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Constipation Before 35 And Especially After 35

Magnesium deficiency can cause constipation. This is because anytime you have a magnesium deficiency all the muscles tense up. The intestine is just a tubular muscle, and magnesium deficiency causes the intestines to tense up causing constipation. Magnesium deficiency is usually caused by xenoestrogens. Thus, xenoestrogens indirectly cause constipation. Xenoestrogens are chemicals or herbs that act like estrogen. Usually, I give 400 to 600 mg per day of magnesium citrate per day to counter the magnesium deficiency that causes constipation. Getting too much magnesium will cause diarrhea or loose stools.

Constipation can also occur because of neurotoxins such as pesticides. Pesticides act on the nervous system of the insect. Organophosphates and pyrethroids are neurotoxins that cause muscle tension. Typically, during the spring and summer, people spray their yards or use granules that contain organophosphates and pyrethroids, and these will cause pesticide.jpgconstipation. The organophosphates will cause impaired sleep as well. Sometimes the neurotoxins will stimulate the sympathetic system and will stimulate frequent urination at night. This impaired sleep and frequent urination at night can be countered by using a carbon filter. However, you may have to change the carbon filter every night, and have the filter blow directly on your head. I have a carbon filter that has the capability to change the activated carbon every night, if needed. I buy 50 pounds of activated charcoal in bulk. I fill the carbon filter and wash if needed every day. If you have frequent urination at night, make sure also to screen for diabetes. Typically, when these symptoms occur due to pesticide, the symptoms will get better as the pesticide wanes. Just after a large rain, or during a rain the symptoms will get markedly better. However, after the next day the pesticide begins to evaporate, and the symptoms will get worse. This is the hallmark symptoms of pesticide induced constipation, frequent urination at night, lower back pain, and insomnia.

Also, fear, stress and anxiety will make these symptoms worse. This is because fear, stress and anxiety increases histamine levels, and these elevated histamine levels will allow the pesticide to affect you more. So, if everyone around you is unaffected by pesticides but you are affected by pesticides, then consider fear/stress/anxeity complicating the pesticide poisoning. Typically, people who have their, stress and anxiety issues will have a hypersensitivity to smell. They will also get motion sick when on a boat in the ocean. When drinking a cup of coffee, the cup of coffee will keep them awake all night. What this is indicating is that they may have difficulty excreting caffeine. The Romberg neurological test is abnormal in these patients. To test for a abnormal Romberg test, simply put your feet together and stand on your tip toes, and close your eyes. See, if you wobble. Compare yourself to a healthy young teenager. Usually, women with fear, stress and anxiety issues will wobble. As you get rid of the fear, stress and anxiety, the Romberg test will improve as well, as all the other symptoms. The best way to get rid of fear, stress and anxiety is to do the one-week seminar at pleasant Valley church. Pleasant Valley Church can be found at The one-week seminar consists of getting rid of unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, jealousy, and finally on Friday, fear. Typically, the hypersensitivity to smell can be eliminated in the one-week seminar.

Eating roughage will also help with constipation. The typical American diet does not have much roughage and fiber. Eating enough fiber is easy. I just eat one large carrot raw per day. This is a simple diet recommendation to keep your bowels going.

Table Of Contents


1. Constipation Before 35 And Especially After 35

2. What Are Xenoestrogens?

3. Progesterone Can Balance Out Small Amounts Of Xenoestrogens

4. Progesterone Wakes Up The Estrogen Receptors

5. Chemical Sensitivity Can Cause Constipation Indirectly

6. Chemicals Stimulate The Sympathetic Nervous System And Cause Constipation

7. Summary Of Getting Rid Of Constipation

What Are Xenoestrogens?

Xenoestrogens cause magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency causes muscle tensing. Magnesium deficiency causes constipation. Elimination of xenoestrogens stops magnesium deficiency. Xenoestrogens are chemicals or herbs that mimic the estrogen hormone. Xenoestrogens are strange estrogens. They kind of act like estrogen but are really not true estradiol. The chemicals and herbs fit into the estrogen receptor and stimulate the estrogen receptor. Hormones are chemical messengers. Essentially, these chemicals and herbs fool the estrogen receptor into thinking that they are estrogen. They tell the estrogen receptor to do estrogen like things but not exactly like real estrogen.

