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Natural Endometriosis Treatment

smellywoman.jpgThe cardinal symptom of endometriosis is periodic pain that varies with the cycle. Endometriosis patients also have multiple allergies. I would say 2/3 to 4/5 of my patients have a hypersensitivity to smell. They may have difficulty walking down the detergent aisle in the grocery store because of the perfume.  If you gave them coffee to drink just before bedtime, it would keep them up all night. This means that they have difficulty excreting caffeine. Endometriosis patients usually have difficulty excreting all chemicals and drugs. They are usually more sensitive than their peers to drugs. They may also have motion sickness or seasickness if they went out in a boat in the ocean. Typically, they have a positive Romberg test.

A Romberg test is where you put your feet together and stand on your tiptoes and close your eyes. A positive Romberg test would show wobbling. You have to compare yourself to a healthy young teenager.



1. Endometriosis Patients have Pain and Sensitive Smell

        1.1. Multiple Allergies caused by Fear, Stress, and Anxiety

2. Treat Endometriosis - Remove Xenoestrogens

3. Do 20% Effort 80% Effect

4. Trout Changing Sex

5. Recommended Safe Products

6. Mimic Pregnancy by Giving Progesterone

7. Take Progesterone Avoid Xenoestrogens, and Avoid Side Effects

8. Five Outcomes of Using Progesterone

9. Xenoestrogens Torpedo All Your Efforts

10. If You Want to be Pregnant, Take Progesterone After Ovulation and Not Before

11. Iodine Deficiency Makes Endometriosis Worse

12. Dissolve Scar Tissue with Nattokinase

13. Indole-3-Carbinol Decreases Estradiol, Helps Endometriosis

14. Magnesium Deficiency from Xenoestrogens

        14.1 Magnesium Deficiency Causes Cramps and Chocolate Craving

15. Xenoestrogens Cause Vitamin B Deficiency and Neuropathy

16. Fear, Stress, Anxiety Impairs Excretion of Xenoestroge

17. 8 Easy Steps to Treat Endometriosisns


Real unpaid patient tells how she overcame endometriosis.

Testimonial - from our facebook page

For 6 years I suffered with terrible menstrual periods. Every month was a nightmare. I'd have horribly sharp cramps, nausea, vomiting, fainting, and be stuck in bed. Nothing seemed to work, not even morphine during a time when the pain was so unbearable that I actually went to the ER. I kept getting recurring ovarian cysts. I have tried various other progesterone products but none of them ever worked. Then I started doing my own research about xenoestrogens and how they can mimic estrogen and interfere with the Endocrine system. I saw that plastic can contain xenoestrogens and I knew that progesterone in a plastic container would be tainted by estrogen and therefore rendered useless for someone who already has an estrogen dominance. I was curious to see if there was a progesterone product that had a glass container and that's when I found Progestelle. Nobody I knew had ever heard of it so I wasn't sure if it would work but I decided to be the guinea pig and give it a shot. I ordered a bottle and got one free. The first month that I used it, the pain was nowhere near as bad as it had always been. I did not vomit or faint and I was not stuck in bed. The following month that I used it I had no cramps or any of my usual menstrual symptoms at all. I told my mom, sister, and one of my friends about Progestelle. My sister was having bad painful periods with the vomiting too and so I gave her the other bottle of Progestelle. She uses Progestelle too and she no longer has the terrible periods. Whenever any female I know tells me about bad cramps or any other period problems I recommend Progestelle and in some cases I will just give them my bottle and order more. This product really does work and no, I am not a paid spokesperson, just a happy customer.

