natural progesterone from the same bottle didn’t work any more. She called me to find out why. I talked to her at length. I found that she had switched to a “natural” toothpaste that had real mint in it. The mint in the toothpaste may have been blocking the progesterone. I suggested that she switch her mint tooth paste to the one we recommended on the list of recommended products. Taking Natural Progesterone with an herb or chemical that blocks progesterone at the receptor level will make the Natural Progesterone useless and impotent. Normally, these herbs and chemicals are known to create miscarriage. This is an important side effect of Natural Progesterone to take note of: Taking herbs or chemicals known to create miscarriage simultaneously with Natural Progesterone will make the Natural Progesterone impotent. These herbs or chemicals block Natural Progesterone at perhaps the receptor level and are the “purple softball” in the baseball glove that blocks Natural Progesterone.

Solution For Natural Progesterone Side Effects

In summary, there are interactions between Natural Progesterone and other herbs or chemicals that are put on the skin:

1. Perhaps 40% of all women that take Natural Progesterone without lifestyle modification get worse Estrogen Dominance symptoms. The body to protect itself from the tremendous load of xenoestrogens shuts down its estrogen receptors. This is known as down regulation. Natural Progesterone wakes up the estrogen receptors making it appear that you are getting more estrogen when you are really not. Patients usually blame progesterone, and not the real culprit xenoestrogens. The solution is to remove xenoestrogens from the environment. The most important route of entry is the skin because anything on the skin is 10 times in potency that what is eaten because whatever is put on the skin bypasses the liver. Minuscule amounts of xenoestrogens can make a woman very sick.

2. It may take 2 months for Natural Progesterone to wake up the estrogen receptors. As a result, the progesterone makes you better for the first 2 months, then after 2 months, the estrogen receptors “wake up”. Now, it seems, like you are getting more estrogen, and you get sicker using progesterone. In the third month, you get sicker using Natural Progesterone. If you stop the Natural Progesterone in the third month, you actually feel better. I am usually accused of sending you a “bad” bottle. It is not the progesterone in the bottle that has changed, your sensitivity to estrogen has changed. The solution is to use only products on the recommend product list that we sent you. The use of any other products will torpedo all your efforts. This effect is wrongly labeled as “Dermal Resistance” by some physicians. It is not “Dermal Resistance”. It has nothing to do with “Dermal Resistance”. Just cut out all the xenoestrogens, then the “Dermal Resistance” goes away.

3. Some herbs and chemicals block Natural Progesterone at the progesterone receptor level. These same herbs and chemicals cause miscarriage. Taking herbs or chemicals that cause miscarriage negates the effect of Natural Progesterone. Aloe and mint are examples of herbs that traditionally are used to create miscarriage in women that do not want their pregnancy. Taking aloe or mint with progesterone will negate the effect of progesterone making the progesterone impotent. If you buy any product from us, you will get a list of herbs or chemicals that may block progesterone and cause miscarriage.

4. Taking progesterone with weak xenostrogens will balance out the progesterone and you will have less Estrogen Dominance symptoms. This is 60% of patients, perhaps.

5. If you are extremely persnickety and completely eliminate xenoestrogens from your environment, you will become normal. You don’t even need any progesterone. As of 2015, for the last 16 years, my wife now 53 years old has not had breast tenderness, minimal loss of hair, no fat on the belly and hips, no PMS, no mood swings, no monthly irritability, no chocolate cravings, no sugar cravings, no cyclical water retention, or no monthly weight gain. She went through menopause last year. One month, she had a period, and the next month she did not have a period. She had no hot flashes and no night sweats, and no menopausal symptoms. She has not used any progesterone for the last 16 years as of 2015. She has completely eliminated xenoestrogens from her environment.

