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Sex Drive

Decreasing Or Nonexistant Sex Drive 

Loss of sex drive or libido is a common complaint after the age of 35 among women. I have found that loss of sex drive is due to xenoestrogens. Normally, your body makes estradiol. The estradiol fits into the estrogen receptor and stimulates the receptor to signal the body to do certain things. Estradiol is a hormone. A hormone is a chemical messenger. Estradiol that your body makes, biodentical estradiol, signals the body to make breasts and wide hips. Estradiol signals the body to have a higher sex drive. Your body also makes estriol. Estriol goes high during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Progesterone goes high during the second and third trimesters as well. Sex drive and libido goes sky high during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Therefore, it is likely that progesterone and estriol increase sex drive. This is not well known. However, it should be obvious that if during the third trimester of pregnancy, sex drive goes high, and progesterone and estriol goes high, then progesterone and estriol should increase sex drive. It is well-known that testosterone increases sex drive. It is less well known that progesterone also increases the sex drive. It is much less known that biodentical estradiol and bioidentical estriol increases sex drive [1].

Table Of Contents


1. Decreasing Or Nonexistant Sex Drive

2. Xenoestrogens Destroy Libido

3. Decrease Xenoestrogen Exposure

4. What Are Xenoestrogens?

5. Progesterone Can Balance Some Xenoestrogens

6. Progesterone Wakes Up Estrogen Receptors

7. Solution For Decreasing Or Nonexistant Libido

Xenoestrogens Destroy Libido

In contrast, xenoestrogens decrease sex drive, in general. Xenoestrogens are chemicals or herbs that mimic estrogen strangely

Picture the interaction of a hormone and the receptor as follows: The estrogen hormone is like a baseball. The estrogen baseball.jpghormone receptor is like a baseball glove. The hormone, a white baseball, floats through the body's blood, and lands in the baseball glove. The white baseball lands in the glove. The glove floating on the surface of the cell then tells the cell what to do. Estradiol, your natural estrogen that your body makes, tells your body's cells to make breasts and wider hips. Picture a purple softball as the xenoestrogen. The baseball glove also catches the purple softball. However, xenoestrogens may tell the receptor to do something estrogen-like but totally different. For instance, xenoestrogens may tell the receptor to make breast cancer. Xenoestrogens may tell the receptor to decrease sex drive or libido.

As of 2016, 25,000 patients, and 17 years of clinical experience as Medical Doctor, I have found that xenoestrogens, in general, consistently decrease sex drive. There are some exceptions where xenoestrogens increase sex drive. These herbs can be used in libido increasing formulas.

Decrease Xenoestrogen Exposure

However, most of the time, xenoestrogens tell the body to decrease sex drive and destroy libido. And where are these xenoestrogens coming from? Most people assume that they are eating xenoestrogens. This is true, but that's not where the major contributions xenoestrogens are coming from. Your body is receiving xenoestrogens from things that you put on the skin. Anything on the skin is 10 times the oral dose in potency than what you swallow. This is because that anything you swallow is 90% first pass metabolized by liver. However, anything you put on the skin goes directly to the body. Do you remember nicotine patches in the drugstore? Nicotine patches released nicotine into the body. Large pharmaceutical concerns also sell estrogen patches. Estrogen patches are able to release synthetic estrogen into the body. Similarly, lotions, shampoos, cosmetics, lipstick, mascara, foundation, deodorant, face cream, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets are absorbed directly into the body with 10 times the oral dose effect. So, it is extremely important to change your personal toiletry and cosmetic products. I have found that it is more helpful to pay attention about what you are putting on the skin than what you are eating. You should pay 10 times as much attention to what you use topically than what you eat.

What Are Xenoestrogens?

"Xeno" just means foreign. So, xenoestrogens means foreign estrogen. Xenoestrogens may be a synthetic chemical or a natural organic herb.

cattle.jpgFor instance, natural zearalenone and its synthetic derivative zeranol are chemicals created by a fungus that is an estrogen mimic. As of 2016, it has been proven for more than 30 years by use of the cattle and pork industry. Zeranol is used to stimulate the animal's growth system. Zeranol increases fat content, bloating, and water retention so that the beef is more tender and the weight is more. (One woman patient that I treated commented that she knew exactly how the cattle felt.) Ranchers can make more money. Zeranol is made into 12 mg pellets and embedded subcutaneously behind the ear of the cattle with a needle. They usually use three pellets. Zeranol is used extensively in the United States and Canada to make cattle grow faster and fatter.

