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Calcifications In The Breast And Uterus Safe Natural Cures

Calcifications of the uterus sometimes accompanied by uterine fibroids or uterine myomas, microcalcifications in the breast, or bone spurs is caused by a magnesium deficiency. Again, any time there are calcifications the body you must consider a magnesium deficiency as the most common cause. A magnesium deficiency is caused by an excessive amount of strange estrogen known as xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are chemicals or herbs that mimic estrogen strangely or weirdly. It is well-known that oral contraceptives cause a magnesium deficiency as documented by the physicians desk reference. Oral contraceptives contain one type of xenoestrogen.

The solution is simple. Take 800-1000 mg/day of Magnesium Citrate until you almost get diarrhea, and then back off.  Make sure that the Magnesium Citrate does NOT have Stevia in it, as Stevia is a hormone disruptive herb.  Also make sure that you do NOT take any Calcium with this.  Calcium and magnesium are inversely related to each other.  As you take Calcium, Magnesium goes down.  As you take Magnesium, Calcium goes down.  Magnesium Citrate is the one to use.  Magnesium Citrate is superior to other types of magnesium supplements to dissolve calcifications.  The citrate will form a soluble complex with calcium to dissolve the calcification.  Find out more details here.

ctscan.jpgCalcifications of the uterus can most easily be seen by ultrasound or an x-ray. Calcifications of the uterus can also be detected by MRI or CAT scan. It is considered to be an incidental finding by mainstream medicine. However, I consider it to be the hallmark symptom of a magnesium deficiency.

Many times when you do a mammogram you will see small radio opaque shadows that look like sand in the breast. The radiologist will tell you that this may or may not be associated with breast cancer. They are usually so small that they cannot be detected by palpation. They are common especially after the age of menopause. For most patients, breast calcifications are benign. However, some tight clusters with the irregular shapes indicate breast cancer. Macrocalcifications in the breast look like large white dashes or dots. Universally, macro calcifications are benign. Again, the benign breast calcifications are considered to be an incidental finding and for mainstream medicine. When I was a mainstream doctor, I was taught that these calcifications were just an interesting sideline thought that did not have any clinical meaning. However, if you have breast calcifications, it is a magnesium deficiency until proven otherwise.

Bone spurs, osteophytes, are bony little horns that form on the edges of the bone. Bone spurs can form on the spine or on the tendon that attaches to your foot bone. Bone spurs are considered by mainstream medicine to be the product of osteoarthritis. Bone spurs can cause pain and even rub on other bones, soft tissue such as ligaments, or tendons. Mainstream medicine believes that they form in response to rubbing pressure that continues over a long period of time. Mainstream medicine believes that it is a product of inflammation. However, I believe that not only is there inflammation occurring, but there is also a magnesium deficiency causing the bone spur calcifications.

Table Of Contents


1. Calcifications In The Breast And Uterus

2. Getting Rid Of Calcifications

3. Symptoms Of A Magnesium Deficiency

4. Xenoestrogens Cause A Magnesium Deficiency

5. Xenoestrogens Can Be Natural And Organic

6. Get Rid Of Xenoestrogens

7. Take Progesterone To Balance Xenoestrogens

8. Side Effects Of Progesterone

9. Take Iodine To Reduce Xenoestrogen Sensitivity

10. Summary For How To Get Rid Of Calcifications

Fighting Calcifications by Curing the Cause

Yes, it is quite simple to fight calcifications naturally. A magnesium deficiency causes calcium deposition and calcifications. Therefore, all you need to do to fight the calcifications naturally is to take magnesium supplements. Again, these calcifications can be fought naturally by taking magnesium supplements. I usually recommend taking calcium citrate to bowel tolerance. In other words, too much magnesium will cause diarrhea. Therefore, continue to increase the magnesium citrate until you have diarrhea and then back off on the dose. Next week ,you may try to increase the dose again.