Other Side Effects Of Progesterone

If you take Natural Progesterone BEFORE you ovulate, then you will not ovulate, preventing pregnancy. I do not suggest that you use Natural Progesterone as a contraceptive. I suggest that you use a condom without lubrication or spermicide as a contraceptive. The preservative in the lubrication and spermicide is usually a xenoestrogen. The reason why is that progesterone in part is used to signal the ovaries that you are pregnant and say “Please, do NOT ovulate.” If you are pregnant, your ovaries do NOT ovulate. When you begin to be pregnant, Natural Progesterone begins to rise from 20 mg/day and keeps on increasing steadily throughout the pregnancy. During one day of 3rd trimester pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s body makes 400 mg/day of Natural Progesterone. These high levels of pregnant.jpgNatural Progesterone signal the ovaries NOT to ovulate and NOT to produce an egg. Similarly, if you take 60 mg/day of Natural Progesterone before you ovulate, your ovaries will look at the progesterone in the body and assume you are pregnant and NOT ovulate. In essence, you are creating a “fake” pregnancy by taking 60 mg/day of Natural Progesterone before you ovulate telling the ovaries to “cool it” and take a rest. This effect can be used to “rest” the ovaries in women over the age of 35 years old for several months in an attempt to trigger fertility and ovulation later. You may contact our office for our fertility protocol at ewomhoo  at  hotmail dot com. 

This is the reason why women that have been pregnant and delivered for 9 times are so fertile into their advanced age. Every pregnancy that they had, they were resting their ovaries for 9 months. While they were pregnant their ovaries were not ovulating and taking a “rest”. They were conserving their eggs during their pregnancy.

Creating a fake pregnant can also be used to stop endometriosis. Mainstream physicians counsel endometriosis patients to get pregnant to help their endometriosis.

Conversely, taking Natural Progesterone AFTER you ovulate may increase your fertility in women that do not make enough progesterone. The disability to make enough Natural Progesterone to maintain pregnancy is known as a corpus luteal defect. The corpus luteum simply does not make enough progesterone. Natural Progesterone signals the uterus to increase the uterine lining to make a nice nest for the embryo to implant in and grow. If the body does not make enough Natural Progesterone, then this nice uterine lining is not made. It is also possible that you are taking on the skin or by mouth some kind of herb or chemical that blocks Natural Progesterone at the receptor level. Aloe, mint and many other herbs traditionally used to create miscarriage can be used in toiletries and cosmetics to block Natural Progesterone and foil your attempts to get pregnant.

For women wanting to get pregnant, I recommend eliminating all xenoestrogens and herbs that cause miscarriage. If the woman is not producing enough Natural Progesterone, I recommend taking topical Natural Progesterone about 60 mg/day split into two doses. A miscarriage during 5-8 weeks of gestation is almost always a Progesterone Deficiency in my book until proven otherwise, or the woman has been taking herbs that cause miscarriage in her shampoos and cosmetics. Read about stopping miscarriage that occurs during the 5-8 week gestation period here by using Natural Progesterone. The one big dangerous side effect of taking Natural Progesterone during pregnancy is that you canNOT stop the Natural Progesterone suddenly, otherwise, dropping Natural Progesterone levels may signal to the body to create a miscarriage. To avoid this side effect of Natural Progesterone during pregnancy you must slowly taper down the Natural Progesterone. Never stop Natural Progesterone during pregnancy suddenly, the side effect may be miscarriage.

Stopping Natural Progesterone SUDDENLY for a woman that is progesterone deficient during the first trimester will likely create a miscarriage. During the first trimester, the woman’s corpus luteum is producing the Natural Progesterone that should be on the order of 20-60 mg/day. However, if the woman has a corpus luteal defect, then she is not producing enough progesterone and needs to be supplemented with Natural Progesterone. Fertility MD’s routinely supplement their test tube babies with Natural Progesterone.

During the third trimester, stopping progesterone suddenly may NOT cause a miscarriage because the placenta is producing 400 mg/day of Natural Progesterone. However, if the patient is extremely allergic and is producing antibodies to progesterone, the patient needs topical progesterone THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PREGNANCY to maintain the pregnancy.