Deneen Melissa, May 2013

No More Endometriosis Symptoms or Cramps

First off, I want to say I am not being paid for my review, nor did I receive the product for free. Also--I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Please bear with this long review, but I really hope my story will help someone with a similar situation. I've been using Progestelle for over 10 years (maybe even 15 or more--I've lost track) and it has made a huge difference in my life. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis with ovarian cysts almost 20 years ago before I knew about natural progesterone, Progestelle or anything like it. I had the laparoscopic surgery to remove the endometriosis tissue, but fortunately DID NOT have a hysterectomy. My surgeon told me that, of course, he couldn't guarantee the endometriosis wouldn't come back. If I had known about Progestelle, I most likely wouldn't have had surgery. Anyway, I wanted to do whatever I could to prevent a recurrence, so I started surfing the web and somehow stumbled upon Progestelle and Dr. Eckhart. I immediately called him, and he explained the benefits of natural progesterone. I ordered the Progestelle and started using it right away on the recommended dosage schedule. Let me tell you--no more endometriosis symptoms or cramps, bloating, ovarian cysts, long periods, heavy bleeding, etc.! I do have to say, you MUST follow Dr. Eckhart's instructions and remove ALL xeno-estrogens from your life. This means eliminating/changing certain household products, makeups, fragrance, etc. Throughout the years, I have had questions, and Dr. Eckhart has always kindly answered them. I cannot thank him enough for providing this product! The booklet that comes with is an invaluable resource, which you should save as a reference guide. I hope if you choose to try Progestelle, you have as much success with it as I have had.

Anonymous May 10, 2017

Endometriosis Patients have Multiple Allergies Caused by Fear, Stress, and Anxiety

Typically, but not always, endometriosis patients have fear, stress, and anxiety. The fear, stress, and anxiety will increase histamine levels and interleukin 6 levels. The increased histamine levels lead to increased allergies. This biochemical change also leads to decreased excretion of all chemicals as well as xenoestrogens. This is why endometriosis patients are extremely sensitive to xenoestrogens.  Endometriosis patients have difficulty excreting xenoestrogens.

Xenoestrogens cause endometriosis. Xenoestrogens are chemicals or herbs that mimic estrogen. Estrogen stimulates the endometrium to grow. Estrogen stimulates the endometriosis cells in the abdomen to grow also. Therefore, estrogen stimulates endometriosis to grow.

It Is Simple to Treat Endometriosis - Remove Xenoestrogens from Your Skin

Thus, it is very simple to treat endometriosis. All you need to do is to avoid xenoestrogens.

The question is: What is the most important thing to avoid that has the most amount of xenoestrogens? What I found was quite counterintuitive. Anything on the skin is 10 times in potency compared to what you would take orally. This is because anything on the skin is absorbed into the body and bypasses the liver. But anything taken orally is 90% first pass metabolized by the liver.

For instance, Nicotine patches put onto the skin release nicotine into the body. The nicotine goes from the patch through the skin, directly into the body bypassing the liver.

Similarly, laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, and toiletries pass through the skin and go directly to the body. Unfortunately, many of these common household toiletries contain xenoestrogens.  Xenoestrogens can be synthetic chemicals or natural herbs. They typically contain a benzene ring or phenol group. These rings tend to fit into the estrogen receptor quite nicely. These rings are also known as aromatics in organic chemistry because they're aromatic. Thus, anything that is fragrant, synthetic or natural, should be suspect for being hormone disruptive.  Anything that is fragrant, synthetic or natural, usually contains benzene ring groups.  Benzene ring groups usually fit into the estrogen receptor.

Do the 20% to get 80% Effect

So turns out that in my practice, I had a great deal success treating endometriosis by concentrating on what the patient puts on the skin. I am not saying to ignore what the patient eats, but to give what is taken orally 10 times less attention than what they put on the skin. So counterintuitively, I usually don't care what my patients eat. I care about what they put on the skin. I care about their shampoo, cosmetics, lotion, deodorant, and laundry detergent.

lavenderrow.jpgMany of my patients think they're living a healthy life because they're using products from the health food store. However, many of the products from the health food store contain natural herbs that mimic estrogen. For example, lavender was found to be an estrogen mimic by Clifford Bloch, MD.  In February of 2007, Bloch, MD published these results in the New England Journal of Medicine. Bloch, MD had three young boys with gynecomastia or "man boobs".  He found that their parents were giving them tea tree oil and lavender oil.  Bloch, MD tested their endogenous hormones and found them to be normal. The problem was not the boy’s own hormones. He took away the tea tree oil and lavender oil from the boys, and in three months the "man boobs" disappeared. He then took the tea tree oil and lavender oil separately and put them in a test tube filled with breast cancer cells sensitive to estrogen. He found that both the lavender and the tea tree oil stimulated the breast cancer cells to proliferate. Thus, tea tree oil and lavender oil mimic estrogen.  He also took the tea tree oil and lavender oil and put them in breast cancer cells sensitive to testosterone. Bloch, MD found that the tea tree oil and lavender oil blocked testosterone.  Thus, the young boys were getting the one-two punch, estrogen was being mimicked and testosterone expression was being blocked.[1]

Similarly, I found that my endometriosis patients flared when given lavender topically in soap or in fragrances.  Are there other herbs they can also mimic estrogen? Certainly, so I scoured the available literature and folk medicine for clues on herbs that mimic estrogen.

