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Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome Natural Help

Restless leg syndrome is characterized by a jumpy feeling in the legs, burning sensation in the legs, tingling in the legs, and also creepy crawling feelings in a way in the legs. It usually occurs at night and prevents many people from sleeping. This is a very simple disease to treat if you're willing to make changes in your lifestyle. The creepy crawling feeling in the legs or burning sensation in the legs is a neuropathy (nerve disease). This is due to vitamin B deficiency. Taking via a vitamin B-100 in the morning will usually solve the problem in 3 to 4 months. If you take a vitamin B right before sleeping it will result in vivid dreams. The vitamin B's, for the most part, are water-soluble and harmless. And so any excess vitamin B, in general, will simply be urinating out. The exception to this is vitamin B6. It's important not to take more than 200 mg of vitamin B6 a day because an overdose of vitamin B6, in rare cases, may also cause a permanent neuropathy.

If you get rid of all your xenoestrogens in your environment, the Vitamin B deficiency will stop after several months. Then, you won’t need to take Vitamin B anymore. This assumes that you are NOT a vegetarian. This assumes you do NOT have a malabsorption problem in your gut. Malabsorption may be caused by celiac disease (wheat allergy).



1. Burning Creepy Crawling Feeling of Restless Leg Syndrome is from Vitamin B Deficiency

2. Twitching Crampy Feeling of Restless Leg Syndrome is from Magnesium Deficiency

3. Xenoestrogens Cause Vitamin B and Magnesium Deficiency

4. Lavender and Tea Tree Oil Create "Man Boobs"

5. Be Like Jesse James, Rob the Bank Because that is Where the Money Is

6. Take Natural Progesterone

        6.1. Side Effects of Natural Progesterone

        6.2 Several Side Effects of Taking Progesterone

7. Take Iodine to Reduce Your Sensitivity to Xenoestrogens

        7.1 Side Effects of Iodine (Bromine Toxicity)

        7.2 Take the Right Kind of Iodine

        7.3 Iodine Deficiency

8. Five Easy Steps to Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome

Twitching Cramping Feeling of Restless Leg Syndrome is from Magnesium Deficiency

The jumpy feeling or cramping in the legs is due to a magnesium deficiency. A magnesium deficiency causes muscles to tense up. The uterus is just a bag made of muscles and when the uterus tenses up you have menstrual cramping. The intestine is just a tube of smooth muscle. When the intestine tenses up you have constipation. You also get a Charlie horse or the leg muscle magnesiumxtals.jpgtensing up with a magnesium deficiency. The small arteries are sheathed by muscle. In a magnesium deficiency, the small arteries constrict because muscles surrounding the arteries tense up. Blood flow to the hands and feet is restricted, and the hands and feet feel cold because of the reduced blood flow. Your neck and shoulders also may tense up because of magnesium deficiency. So, it is a very simple problem to fix. All you have to do is to take a good chelated magnesium supplement. The absorption rate for a chelated magnesium supplement is about 40%. However, the new absorption rate for magnesium oxide may be only 4%. I prefer to use 400 to 600 mg of magnesium glycinate in my patients. Taking too much magnesium may result in loose stools. If you do get diarrhea from taking magnesium, just cut back on the dose a little.

Since chocolate is high in magnesium, many times patients have a craving for chocolate just before the period. Since your body senses, it needs magnesium, and chocolate is high in magnesium, you crave chocolate and want to eat chocolate. However, chocolate is a xenoestrogen. Chocolate contains a natural chemical that mimics estrogen and fits into the estrogen receptor. Chocolate makes your magnesium deficiency worse because it is a xenoestrogen.

If you get rid of all your xenoestrogens in your environment, the magnesium deficiency will stop after several months. Then, you won’t need to take magnesium anymore.

Xenoestrogens Cause Vitamin B and Magnesium Deficiency

So the next question is: Why do you have vitamin B deficiency and a magnesium deficiency? Usually, estrogen dominance causes a vitamin B deficiency and a magnesium deficiency. And why do you have estrogen dominance? The answer is that you're putting chemicals and herbs that act like estrogen or mimic estrogen on your skin. These xenoestrogens are really very strange estrogens. They have estrogen-like actions on the body but are not really estrogen. So it is important to remove these xenoestrogens from your environment.

And now the question becomes: Where are these xenoestrogens coming from in your environment? It turns out that anything you put on the skin is 10 times the oral dose in potency. This is because anything you put on the skin goes directly into the body. In contrast, anything taken orally is 90% first pass metabolized by the liver. Thus, to get rid xenoestrogens in your environment you must concentrate on the things put on the skin. You need to think about shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, deodorant, laundry detergent, and lotions. In my experience, these topicals have the greatest impact on a person's health. I like organic food but it's expensive. Most of my patients find that organic or nonorganic food makes little difference. However, topicals like laundry detergent make a major difference. This is extremely counter-intuitive.