For instance, BPA or bisphenol-A as been cited by several thousand scientific papers as a hormone disruptor. BPA is used to make plastic bottles. The BPA frequently diffuses from the plastic container into food. The European Union and Canada bottles.jpghave banned BPA use in baby bottles. The 2010 report from the US FDA cited possible hazards to unborn babies, infants and young children. However, a March 2013 report from the FDA said that BPA was safe at very low levels found in foods. Avoiding BPA can be done by avoiding canned food and poly carbonate plastic containers. Also, the national toxicology panel recommends avoiding my heating food in plastic containers or putting the plastics in the dishwater or using harsh detergents. Also thermal paper receipts leach BPA and transfer BPA to the skin. BPA is readily absorbed. BPA has the ability to bind to and activate the estrogen receptor. A 2008 report by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences upon review of the literature found some concern for neural and behavioral effects for pregnant women and fetuses and children. In the past, BPA has been considered a week estrogen mimic. However, newer evidence suggests it is an extremely potent estrogen mimicker. BPA binds to estrogen receptor and triggers an alternative estrogen effect that begins outside the nucleus. This alternative path produced by BPA was shown to change glucose and lipid metabolism causing weight gain in in animal studies. A 2013 study found a correlation between urinary concentrations of BPA and body mass indexes in patients aged 6 through 19. More BPA was associated with being more obese. BPA was found at very low concentrations to feminize male rats altering their perception of sweet and salty taste preference.

Xenoestrogens can be natural, organic, and pure. For instance, Clifford Bloch M.D., a pediatric endocrinologist presented a research paper in Denver Colorado at a medical conference. He had several young boys with "man boobs" or gynecomastia. He tested the boy's hormones and found them to be normal. Therefore, whatever was causing the gynecomastia had to be coming from somewhere else. He found that the parents were giving them tea tree oil and lavender oil. He suspected that tea tree oil and lavender oil had estrogenic properties. He advised the parents to stop giving their boys the topical tea tree oil and lavender oil. Within 3 to 4 months the gynecomastia disappeared. He then wanted to confirm the estrogen mimicking capability of the tea tree oil and lavender oil. So, he took the tea tree oil and lavender oil separately and put them in test tubes with breast cancer cells that were sensitive to estrogen. The tea tree oil and lavender oil made these breast cancer cells sensitive to estrogen proliferate. In addition, there was another line of breast cancer cells sensitive to testosterone. He put the tea tree oil and lavender oil with these breast cancer cells as well. He found that lavender oil and tea tree oil blocked testosterone. So, these boys were given a natural and pure essential oil that caused gynecomastia and simultaneously blocked testosterone. These boys were being turned into girls.

The most startling thing about xenoestrogens is that topical application on the skin is 10 times more potent than taking things by mouth. Just as nicotine is is delivered through nicotine patches and estrogen is delivered through estrogen patches, xenoestrogens are delivered through the skin into the body. I am not saying that anything that you eat is unimportant. I am just saying that you should pay 10 times as much attention to what is put on the skin compared to what you eat. The reason why anything put on the skin is 10 times more potent than what you take by mouth is that anything you put on the skin goes directly to the body. However, anything that you eat is 90% first pass metabolized by the liver.

Thus, it is extremely important to consider what kind of shampoo, conditioner, lotions, cosmetics, deodorant, and soap that you put on your skin because anything you put on the skin goes directly into the body by passing the liver. These topicals containing herbs or chemicals that act like estrogen, cause a magnesium deficiency, tenses muscles, and causes constipation.

Progesterone Can Balance Out Small Amounts Of Xenoestrogens

Taking natural bio identical progesterone can balance out small amounts of xenoestrogens and make you feel better. This balancing effect works for 60% of the patients. The reason why does not work for the other 40% of patients is because xenoestrogens interact with progesterone. Many of the xenoestrogens that you put on the skin are in the opposite direction of progesterone and are just as potent.

Therefore, because xenoestrogens interact with progesterone there are five different effects:

1. You eliminate all xenoestrogens. You become normal. You don't need progesterone.

2. You take a small amount of weak xenoestrogens with progesterone. Progesterone balances out these weak xenoestrogens.

3. You take xenoestrogens with progesterone. You progesterone "works" for the first two months and then "stops working."

4. You take strong xenoestrogens with progesterone. The progesterone will make you worse temporarily until you stop progesterone.

5. You take herbs that block progesterone at the receptor level with progesterone. The progesterone has no effect on you. Nothing seems to be in the bottle. Herbs that cause miscarriage by definition block progesterone to cause miscarriage. Taking progesterone with herbs that blocks miscarriage makes the progesterone impotent.