I want to make it very clear that I'm not against the use of herbs. I'm against the inappropriate use of herbs. For instance, aloe is used in certain cultures to create miscarriage in the first trimester. (I personally do not agree with the use of aloe to create a miscarriage. I am just trying to convey scientific information.) Aloe is great for sunburns. Aloe is also great to modulate the immune system for diseases like lupus or immune deficiencies. However, using aloe during your pregnancy is disingenuous. I would not use aloe on your skin if you are pregnant. However, if I'm a man with a sunburn, I would certainly use aloe to make my sunburn better because I cannot be pregnant. Herbs are good when used appropriately.  Herbs are bad when abused.

Trout Changing their Sex Abnormally

Chemicals can also mimic estrogen.  In 2004, a retired field biologist Dr. Woodling and Dr. Norris of Colorado University's Integrative Physiology Department read about intersex trout in England and wondered if the same thing could be happening in the United States.  Intersex fish are fish that are caught between male and female. In the Platte River in Denver, Colorado, he found that the ratio between white sucker fish male to female is 1 to 1 above sewage outfall. But below the sewage outfall, the ratio between white sucker fish male to female was 1 to 10 with 10% hermaphrodites. Something in the sewage was feminizing the fish.

rivertrout.jpgIn another experiment, they took an aquarium and filled it with baby trout. They added a small amount of laundry detergent to the aquarium. They found out that all the baby trout grew up looking like females.  The alkyl phenols in the detergent feminized the fish. 

In approximately 2011, the U.S. Geological Survey recently finished a survey of watersheds in the United States and found feminization occurring in all major watersheds. In some places, they reported complete population collapse because all the fish were female.

So, it is very simple to treat endometriosis, you just need to avoid xenoestrogens. Avoid xenoestrogens particularly on the skin, because they bypass the liver and go directly into the body.

Some endometriosis treatments concentrate on diet. It may be that these endometriosis treatments concentrate on eating weak phytoestrogens.  These weak phytoestrogens can block strong xenoestrogens at the receptor level, and thus, endometriosis is NOT stimulated to grow.

However, I tend to be a purist. I like to avoid the chemicals and herbs that stimulate endometriosis to grow by mimicking estrogen.  The primary modality of entrance for the xenoestrogens is the skin and that is counterintuitive.

Get a List of Recommended Safe Products with Any Purchase from Us

However, a few certain foods can have a very strong estrogen mimicking response.  Chocolate, coffee, cocoa butter, and flax come to mind.  If you want a more extensive list of chemicals and herbs to avoid and a list of recommended products, buy any product from us and we will send you the booklet containing a list of xenoestrogens.  The list of recommended products to use that are devoid of xenoestrogens is on the purple sheet.  Do NOT use any products other what is on the purple sheet.  If you buy one bottle Progestelle you will get the booklet and the purple sheet.  Any deviation from the products on the purple will torpedo all your efforts.  I looked through 500 shampoos and only found 3 that were acceptable.

Mimicking Pregnancy to Treat Endometriosis Naturally

Mainstream medical doctors commonly recommend endometriosis patients to become pregnant. Pregnancy slows or stops endometriosis. Why does pregnancy slow or stop endometriosis? During pregnancy, progesterone levels go very high and estriol levels go very high. Progesterone tends to balance out estrogen. So just give progesterone to mimic pregnancy.  Create a pseudopregnancy by taking Natural Progesterone.

Estriol or E3 is an estrogen mainly made by the placenta.  Estriol goes up 100 times more than normal during pregnancy. Estriol is a “weak” estrogen that goes into the estrogen receptor and blocks all the “strong” estrogen. So it could be that estriol blocks xenoestrogens.

Alternative medical doctors have used progesterone to treat endometriosis. Typically, I use 60 mg a day, 30 mg topically in the morning and 30 mg topically at night. I usually give progesterone whenever the patient does not have their period. I have used estriol to treat endometriosis rarely in patients that refuse to follow the advice of avoiding xenoestrogens.