Lavender and Tea Tree Oil Create "Man Boobs"

In one case study, Clifford Bloch, MD found three young boys with gynecomastia (man boobs). He tested their endogenous hormones and found them to be normal. However, he found that their parents were giving them tea tree oil and lavender oil to put on their bodies topically. He took away the lavender and tea tree oil from the boys, and in four months the gynecomastia (man boobs) went away. The boys became normal. Then he took the lavender oil and tea tree oil separately and put them in test tubes with breast cancer cells that were sensitive to estrogen. He found that the lavender and tea tree oil made the breast cancer cells sensitive to estrogen proliferate. Thus, lavender and tree oil mimicked estrogen. Next, he took the lavender and tea oil and put them in breast cancer cells sensitive to testosterone. He found that lavender and tea tree oil blocked testosterone expression. Thus, the boys were getting a 1,2 punch, the lavender and tea tree oil stimulated estrogen receptors and also blocked testosterone expression. Essentially, the lavender and tea tree oil were turning the boys into girls.

oliveoil400.jpgSo, if you use lavender oil or tea tree oil since they mimic estrogen, they would cause a magnesium and vitamin B deficiency. However, lavender and tea tree oil are one of many natural herbs that mimic estrogen. There are synthetic chemicals that act like estrogen as well.

The solution is to eliminate xenoestrogens by following the purple sheet that comes with the product. If you buy any product from us, we will send you a booklet and a purple sheet. Only use the products listed on the purple sheet. If you take any other products or try to choose your own products I cannot guarantee success. You may also take some progesterone to balance out the residual xenoestrogens that you could not get rid of. I have been treating patients for estrogen dominance since 1999. I looked through 500 shampoos and could only find 3 shampoos that were acceptable.

Many times if the patient is very strict about what they put on the skin and take vitamin B and magnesium, the restless leg syndrome will resolve in 3 to 4 months. However, if the patient is not very careful about what they put on the skin, the restless leg syndrome will NOT resolve.

It is also possible that you have a malabsorption in your gut. And you may not be able to absorb vitamin B very well. You need to check to see why your gut is not getting a good absorption of food. Many times I find that the patient is very allergic and has poor absorption. It is like you have a rash on inside your intestines and can't absorb the food properly.

Also, it may be that you are vegetarian and do not have a good vitamin B intake. You may take a vitamin B supplement, or eat meat. I had one vegetarian who had a tingling in her legs from mild vitamin B deficiency.  She ate meat for two weeks, and her tingling in her legs resolved.

Be Like Jesse James, Rob the Bank Because That’s Where the Money Is!

We are surrounded byjessejames.jpg xenoestrogens. It seems overwhelming.   How do you do the 20% effort to get the 80% effect? It turns out that anything on the skin is 10 times the oral dose in potency. This is because whatever is put onto the skin goes directly into the body. Anything taken by mouth must first pass through the liver and be 1st pass metabolized 90% by the liver. So ironically, you must be 10 times more careful about what you put on the skin rather than what you eat.

Just like Nicoderm patches from the drugstore, nicotine is easily absorbed through the skin. In fact, anything put on the skin is absorbed directly into the body. Foreign hormones, xenoestrogens, are active in parts per billion and are easily absorbed by the skin.

You need to change your laundry detergent, soap, toothpaste, sunscreen, lotions, cosmetics. However, what you eat is ten times less important than what you put on the skin. If you buy any product from us, you will get a no-no list and also a list of recommended products that we have used on our patients. This list has been in evolution since 1999. Our patients have gotten well by exclusively by using products on the list. Again, it is important to eliminate ALL the xenoestrogens. You may eliminate 19 out of the 20 xenoestrogens, and the last one that you have NOT eliminated is causing a whole bunch of problems. Xenoestrogens are not all the same. Some xenoestrogens are potent. Some xenoestrogens are weak. Some foods (like flax) have a very high concentration of xenoestrogens.

Take Natural Progesterone Cream / Oil to Oppose the Effect of Xenoestrogens

You can take Natural Progesterone Cream to oppose the effect of xenoestrogens. However, progesterone will only work if and only if xenoestrogens are removed from the environment. There is more about this later. It is important to use Natural Progesterone and not patented synthetic brand name progestins. Brand name synthetic progestins are patented to increase profits. What a company will do is chemically modify Natural Progesterone, then call the modified progesterone a new novel invention and patent it. Since the company has invented the new molecule and patented it, it owns a monopoly on the molecule for 17 years. Unfortunately, the new molecule fits into the receptor and acts differently than the original. For instance, according to the physician’s desk reference, brand name progestins cause birth defects. Natural progesterone does NOT cause birth defects. In fact, fertility medical doctors routinely use natural progesterone to stop miscarriage in IVF pregnancies. Brand name progestins are NOT used to prevent miscarriage because they cause birth defects. Use of brand name progestin in IVF to prevent miscarriage is considered to be malpractice because progestins cause birth defects.