The progesterone produced by the placenta is bound to a binding protein to make it water soluble. It is possible that antibodies are able to attack this water soluble progesterone. However, topical Natural Progesterone is in the chylomicrons (oil droplets in the blood) and on the red blood cell membranes and are in the oil fraction of the blood. Therefore, the TOPICAL Natural Progesterone canNOT be attacked by the antibodies in the water fraction of the blood because they are in the oil fraction of the blood. Water and oil do not mix.

Natural Progesterone And Altered Sensitivity To Thyroid Hormone Back To Normal

Natural Progesterone in the absence of xenoestrogens reduces hypothyroid problems. This is a prominent side effect if the patient is taking Synthyroid or thyroid hormone. If the patient continues to take the thyroid hormone, then the patient may then become hyperthyroid and possibly could have a thyroid storm. As you take Natural Progesterone and cut out xenoestrogens in 6-9 months you may develop hyperthyroidism, if and only if you are taking thyroid hormone. Thus, you need to cut back on your thyroid hormone with your physician, if you are taking thyroid hormone. Why does this happen?

Xenoestrogens and Estrogen Dominance will tell the body to build up fat for the “coming expected” pregnancy. Your body is dessert.jpgfooled into thinking that soon it will be pregnant by some xenoestrogens. Thus, your body will try to build up fat stores. How do xenoestrogens fool your body? The fat stores have to come from someplace. Your body will respond to message that xenoestrogens tell by increasing your appetite. Your body will have sugar cravings and food cravings. You will feel sluggish. Your body temperature may be 97.2 F. The normal body temperature is supposed to be 98.6F. Your measured thyroid hormone is usually normal or low normal. This does not make sense to your physician that this level of hormone gives you a hypothyroid picture. However, he gives you thyroid hormone in the form of armor thyroid or Synthyroid, anyway, and usually you feel better. The patients that do not feel better usually need iodine and may be bromine toxic. You may read about giving iodine while being careful of bromine toxicity. The reason why you were hypothyroid is NOT the level of thyroid hormone. Your level of thyroid hormone is normal. Xenoestrogens decrease the thyroid receptor sensitivity. This is an important point. When taking xenoestrogens, thyroid hormones are normal, it is your sensitivity to thyroid hormone that is decreased. As you take iodine, avoid xenoestrogens, take progesterone, your sensitivity to thyroid hormone becomes increased to normal. Now, you have normal sensitivity to thyroid hormone, but your doctor gave you a thyroid hormone pill. Now, the thyroid hormone pill makes you hyperthyroid.

In summary, xenoestrogens decrease thyroid hormone receptor sensitivity. Your doctor gives you a thyroid pill. You stop xenoestrogens, take iodine, and take progesterone. Your thyroid receptor sensitivity becomes normal. But if you are taking a thyroid pill, now, you become hyperthyroid. Thus, you now need to slowly tip toe down on your thyroid pill dose with your doctor. Do NOT suddenly stop your thyroid pill. Stopping thyroid pills suddenly is potentially dangerous.

You can monitor your progress with a thermometer. Realize that a grocery store thermometer may be off by as much 1F. Always use the same thermometer calibrated to an accurate thermometer at the physicians office.

Natural Progesterone and Allergies

Out out 25,000 customer patients, I only have observed perhaps 3 patients that were allergic to Natural Progesterone. The late Beer, MD claims to have observed and measured wheals from patients allergic to Natural Progesterone. For Progestelle made with coconut oil, I have found 1 patient out of 400 that was allergic to the coconut oil. Allergy to coconut oil, is characterized with a rash, difficulty breathing, itchiness, redness or asthma. We also have Natural Progesterone in Olive Oil and/or Grapeseed oil at 1/2 of the strength of the coconut oil. I did have one patient that was allergic to all three vegetable oils, coconut, olive oil, and grape seed oil. Allergies are are related fear, stress, and anxiety. I have had some patients undergo stressful life events and develop allergies to the topical oils while taking the topical oils.