Zearalenone and its natural breakdown products have contaminated food. The fungus that produced zearalenone was in the food. Zearalenone produced precocious puberty in young girls, a known risk factor for breast cancer. Precocious puberty is breast buds and pubic hair at age 5 in young girls. These chemicals have been shown to enhance p proliferation of ER+ breast cancer cells. In other words, these chemicals will lead to an increased risk of breast cancer. Treatment of young adult female mice with zeranol showed increased growth and branching of mammary glands similar to what is found in mice treated with estradiol (Sheffield, 1985)[2]. Increased breast duct proliferation coupled with the absence of full maturation of the ducts is associated with increased risk of breast tumors. Usually, breast ducts fully mature through pregnancy and lactation. In one study, abnormal cell growth was noted at zeranol levels three times more than the FDA establish limit in beef (Liu, 2002)[3]. More studies showed that zeranol was comparable to natural estradiol and the synthetic estrogen, diethylstilbestrol (DES) to transform MCF-10A human breast epithelial cells to a precancerous state in the test tube (Liu, 2004)[4]. Blood serum from treated zeranol cattle causes proliferation of normal breast epithelial cells and the transformation of breast tumor cells in a test tube (Xu, 2009a, Ye, 2009b)[5][6]. Zearalenone is an example of a naturally occuring estrogen mimic. Zeranol is an example of a widely used synthetic chemical derivative of a natural product that is an estrogen mimic.

Alkylphenols are chemicals used in the production of detergents and cleaning products as well as antioxidants that are put into plastics and rubber to keep them from breaking down. The can be found in hair care products and spermicides. These Silent Spring Institute found household contaminants alkylphenols specifically 4-nonylphenol (4-NP) and its breakdown products were found in all samples of household area 80% of dust (Rudel, 2003)[7]. These alkylphenols are found in domestic sewers in landfills. Alkylphenols mimic estrogen Alkylphenols bind to the estrogen receptor and mimic cellular signaling responses usually control by estradiol (Thomas, 2006)[8]. The alkynyl phenols, and 4-NP, creates aberrant development of the mammary gland and changes in steroid - receptor populations the reproductive tissues (Moon, 2007)[9]. Mice given 4-NP had a increased risk of mammary cancer (Acevedo, 2005) [10]. Nonylphenol when using human breast cancer tumor cells, MCF-7, in the test tube change gene expression involving cell proliferation, DNA transcription and cell signaling (Oh, 2009) [11].

All this seems rather technical and theoretical. However, if you buy any one of our products and will give you a simple list of chemicals and herbs to avoid or estrogenic and that are decreasing and destroying your sex drive. If you avoid these products and ingredients you should feel better in several weeks. It usually takes one to three months for topical things on the skin to wash out of the body because they fat soluble and soak into the subcutaneous fat. You will also get a purple sheet that has a list of recommended products that we do not sell. Use only the products on the purple sheet. If you use any other products, I cannot guarantee results. Just one ingredient will torpedo all your efforts. So, you can have 20 xenoestrogens on your skin, and cut out 19 of them. The one remaining xenoestrogen in your environment will torpedo your efforts.

Progesterone Can Balance Out Some Xenoestrogens

In the absence of xenoestrogens, progesterone can increase sex drive. As you recall, during the second and third trimesters babyblanket.jpgof pregnancy, sex drive goes through the roof. During this time of pregnancy, progesterone and estriol levels are extremely high. Progesterone is usually made at 20 mg per day during the latter half of normal cycle, but during pregnancy during the third trimester the woman's body produces 400 mg per day. Estriol is produced by the placenta. The estriol levels go up on hundred times. Therefore, why not give progesterone to increase sex drive. Estriol can also block xenoestrogens. Estriol is considered to be a weak xenoestrogen. Estriol goes into the estrogen receptor and blocks xenoestrogens from coming into the estrogen receptor. Estriol does not affect the sex of a male baby. Estriol does not seem to have strong feminizing effects.