Problems occur when you take progesterone simultaneously with strong xenoestrogens. Typically, the patient will get much worse. This is because chronic xenoestrogen exposure puts the estrogen receptors to "sleep". Then, taking progesterone wakes up the estrogen receptors so that it seems you're getting more estrogen when you're really not.

The answer is to cut out xenoestrogens for one to three months, and then take progesterone. It may take 1-3 months for xenoestrogen topicals to wash out of the body.

Progesterone Cream Side Effects Avoided by Avoiding Xenoestrogens

So if you take progesterone cream and get worse, by definition, you are taking xenoestrogens simultaneously with progesterone. If you take progesterone and get increased mascarawoman.jpgbreast tenderness and bloating then you are taking a xenoestrogen at the same time. So when I get a call from the patient that the therapy doesn't work, it's usually because they're simultaneously taking progesterone and a xenoestrogen. It can be quite subtle.

I had one patient tell me that the mascara she used caused increased bloating and breast tenderness. I told her she was crazy and that I did not believe her. However, two other different patients told me the exact same thing. Their mascara increased bloating and breast tenderness. I concluded that I was the one that had to learn something.  Their mascaras contained xenoestrogens.  The minuscule amount of mascara is enough to affect the patient hormonally.

This is one of the common side effects from taking progesterone cream. If you simultaneously take progesterone cream and xenoestrogens you will get worse. The solution is quite simple. Stop the xenoestrogens. And after 1 to 3 months, try the progesterone cream again. This is because it takes one to three months for chemicals and herbs put on the skin to wash out of the body.


Five Outcomes of Taking Natural Progesterone (Progesterone Side Effects)

1.  You very carefully eliminate all xenoestrogens from your environment.  You become well.  You don’t need progesterone.  No pain. No vomiting. Hair no longer falls out.  No more Migraine Headaches.  Weight DECREASES even if there is no change in diet and exercise.  Cramping goes away.  No more emergency room visits.

2.  You take few and “weak” xenoestrogens with progesterone.  You get better.  But you need to take progesterone permanently and indefinitely.

3.  You take a “strong” xenoestrogen with progesterone.  You get much worse.   Vomiting increases. Pain increases.  Headaches increase. More hair falls out. Weight increases. Progesterone wakes up the estrogen receptors and it seems like you are getting more estrogen even though you are not.  Stop the progesterone and you will go back to where you were before taking progesterone after several days.

4.  You take xenoestrogens with progesterone.  The progesterone “works” for the first two months.  Then, the progesterone does “not work” after that.  It takes 2 months for the estrogen receptors to “wake up”

5.  You take herbs that block progesterone at the receptor level with progesterone.  The herbs that block progesterone are the same herbs that cause miscarriage.  Natural Progesterone has no effect.  It seems that there is nothing in the bottle.  You wonder if you have been scammed.  You have not been scammed.  You are simply taking a herb that is blocking progesterone i.e. mint, aloe, etc.

Xenoestrogens Torpedo your Efforts to Take Progesterone

I will say this again.  The xenoestrogens will interact with progesterone to totally mess up all your efforts to take progesterone.  Again, xenoestrogens taken chronically will make the body shut down its estrogen receptor sensitivity.   This is commonly known in biology as “down torpedobubbles.jpgregulation”.  Chronic xenoestrogen exposure makes you less sensitive to estrogen.  When you take progesterone, these “down-regulated” estrogen receptors “up-regulate” and become more sensitive to estrogen.  You regain your original sensitivity to estrogen.  Now, it seems like you are getting more estrogen even though you are not. 

Patients typically take progesterone and get worse.  They blame progesterone.  Instead, please blame xenoestrogens.

It is like going to a noisy bar.  At first, the bar is noisy.  Then, after 1/2 hour it is not noisy anymore.  Has the noise level changed?  No, your ears have “down-regulated” and become less sensitive to the noise.  You take progesterone.  The noise becomes louder.  You blame progesterone.  Don’t blame Progesterone. Blame Xenoestrogens.

To illustrate the effect of a single topical making a big difference, the following is a testimony of a real patient:

Hi Dr. Eckhart,

Everything had been going fine I've been avoiding xenos and eating right, but unfortunately, last week, I decided to color my hair. I thought the hair color I used was on the approved list but shortly afterwards I could tell my Endo was flaring. This was about a week ago, and I've had some symptoms ever since. Today is the worst.  I feel achy.  I have a headache, and I'm a little nauseous. I'm assuming there's not much I can do except wait for it to wear off but I wanted to ask you besides obviously never using this product again is there anything I can do right now to help get it out of my system?
Thank you,
Melissa, Feb. 16, 2018


Progesterone Cream Side Effects - If You Want to Get Pregnant, Take Progesterone After Ovulation, not Before.