Natural Progesterone, Cortisol and Stress

Natural Progesterone is the mother hormone that is the raw material to produce other hormones like cortisol. Some patients that undergo mild tiredness find that taking Natural Progesterone makes them feel better. The mild tiredness is due to fear/stress/anxiety. The body then begins to pump out cortisol from the adrenal glands to deal with the stress. Eventually, the adrenals can’t keep up producing all that cortisol and then can’t produce any more. At this point cortisol levels drop and your body crashes. Natural Progesterone can act as the raw material to produce more cortisol, and you can continue to lead a stressful lifestyle. Chronic Fatigue syndrome can be linked to jumping through hoops to be loved and accepted. These patients typically, but not always, have cortisol release due to fear/stress/anxiety and then a crash of cortisol leading to tiredness. They were always trying to please their very demanding parents that withheld acceptance despite their achievements. For mild cases, Natural Progesterone may be able to help somewhat. However, the main thing is to attack the primary cause of trying to jump through hoops to be loved and accepted. Natural Progesterone only seems to help mild cases of adrenal fatigue.

Natural Progesterone, Cortisol, And Autoimmune Disease Like Lupus

A branch of medicine called Functional Medicine believes that Lupus is an autoimmune disease caused by a cell wall deficient bacteria (bacteria without a cell wall). Your body mounts an immune response to the bacteria. The bacteria happen to look like karate.jpgyour joints to the immune system. Your body in addition to attacking the bacteria also attacks your joints giving you Lupus. In this case, taking Natural Progesterone will increase the production of cortisol which also suppresses the immune system. The increased production of cortisol will make the lupus look better, but only because the immune system is no longer attacking the joints. However, Natural Progesterone may also stop the immune system from attacking the cell wall deficient bacteria, and this may not be good for the lupus patient in the long run.

Autoimmune diseases seem to be linked in most cases, but not all cases, to being hard on oneself according to Henry Wright of Pleasant Valley Church. Being hard on yourself may modify the immune system making your body susceptible to a cell wall deficient microorganism. Wright believes that forgiving oneself may help the body’s immune system to bounce back, attack the cell wall deficient microorganism, and then the auto antibodies will stop. Then, the Lupus will go into remission. So, Natural Progesterone may make mild autoimmune diseases look better in the short term by increasing cortisol and depressing the immune system. However, suppression of the immune system may not be a good idea in the long term for these autoimmune disease because suppression of the immune system does NOT treat the root cause. The root cause of Lupus according to Functional Medicine may be a cell wall deficient microorganism.

Natural Progesterone and Shortness of Breath

Occasionally, a woman will for the first time put on Natural Progesterone topically and have shortness of breath. The remedy is simple, just wash off the Progesterone off the skin and then the shortness of breath will stop. Try a smaller amount of Natural Progesterone the next day. The next day the woman can usually increase the dose even more. I don’t quite understand why this happens. I suspect that the progesterone level goes up in the body too fast for a woman that has not had progesterone for a while.

Chronic High Dose Natural Progesterone May Or May Not Lead To Being Mentally Obtunded (Mental Dullness)

From 1999 to 2016 and over 30,000 patients, I have NEVER SEEN being mentally obtunded as a side effect of Natural Progesterone. I always give my patients 20-60 mg/day of topical Natural Progesterone. I did talk to one pharmacist that worked for College Pharmacy in Colorado Springs. He claimed that there were some women patients that abused topical progesterone taking 200 mg per day topically. After several months of this, the women became mentally obtunded. This ceased after they stopped taking the progesterone after several months. However, I have never seen this effect. It may be that these patients that are mentally obtunded are reacting to other ingredients in the cream. I did talk to a patient of another physician that took 200 mg/day of Natural Progesterone topically for 10 years. She did not exhibit any symptoms of mental confusion or being mental obtunded. I have never seen women taking 20-60 mg/day of Natural Progesterone becoming mentally obtunded in over 25,000 patients.

