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About Us

flowerlogo.gifWho We Are: Women's Therapeutic Institute

From 1999-2015, we have had more than 25,000 customers.  We believe in optimal health through change of lifestyle with a minimum of drugs.  We deal with severely ill patients who have failed on conventional therapy.  We believe in eliminating the root cause of the condition, not merely symptom release. We believe in high quality, thoroughness, and attention to detail.  Our mission is to advance patient care and quality of life.  We employ the newest scientific research that may not be incorporated into the mainstream practice of medicine.

I am a MD from University of Hawaii from the John A Burns School of Medicine.  My undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering at Cornell University.

About Progestelle:

Progestelle is made and bottled in Austin, TX USA. Progestelle is made from pharmaceutical grade USP bioidentical Natural progesterone from one of the big three pharmaceutical compounding wholesale suppliers based in the United States.  It is the same progesterone that is used in compounding pharmacies in the United States. 

The pharmaceutical grade progesterone is tested twice for authenticity, purity and potency.  The USP Progesterone is tested for purity and potency by the wholesaler.  They submit a certificate of analysis to us to confirm the purity of the progesterone. The USP Progesterone is also tested by us after it arrives in our facility. We send a sample of the progesterone to a third party chemistry analysis laboratory using HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) to verify for the second time the purity and potency of the progesterone coming in to our manufacturing facility. 

Progestelle uses coconut oil.  Mineral oil can block the absorption of progesterone into the human body.  Our coconut oil is pesticide free.  Our coconut oil product has an indefinite shelf life and is odor free.   It is liquid at rom temperature.  Fractionated coconut oil does not go rancid. Any smell is from the coconut oil is from combining with some patients sweat, but not all patients sweat. The coconut oil alone does NOT smell. 

Anything on the skin is 10 times the potency compared to something taken orally.  Oral drugs are 90% filtered by the liver.  Topical drugs go directly into the body by the skin.  Thus, shampoo, laundry detergent, lotions, and cosmetics contain natural herbs and chemical that are hormone disruptive and can interact with progesterone.  These hormone disruptors are making you sick and causing your disease.  We supply a list of safe products to use along with a list of chemicals and herbs to avoid.  This way, the progesterone works; otherwise the progesterone will interact with these chemicals and herbs and NOT work.


Contact Us At:

Women’s Therapeutic Institute LLC

PO Box 2592

Cedar Park, TX  78630


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