Progesterone Wakes Up The Estrogen Receptors

Chronic xenoestrogens intake down regulates the estrogen receptor. The body protects itself by shutting down its estrogen receptor sensitivity to counter chronic estrogen intake. Progesterone wakes up the estrogen receptors. Now, you feel worse because of the additional sensitivity of the estrogen receptor back to normal.

Let me illustrate with an example. When you go to a dance, initially, the sound is very loud. However, after a short while, the sound does not seem very loud. This is because the ear down regulates to the loud noise. When you take progesterone, the ear gains its original sensitivity to sound. The dance music is loud again. You blame progesterone. However, it is not the progesterone, it is your sensitivity to xenoestrogens that is changing.

The solution is to eliminate xenoestrogens and then take progesterone. Then, progesterone always makes you feel better not worse.

Chemical Sensitivity Can Cause Constipation Indirectly

Chemical sensitivity has been in the medical literature since the 1960s. The hallmark of chemical sensitivity is a hyper sensitivity to smell or complete lack of smell. These chemically sensitive patients usually have motion sickness. They get seasick in a boat in the ocean. These patients tend to be very sensitive to drugs. If they drink a cup of coffee or eat a chocolatepieces.jpgsmall piece of chocolate, this may cause them to stay up all night. What they are saying is that they have a great deal of difficulty excreting caffeine. What this is also saying is that they have difficulty excreting all chemicals and herbs that are put on the skin. They also have an abnormal Romberg test. A Romberg test is a test of balance. Put your feet together, stand on your tip toes, and close your eyes. If you wobble badly, this is an impaired Romberg test. Chemical sensitivity is characterized by an elevated histamine level and interleukin 6 level. When the histamine level is elevated, allergies are worse. Also when the histamine level is elevated chemical excretion is worse.

There are various chemicals that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is part of the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system when stimulated is responsible for the flight or fight response. When you have a flight or fight sympathetic nervous system response this causes constipation. In other words, when the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated, you will have constipation.

Chemicals Stimulate The Sympathetic Nervous System And Cause Constipation

Chemically sensitive patients cannot excrete chemicals easily. Some of these chemicals stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and cause constipation. One of these chemicals that causes constipation is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde stimulates the sympathetic nervous system causing constipation. Formaldehyde is found in the backing of rugs. Some rugs are worse than other rugs. The backing of the rugs out gases formaldehyde. Particleboard lumber used to make houses, out gas formaldehyde. The glue in the particleboard out gases formaldehyde. Wrinkle free clothing is treated with formaldehyde to remain wrinkle free. Wrinkle free clothing out gases formaldehyde for a long time. The wrinkle free clothing is also in contact with your skin is and is absorbed by the body.

cars.jpgConversely, petroleum products stimulate the parasympathetic system and give diarrhea. The parasympathetic nervous system corresponds to the vegetative state. Gasoline, motor oil, oil paintings, oil paint, varnish that is oil based, print on books, plastic from hot electronics out gas the plastic wiring insulation, highway fumes, forced air gas heating and jet fumes tend to give diarrhea and make it easier to sleep. You become calmer. Some chemically sensitive patients, if they visit a library, will immediately have to go to the bathroom and have a bowel movement. This is because the print on the books stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, and they have diarrhea.

Chemically sensitive patients typically have fear, stress, and anxiety issues. If the chemically sensitive patients are able to get rid of the fear, stress, and anxiety issues, then the histamine levels in their blood decrease. When the histamine levels decrease, the hypersensitivity to smell goes away. Allergies are decreased. Chemical sensitivity is decreased. Diarrhea and constipation from chemicals that stimulate them also begin to moderate.

I usually recommend going to Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia to do the one-week seminar to get rid of fear, stress and anxiety issues. They go through getting rid of unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, and the last thing to go is fear on Friday. I believe that it is the most effective seminar in the United States. You may read about them at

Summary Of Getting Rid Of Constipation

Get more roughage, eat one raw carrot per day. Eliminate xenoestrogens. This eliminates magnesium deficiency. Take progesterone. This balances out weak xenoestrogens. Temporarily, take magnesium glysate 400 to 600 mg per day. The magnesium will relax the intestines. Eliminate sympathetic nervous system stimulating chemicals. One chemical is formaldehyde. Eliminate the issue of fear, if you are chemically sensitive. Lower your histamine levels. Visit and do the one-week seminar at Pleasant Valley Church at