The way the system works is that pharmaceutical companies make a novel hormone, patent it, prove it to be somewhat safe, and then push it on consumers and doctors. Since the novel hormone is patented only that company can make it. The patent lasts for 17 years. So the drug company can legally be a monopoly for 17 years. Large profits can be made. Drug reps can be hired at $100,000 per year. The drug trial that costs 100 million dollars can be paid. Advertising can be bought. Doctors can be wined and dined.

In contrast, natural progesterone can NOT be patented since it is well known and found in nature. There are many competitors. Any research on natural progesterone can be used by any of the competitors. So there is no motivation to do large expensive drug trials on Natural Progesterone. You will never be able to recoup the costs of the drug trial using natural progesterone since everyone can sell the product and everyone will use the research. There is little money in this for a traditional pharmaceutical company business model.

Side Effects of Natural Progesterone

Side Effects of Natural Progesterone occur when progesterone is taken with xenoestrogens. If you do NOT use xenoestrogens with progesterone, then little or no side effects will occur. Why is this? When you have chronic xenoestrogen exposure, the body shuts down its sensitivity to xenoestrogens in order to protect itself. This is known in biology as “down regulation”. The estrogen receptors become “sleepy”. You become less sensitive to xenoestrogens because you are constantly bombarded by xenoestrogens. When you take Natural Progesterone, the estrogen receptors “wake up” and regain their original sensitivity to estrogen. Now, it seems that you are getting more estrogen even though the xenoestrogen intake has NOT changed.

It is analogous to jumping into a cold pool. Initially, the pool water seems very cold. Then, your body seems to adapt to the cold water after half an hour or so. You begin to think that the pool water is not so cold anymore. In biology, this phenomenon is called "down regulation". Then, you take progesterone. All of a sudden, the body resets itself and the pool is cold again. Has the temperature of the pool changed? No, your sensitivity to the pool water has changed. But people usually think that the progesterone is the problem when really THEIR SENSITIVITY to the estrogen has changed.

The answer is to get rid of all the xenoestrogens in your environment, then take progesterone. However, many of the xenoestrogens take 1-3 months to wash out of the body because they fat soluble and stored in the fat. If you begin to lose weight, then the disappearing fat will release xenoestrogens into the body, and the wash-out time for xenoestrogens may even be longer.

There are several side effects possible taking progesterone:

1. You eliminate all xenoestrogens. You become normal. You lose weight without diet and exercise. You lose water weight. Breast tenderness disappears. Breast cysts disappear. Ovarian cysts disappear. Hair becomes thicker. You find you do not need progesterone. You become healthy. You don’t take anything at all. Just live a clean life.

2. You take progesterone with few and “weak” xenoestrogens. You become better. You take progesterone indefinitely. You are one of my best customers.

3. Your take progesterone with A “strong” xenoestrogen. You become worse. Bloating is worse. Hair falls out. Breasts become more tender and sore. Bloating becomes worse. Your RLS, restless leg syndrome becomes worse. You blame progesterone. You should really be blaming the strong xenoestrogen.

4. You take progesterone with xenoestrogens. You don’t change your shampoo, makeup, laundry detergent. Or you change 90% of them, but not all. You can have 20 xenoestrogens and remove 19 and the last one is the one that is causing problems. The progesterone “works” for the first 2 months, then does “not work” after the first two months.

5. You take progesterone with herbs that cause miscarriage. Herbs that cause miscarriage like aloe, mint and many others are similar in action to the morning after pill or “Plan B”. The herbs and “Plan B” block progesterone at the receptor level. Progesterone has no effect on you at all. It seems like there is nothing in the bottle.

Take Iodine to Reduce Your Sensitivity to Xenoestrogens

Iodine reduces your sensitivity to xenoestrogens. It is the synergistic action of your own estradiol with xenoestrogens that is making you sick. Iodine helps reduce your own estradiol. Your body makes three different estrogens: estradiol (“strong”), estrone (“weak”), and estriol (“weak”). Estradiol is a strong estrogen responsible for breast and hip formation. Estrone is a purpleheart.jpgweak estrogen, but physicians are backing away for estrone because it seems to be associated with breast cancer. Estriol is a weak estrogen that goes up 100 times during pregnancy. Estriol is responsible for the thickening of the vaginal tissue and birth canal for baby to pass through during delivery. Since women that have multiple pregnancies and deliveries have a smaller chance of breast cancer and endometrial cancer, it is thought that estriol is safe to use.