Also if you take progesterone before ovulation, the progesterone cream will stop ovulation. This is because the ovaries will look at the progesterone levels in your body and think that you are pregnant. Thus, your ovaries will not ovulate. So it is important to remember if you want to get pregnant, make sure you take progesterone after you ovulate.

Miscarriage during the 5-8 week time is a Progesterone Deficiency or Miscarriage Herb Blocking Progesterone

Some endometriosis patients have trouble with miscarriage. In general, in my opinion, any miscarriage occurring from 5 to 8 weeks of pregnancy is a caused by progesterone deficiency or is being caused by a herb is being taken that blocks progesterone.  This can easily be remedied by taking progesterone topically and by stopping the herb that is blocking progesterone.  You can read more about this in the miscarriage section.

Iodine Deficiency Makes Your Endometriosis Worse

Iodine seems to decrease the sensitivity to xenoestrogens. Jonathan Wright, MD of the Tahoma Clinic writes that taking iodine helps shift “strong” estradiol and “weak” estrone into “weak” estriol.  He has never seen this written up but has observed this in several hundred of purpleripples.jpghis patients.  Your body makes 3 different estrogens: estradiol, estrone, and estriol.  Your body makes one kind of progesterone, Natural Progesterone.  Estradiol in synergy with xenoestrogens makes endometriosis grow.  Estradiol is strong.  Estrone is a weak estrogen, but is found in higher levels in breast cancer patients.  Estriol is also a weak estrogen, but goes up 100 times during pregnancy.  And if pregnancy stops endometriosis, then why not increase estriol?  Taking iodine will decrease estradiol and estrone, and will increase estriol.

In fact, Wright MD thinks that if you take the concentration of estriol and divide by the sum of the concentration of estrone and estradiol, ( [estriol]/[estrone] + [estradiol] ) for the usual patient not taking iodine the ratio is BELOW 1.0.  However, after taking iodine, the ratio increases to ABOVE 1.0.  He believes this is a good indicator.

I had one patient in the UK that had pain from endometriosis that was 10 out of 10. After being on our program of avoidance for six months the pain dropped to 3/10. She then took iodine. Within three weeks, her pain dropped to ZERO out of 10.

According to Brownstein M.D., most Americans, 95%, are deficient in iodine. The iodine in salt is not enough. The iodine in salt is just enough to stave off goiter, but not enough for optimal functioning of the body. It is thought that 10-12 mg per day of iodine is the optimal amount of Iodine intake based upon the Japanese intake of iodine in their diet.

The problem with taking iodine is that iodine forces out bromine from the tissue. Bromine is toxic and may cause acne, rash, hair falling out, heart palpitations, vivid dreams, and in extreme cases a sore thyroid. This bromine toxicity is blamed on iodine. It is not iodine that is toxic. It is that the iodine is forcing out toxic bromine.

Bromine can be found in soft drinks, sports drinks, commercial bakery products, asthma inhalers, sleep aids, and pools that are brominated. So if you are taking bromine simultaneously with iodine this may lead to toxicity. So it is important to eliminate all sources of bromine when you take iodine.

It is important to take Iodoral or 2% Lugols iodine because they contain both kinds of iodine, iodide I-, and elemental iodine I2.  Your body needs both.  Start at 3 mg/day or less, then continue to increase 6 mg/week all the way up to 50 mg/day.  Take 50 mg per day for 3 months.  Then, maintain iodine intake at 10 mg/day.  You will experience Bromine toxicity.  I have not seen one patient that did not experience bromine toxicity.  The most common side effect of bromine toxicity forced out by iodine is vivid dreams and insomnia.  I had insomnia and vivid dreams when I first took iodine.  After 2 weeks of taking iodine, the vivid dreams stopped and insomnia stopped as bromine was kicked out of the body.  If you buy any product from us, you will get the iodine protocol.