Sleepiness After Taking Natural Progesterone

Patients frequently feel sleepy and calmer right after taking Natural Progesterone. bed.jpgMany of my patients like taking Natural Progesterone just to be able to get a good night’s sleep. They usually wake feeling very rested and refreshed. They do not have that groggy sluggishness after waking up. You must be careful at night when waking up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I did have one patient that used Natural Progesterone and was so sleepy when she woke up to go to the bathroom at night that she fell and broke her wrist.

Usually, oral Natural Progesterone is taken at 200 mg/day. This is equivalent to 20 mg/day topically because anything on the skin is 10 times the oral dose in potency. Natural Progesterone taken orally is 90% 1st pass inactivated by the liver. The first pass metabolites make the patient very very sleepy. I did have one patient that was taking 400 mg/day of oral Natural Progesterone to prevent miscarriage. She took the 400 mg of Natural Progesterone and drove her car to a department store. At the department store, she became so sleepy that she had to call her husband to come and pick her up. She was too sleepy to drive from the oral Natural Progesterone.

Natural Progesterone And Thinning Smooth Skin

My patients have noticed that sometimes after years of use of Natural Progesterone there may be some skin thinning as well as skin smoothness. If you need to thicken up the skin anywhere on the body, I recommend applying 0.5 mg/every other day of topical Natural Estriol. The topical Natural Estriol may used on the body. Topical Natural Estriol is also used for vaginal atrophy. It is important to use Natural Estriol every other day instead of every day. If Natural Estriol is used every day then there may be an unhealthy build up of Natural Estriol since it has a long half life excretion rate.

Progesterone is the hormone of pregnancy used to maintain the pregnancy. Progesterone levels start off at 20 mg/day near the beginning of the pregnancy and is later produced at 400 mg/day. Natural Estriol levels are normally very small, but go up 100 times during the third trimester of pregnancy. Natural Estriol helps thicken up the skin of the birth canal so that the baby can pass through it. Estriol is considered to be weak compared to Estradiol. Natural Estriol goes into the estrogen receptor and blocks all other estrogens including xenoestrogens and estradiol. This is why pregnancy helps stop endometriosis. Natural Progesterone opposes xenoestrogens and estradiol. Natural Estriol blocks xenoestrogens and estradiol. Women that are pregnant and deliver 9 times have high levels of progesterone and estriol for 9 months. They have smaller rates of breast cancer and endometrial cancer. So it is thought that Natural Progesterone and Natural Estriol are relatively safe.

Natural Progesterone Normalizes Diabetes And Normalizes Blood Clots

There is some controversy about Natural Progesterone and Diabetes. Natural Progesterone helps to regulate blood sugar helping with diabetes. In contrast, synthetic brand name progestins break down in the liver into potent estrogens and do not help blood sugar control. Too much estrogen causes diabetes. In addition, Natural Progesterone Effects normalize blood clotting while estrogen effects increase blood clotting [9]. The main culprit in Diabetes II may be fructose intake. Watch the popular movie for the lay person “That Sugar Movie” for more on how fructose is related to Diabetes II.


1.  You are sick with some kind of female hormonal disease because you are unintentionally poisoning yourself with chemicals or herbs on the skin that are hormone disruptive found in every day cosmetics and toiletries.  Anything put on the skin is 10 times in potency compared to what you eat.  Anything on the skin goes directly into the body.  Anything eaten is 90% prefiltered by the liver.

2.  If you COMPLETELY eliminate topical chemicals and herbs that are hormone disruptive, THEN usually the female disease will disappear within 3 months.  If you start to lose fat, the fat may release these hormone disruptors that were stored in the fat.

3.  Buy any product from us and you will get a No-No list of chemicals and herbs thought to be hormone disruptive to avoid.

4.  Progesterone use may be torpedoed by the use of chemicals and herbs that are hormone disruptive.  Progesterone is a band aid that can balance out weak xenoestrogens.  Progesterone will "wake up" your estrogen receptors.  If you are taking strong xenoestrogens, you will feel worse because the estrogen receptor are now "woken up".

5.  Buy any product from us and you will get a list of SAFE products to use devoid of hormone disruptors.


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