Jonathan Wright, MD of the Tahoma Clinic has found that several hundred of his patients that he has given iodine to have increased estriol at the expense of estradiol and estrone. He credits the increased ratio of estriol to the sum of estradiol and estrone to the improvement of his cervical dysplasia, breast cyst, and ovarian cyst patients. Since the strong estradiol is reduced and the weak estriol is increased, the synergistic action of xenoestrogens and estradiol is decreased. This is why iodine works to reduce your sensitivity to xenoestrogens.

Side Effects of Iodine (Bromine Toxicity)

If you are free of bromine, then iodine has little or no side effects. However, I have not met any patient that was NOT free of bromine. When you take iodine, bromine is forced out of the body. Bromine is toxic. Patients have these toxic symptoms and frequently blame the effect on iodine, not on the true cause which is bromine. The most common side effect is insomnia and vivid dreams. Most of the time, after about 2 weeks, these side effects stop. However, if you keep on adding bromine into the body, then it is impossible to detox from bromine.

My wife had heart palpitations, vivid dreams, and insomnia when she first took 6 mg/day of Iodoral. She did not want to take iodine because of these side effects. However, I explained the side effects of bromine toxicity due to the iodine pushing out the bromine and she relented. After two weeks, my wife stopped having insomnia and vivid dreams and took the iodine without these problems. She experienced weight loss, an increase in energy, and felt warm. Bromine poisons the thyroid system possibly replacing iodine in the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. This bromine replacement makes T4 and T3 useless.

Bromine coming out from taking iodine may result in hair loss, acne formation, sore thyroid, increased salivation, metallic taste in mouth, heart palpitations, tingling in the feet or hands, brain fog, hips and leg ache, frequent urination, constipation, diarrhea, irritability, breast tenderness, and irritability.

It is important to realize that these side effects are from bromine being pushed out by iodine. Please blame bromine. Do NOT blame iodine.

Take the Right Kind of Iodine

The best iodine to take is Iodoral and/or Lugols iodine. We sell Iodoral. This is because these iodine formulations contain both elemental iodine and iodide ion. Human body tissue needs both types of iodine. Start at 3 mg/day and increase 6 mg/day every week to 2 weeks. Ramp up to 50 mg/day of iodine and take 50 mg/day for 3-4 months, then maintain at 10 mg/day. Be careful of bromine toxicity. Iodoral is expensive, but convenient and does not stain clothes or cause stomach upset. Lugols iodine is cheap, but stains clothes and may cause stomach upset.

Most people in America and Europe Have An Iodine Deficiency

According to a Lancet article by Vitti, Europe is iodine deficient. Vitti reports that national representatives from the West and Central European Region of the International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD) had a meeting on Sept 7, 2002, in Goteborg, Sweden.   The committee stated that 15 countries are iodine sufficient, 13 countries are deficient in iodine, four likely iodine sufficient, and one country likely iodine deficient. The committee claimed that 60% of 600 million people in Europe live in countries that have iodine deficiency [1].

Brownstein, MD reported that above 95% of 6,000 patients treated in his Midwest medical practice with his partners had a deficiency of iodine. WHO, the World Health Organization, states that iodine deficiency is the greatest single cause of preventable mental retardation.

In one study, there were three groups of women treated with potassium iodide of 200 mcg/day. The three groups of women started taking iodine at three different times. Group 1 started iodide during the first trimester. Group 2 started iodide at 12 weeks gestation. Group 3 started iodide after pregnancy. Group 1’s children had IQs of 102. Group 2’s children had IQs of 92. Group 3’s children had IQs of 87.5.

Five Easy Steps to Battle Restless Leg Syndrome

1. Avoid xenoestrogens. Buy any product from us and get a tried and true list of no-nos that we have been assembling since 1999. Get a list of recommended products that we have been recommending since 2012. I looked through 500 shampoos and only found 3 that were safe.

2. Take topical Natural Progesterone Oil. This is over the counter.

3. Take a Vitamin B-100 in the morning being careful NOT to take more than 200 mg/day of B6. In rare cases, taking more than 200 mg/day of B6 may result in a permanent neuropathy. Most Vitamin B-100’s have 50 mg of B6.

4. Take 400-600 mg/day of Magnesium Glycinate.

5. Start 3 mg/day of Iodoral or Lugol’s iodine. Ramp by 6 m/day each week to get to 50 mg/day. Stay at 50 mg/day for 3-4 months, then maintain at 10 mg/day of iodine. Back off the iodine dose if you experience bromine toxicity. Do NOT ingest more bromine.



1. The Lancet, Volume 361, Issue 9364, Page 1226, 5 April 2003.