Magnesium oxide does not absorb readily by the body. It is cheap, but the absorption rate may only be 4%. Magnesium Citrate absorption may be as high as 40%. If you take a magnesium that is not readily absorbed, you are wasting your money.

Symptoms Of A Magnesium Deficiency

A magnesium deficiency causes calcifications. A magnesium deficiency causes muscles to tighten and tense. Where do you have muscles that will tighten and tense? A Charlie Horse is the tightening of the leg muscles that may be painful from seconds to a day. It is caused by a magnesium deficiency. I have also seen muscle tightening caused by or organophosphate pesticide poisoning though.

Organophosphate pesticide is a toned down nerve gas. Yes, organophosphate pesticide is in the same category of chemicals as VX or Sarin nerve gas, the poor man's weapon of mass destruction.  Organophosphate pesticide is a "watered down" nerve gas. Organophophate pesticide works by impairing the action of the acetylcholine esterase.  With acetylcholine esterase out of the way, the neuromuscular junction or the nerve to nerve junction is filled with acetylcholine and the muscle is stimulated to tense up.  Typically, after you spray pesticide and get some on yourself, you will have your muscles between the ribs tense up, shoulder tense up, or lower back tense up.  This muscle tensing typically manifests as a sharp pain, but in the lower back, it may feel like a dull pain.  Pesticide exposure with muscle tensing is very common, but usually not recognized.  Pesticide is dangerous not only for its ability to tense up muscles, but also for its ability to stimulate the sympathetic (flight or fight) response, or parasympathetic (vegetative) response.  Pesticide solvents and the pesticide itself is frequently hormone disruptive in addition to being a carcinogen as an additional penalty.  Organophosphate poisoning can either cause constipation or diarrhea depending on the type and severity of the organophosphate. Pesticide poisoning is very common, just unrecognized.

The intestine is just a smooth muscle tube. The magnesium deficiency will also cause constipation. The uterus is just a muscular upside down sac. A magnesium deficiency will cause uterine cramping. Arteries are tubes that are surrounded by smooth muscle. A magnesium deficiency will cause a constriction of arteries and arterioles causing hands and feet to be cold. The magnesium deficiency can look like a Primary Reynaud's syndrome. The neck and shoulders chocolate-on-plate.jpgthe also be tight and this is caused by a magnesium deficiency.

Chocolate is very high magnesium. Chocolate is one of the foods that is highest in magnesium. Therefore, people with a magnesium deficiency usually have a chocolate craving. This chocolate craving for women occurs just before their period. A chocolate craving just before your period, is the hallmark symptom of a magnesium deficiency. Chocolate increases a woman's estradiol. Chocolate also contains theobromine. Theobromine acts like an estrogen.  Theobromine also acts like a mild "speed".  This excess estrogen caused by chocolate will make the magnesium deficiency worse. So on one hand, chocolate contains very high magnesium and satisfies the chocolate craving. On the other hand, chocolate contains chemicals that elevate estradiol and also act like estrogen which makes your magnesium deficiency worse. When you take magnesium supplements,  your magnesium deficiency will go away.  As your magnesium deficiency becomes satisfied and you become magnesium sufficient your chocolate craving will go away.

Xenoestrogens Cause A Magnesium Deficiency

The cause of your magnesium deficiency is xenoestrogens. "Xeno" simply means foreign. So, xenoestrogen simply means foreign estrogen. Xenoestrogens are chemicals or herbs that mimic estrogen. These xenoestrogens fit into the estrogen receptor and masquerade as estrogen. They fit into the estrogen receptor and provoke a reaction from the receptor that is kind of estrogen like, but not really estrogen. Xenoestrogens are strange "Frankenstein" estrogens. They have estrogen like effects, but may be seriously different. For instance, birth control pills contain an estrogen that is similar to natural estrogen, but have several molecular modifications. The estrogen inside birth control pills will cause breast cancer according to the physicians desk reference.  The strange "Frankenstein" estrogen in birth control pills also cause a magnesium deficiency according to the Physician's Desk Reference.