Dissolve Scar Tissue in the Abdomen with Nattokinase

Scar tissue forms in the abdomen from the bleeding endometrial cells. The scar tissue can lead to infertility because it ties up the fallopian tube and binds up any movement.  The fallopian tube needs to be free so that the tube can grab the egg.  Nattokinase can be used to break down scar tissue. I typically use nattokinase for 3 to 9 months to dissolve scar tissue in the abdomen.

Nattokinase is an enzyme that comes from bacteria that grows on Natto.  Natto is the traditional Japanese food that is from a bacteria that grows on fermented soy.  It is sort of looks like yogurt.  The bacteria grows on soy instead of milk. Nattokinase breaks down fibrin.  So nattokinase breaks down blood clots and scar tissue.

It is extremely important to get high-quality Nattokinase. The low-quality Nattokinase doesn't work.  I like to use Fibrovan.  Fibrovan contains Nattokinase.

Indole-3-Carbinol Decreases your Estradiol and Estradiol Makes Endometriosis Grow

Indole-3-Carbinol is from brussels sprouts cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables. It gives your body the raw material to break down estradiol. It is the synergistic action of estradiol and xenoestrogens that stimulates the endometriosis to grow. Some patients with endometriosis like to take indole-3-carbinol and they find that their endometriosis improves. However, it's important to remember that indole-3-carbinol does not help break down xenoestrogens.

Indole-3-carbinol goes into the stomach and is broken down into 20 metabolites.  One of these metabolites is di-indole-methane or DIM.  DIM is supposed to give less nausea than indole-3-carbinol. Many of my patients with endometriosis believe that DIM helps them. However, I have not had any luck with DIM and fibroids. So, for fibroids, I recommend Indole-3-Carbinol.

You can use any indole-3-carbinol. The quality seems to be consistent. However, some indole-3carbinol contains rosemary. Rosemary is a xenoestrogen that is extremely potent and typically makes my endometriosis patients much worse. Rosemary is used as an antioxidant to prevent indole-3-carbinol from breaking down at room temperature. At room temperature, indole-3-carbinol breaks down 5% after six months. If indole-3-carbinol is refrigerated without rosemary there is NO breakdown after six months.

If you remove xenoestrogens from your life, you will not need indole-3-carbinol after a while because there is only the effect of estradiol and no xenoestrogens. It seems that normal levels of estradiol alone without xenoestrogens does not seem to stimulate endometriosis strongly.  If you were to take estradiol supplements or take coffee to increase your own estradiol, this would make your endometriosis flare.

Xenoestrogens Cause Magnesium Deficiency

Xenoestrogens cause a magnesium deficiency. Xenoestrogens also cause copper levels to go high. In a magnesium deficiency, all the muscles tense up. This means that the uterus cramps up. This means that you may have your legs cramp up or a "Charlie Horse". This means that all your intestines cramp up, and you get constipation. This means that the muscular sheath around your arterials cramp up, become small, and restrict the blood flow to your hands and legs. Thus, your hands and feet will become cold.  Hands and feet being cold may be misdiagnosed as Raynaud’s Syndrome.

Also, when magnesium goes low, calcium begins to precipitate out in the body.  Uterine fibroids can become calcified. Also, you can develop microcalcifications in the breast.

Magnesium Deficiency Causes Muscle Cramping and Chocolate Craving

Typically, the patient will also have chocolate cravings just before her period. Chocolate is high in magnesium. And that's why you crave chocolate when you have a magnesium deficiency. chocolate.jpgHowever, chocolate also has natural xenoestrogens which make the endometriosis worse and the magnesium deficiency worse as well.

When you eliminate xenoestrogens after two or three months the magnesium deficiency will go away. And the chocolate craving will also go away. Or if you take magnesium supplements, the chocolate craving will also go away.

If the magnesium deficiency does NOT go away, then you are taking xenoestrogens.  You may also have a malabsorption problem.

I recommend taking 400 to 600 mg of magnesium citrate per day. If you take too much magnesium, you may get diarrhea. If you get diarrhea, just lower your dose of magnesium. Many times after several months of magnesium supplementation, the calcifications in your body will dissolve. Do not use magnesium oxide. The absorption rate for magnesium oxide may be only 4%. However, the absorption rate for magnesium citrate may be as high as 40%.