In addition, Dr. Lemon found that giving 4 milligrams per day estriol orally decreased the size of breast tumors.

There are five outcomes of taking natural topical bioidentical progesterone:

1. You do NOT take progesterone. You completely eliminate xenoestrogens. You become normal.

2. You take natural progesterone with weak xenoestrogens. Progesterone balances out xenoestrogens and get better.

3. You take natural progesterone with strong xenoestrogens. Progesterone wakes up the estrogen receptor. You get worse until you stop the progesterone.

4. You take progesterone with xenoestrogens. The progesterone "works" for the first two months and then does "not work." You wonder if anything's in the bottle.

5. You take progesterone with herbs that block progesterone. These are herbs a classically cause miscarriage. The herbs block progesterone at the receptor level. Using the progesterone has no effect at all. You wonder if anything's in the bottle.

Progesterone Wakes Up Estrogen Receptors

Constant intake of xenoestrogens causes your estrogen receptors to shut down. Your body shuts down the estrogen receptors because of constant xenoestrogens intake-to protect itself. Taking progesterone wakes up these estrogen receptors, and now the body begins to react to the a with newly awakened estrogen receptors. Thus, taking progesterone can have the paradoxical effect of you getting worse, or "working" for only two months and then "not working". If you troll the progesterone forums on the web, you will find some patients that think that natural progesterone is the best thing since sliced bread. However, you will find a sizable number of patients that take progesterone and feel worse. This is because that the progesterone is waking up the estrogen receptors, and now they are reacting to the xenoestrogens in the environment. Before they were not reacting to the xenoestrogens in the environment because their estrogen receptors had been shut down. But now since the progesterone receptors had been woken up, they begin to react to xenoestrogens. However, they blame progesterone. They blame the manufacturer that sold them the progesterone. Please do not blame the progesterone. Lay the blame at the proper cause. The proper cause is xenoestrogen exposure.

weightloss.jpgThe solution to get progesterone to work is to cut out xenoestrogens. You need to cut out xenoestrogens for at least one to three months for the progesterone to work. It takes at least one to three months for things that you put on the skin to wash out of the body. Xenoestrogens are fat-soluble and are stored in the subcutaneous fat. Sometimes if you begin to lose weight fat begins to release xenoestrogens and you can get sick from them. This is commonly known as a detox reaction. The reason why LSD drug abusers can have a bad trip 10 years later is that LSD is stored in the fat and active in very small amounts. When they are sick and cannot eat, the fat begins to be metabolized. The metabolized fat releases LSD, and the patient has bad trip 10 years later. Patients that have bad results with natural progesterone usually have not changed their lifestyle or their personal care products and in many cases have strong xenoestrogen exposure.

The xenoestrogens are just as strong as progesterone topically but are in the opposite direction. If you do not change your lifestyle I am sorry I cannot help you. If you are looking for a magic pill to take, I am sorry I cannot help.

Solution For Decreasing Or Nonexistant Libido

The bottom line to increasing sex drive for most women before perimenopause and especially after perimenopause is to avoid xenoestrogens and take natural progesterone. If you buy a bottle of natural progesterone from us, you will get a list of recommended products to use that are free of xenoestrogens. I looked through 500 shampoos and I could only find three shampoos that seemed to be free of xenoestrogens. I looked through about 500 conditioners and I could only find two. I had not realized how difficult it would be to find products that would work. I started looking into xenoestrogens in 2009. As of 2014, three years ago, I still found my patients using products that contained xenoestrogens. I had just given them an avoidance list from 2009 to 2011 of things to avoid and assumed that they could find products free of xenoestrogens. I assumed wrong. I took several months myself to find products free of xenoestrogens. I did not realize it was so difficult to find products free of xenoestrogens. If you use only products from the purple sheet and that list I will guarantee that you will feel better in 2 to 4 weeks. Usually a treatment failure occurs because the patient is using a non-recommended product. You could have exposure to 20 different xenoestrogens, and if you cut out 19 of them, the last xenoestrogens will still torpedo and sabotage all your efforts. The most common cause of failure that I have is the patient is using a product that contains a xenoestrogen. These are calls I get every day.



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