Xenoestrogens Cause Vitamin B Deficiency Causing Funny Abnormal Skin Sensations

Xenoestrogens cause vitamin B deficiency. Vitamin B deficiencies can cause neuropathies. Neuropathies are nerve diseases. It may feel like your legs are on fire or you have a creepy crawling failing on your legs. Or at night, you may feel like you have to move your legs. This is caused by the neuropathy that is caused by the vitamin B deficiency that is caused by the xenoestrogens. This syndrome is very often labeled as Restless Leg Syndrome.

I usually recommend for my patients to take a vitamin B 100 in the morning. If you take the vitamin B 100 at night then you will get vivid dreams. Vitamin B is water soluble and for the most part and you don't have to worry about overdosing on vitamin B. The exception to this rule is vitamin B6. Do not take more than 200 mg of vitamin B6 per day. Excess vitamin B6 may lead to a permanent neuropathy as well. But most vitamin B 100s only have 50 mg of vitamin B6. So vitamin B 100s are relatively safe.

After several months of dosing with vitamin B, usually, the neuropathies will go away unless you have a malabsorption problem.

Fear, Stress, Anxiety Prevents You from Excreting Xenoestrogens

Most of my endometriosis patients but not all have issues with fear, stress, and anxiety. Whenever there are fear, stress, and anxiety, histamine levels rise and interleukin 6 levels rise. This leads to increased allergies. This also leads to decreased excretion of all drugs including xenoestrogens. So my endometriosis patients typically have difficulty excreting all drugs including xenoestrogens. If you give them a 500 mg dose of caffeine, the endometriosis patient will have elevated blood levels of caffeine 24 hours later compared to normal women. This indicates impaired excretion.

So when the endometriosis patient puts a shampoo on their head that contains xenoestrogens, a normal patient could excrete xenoestrogens, but an endometriosis patient cannot excrete the xenoestrogens.

I usually recommend my endometriosis patients to go to the Pleasant Valley church seminar in Thomaston, Georgia to get rid of their issues of fear, stress, and anxiety. I believe that they are one of the best places to go in the country for this issue. It is a weeklong seminar that deals with getting rid of unforgiveness, anger, rage, jealousy, envy, and bitterness. Pleasant Valley church specializes in getting rid of what the psychiatrist Carl Jung, MD termed dark archetypes. Pleasant Valley Church’s website may be found at

Treating Endometriosis in 8 Easy Steps

1.  Eliminate xenoestrogens.  Concentrate on what is being put on the skin.  Buy any product from us and get the purple sheet of safe products.  Use ONLY those products.  Any deviation or improvisation will torpedo all your efforts. I looked at 500 shampoos and only found 3 that were safe.  Microscopic amounts of xenoestrogens will make your endometriosis worse.

2.  Wait 1-3 months for the xenoestrogens to wash out of the body.  Then take 20-60 mg/day of topical natural progesterone.  Some progesterone creams have xenoestrogens in them.  Progestelle does NOT have xenoestrogens in it.

3. Take Iodine.  I use Iodoral or 2% Lugols iodine.  Start at 3 mg/day and slowly work your way up.  Increase by 6 mg every week.  Go all the way up to 50 mg/day for 3-4 months.  Then, maintain at 10 mg/day.  Watch out for bromine toxicity.  Do not take more bromine.  Don’t blame iodine.  Blame Bromine.  If you get too toxic back off on the dose of iodine.

4.  Take 200-600 mg/day of Indole-3-Carbinol.  Indole-3-Carbinol reduces estradiol.  Indole-3-Carbinol does NOT affect xenoestrogens.  Make sure the I-3-C does NOT have rosemary.  Rosemary is extremely estrogenic.

5.  Take Nattokinase for 3-9 months to dissolve any adhesions on the bowel. Make sure to use a high-quality Nattokinase as the low-quality Nattokinase doesn’t work.  Fibrovan contains Nattokinase.

6.  Take Vitamin B-100 in the morning for neuropathy.

7.  Take 400-600 mg/day of Magnesium Citrate to reduce muscle cramping and chocolate craving.

8.  Do the 1-week seminar at Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, GA to reduce fear, stress, anxiety. Fear, stress, anxiety reduces the body’s ability to excrete xenoestrogens.



1. Derek V. Henley, Ph.D., Natasha Lipson, M.D., Kenneth S. Korach, Ph.D., and Clifford A. Bloch, M.D. Prepubertal Gynecomastia Linked to Lavender and Tea Tree Oils, N Engl J Med 2007; 356:479-485 Feb. 1, 2007.