In another example of unintended consequences, synthetic pyrethroid insecticides can also act as a hormone as an additional punishment.  Researcher Go tested some synthetic pyrethroids to determine their ability to disrupt session signaling experiments. He used a cell culture line of human breast cancer cells, MCF - 7. He used PS2 and MCF-7 cell proliferation assays. Synthetic pyrethroids are derivatives of unnatural chemical pyrethrin. Pyrethrins are a natural insecticide from chrysanthemum.jpgchrysanthemums. Modifications made on the molecule make them fat soluble and last for very long time in the environment. Thus, bioaccumulation, storage in fat, of synthetic pyrethroids are more likely. Synthetic pyrethroids are used to control ticks, mites, headlights, scabies, and mosquitoes (bedwetting contains synthetic pyrethroids). Go tested several synthetic pyrethroids on human breast cancer cells, MCF-7. Compounds, sumithrin, fenvalerate, d-trans allethrin, permethrin, at similar concentrations used to test DDT and other pesticides were tested.

Each of the compounds cause effects of the levels tested. Higher pyreththroid levels were needed for three of the compounds to get effects. However, three of the compounds of exhibited effects an extremely low levels.

Sumithrin was a classic estrogen mimic. At low levels, PS2 induction occurred. Higher levels were needed to cause cell proliferation. Effects on PS2 induction were curbed by in anti-estrogen. Thus, the mechanism of action of sumithrin is through the estrogen receptor.[1]

Fenvalerate provoked PS2 induction at low levels, but higher levels are required to cause cell proliferation. Effects on PS2 induction were not stopped by an anti-androgen. This suggests a signaling pathway other than the estrogen receptor.

D-trans allethrin at extremely low levels block the estrogen receptor, but at high levels created an estrogen like response. Even higher levels kill the cells.

The article concluded that pyrethroids should be considered to be hormone disruptors. More research should be done.  This is an example of a chemical designed to be an insecticide, but also acts as an estrogen mimic.  Estrogen mimics can cause breast cancer.

Xenoestrogens Can Be Natural And Organic

The mushrooms that grow on your lawn could be natural and organic. However, you don't eat them. Why?  Even though the mushrooms are natural and organic, they may or may not be poisonous.  Similarly, some herbs that are natural and organic can be hormone disruptive. This is the most common misconception I hear about over the phone.  "But the herbs can't be hurting me, the herbs are natural and organic."  

The herbs that tend to be hormone disruptive are the ones that are fragrant. This is because benzene rings fit into the estrogen receptor quite well, and benzene rings are fragrant. That is why benzene rings and those compounds related to them are nicknamed aromatics in organic chemistry.

Clifford Bloch M.D., a pediatric endocrinologist in Denver, Colorado, had several young boys with gynecomastia known commonly as "man boobs." He found that their parents are giving them tea tree oil and lavender oil as a topical. He advised the parents to stop giving these oils to their boys. After 3 to 4 months, the man boobs disappeared. He tested the boys own lavendar.jpghormones and found them to be normal. He then took the tea tree oil and lavender oil separately and put them in breast cancer cells to test for their estrogen stimulating behavior. He found that both tea tree oil and lavender oil stimulated the breast cancer cells sensitive to estrogen to proliferate. He also found that the tea tree oil and lavender oil blocked testosterone. Thus the boy's estrogen receptors were stimulated and the boy's testosterone receptors were blocked. Effectively, the parents were turning their boys into girls using topical tea tree oil and lavender oil.

At the University of Rochester medical Center published in the International Journal of Andrology they examined pthalate levels in mothers' urine in the playground behaviors of their preschool boys. Two phthalates DEHP and DBP are found in PVC containing products, soaps and lotions, vinyl and plastic tubing. Phthalates are increasingly implicated with genital defects, metabolic abnormalities, and reduce testosterone in babies and adults.

In the new study, higher concentrations of metabolites of DEHP and DPB were associated with less male type behavior in boys on a standard play questionaire. Mothers provide urine samples at the 28th week of pregnancy. The speculation is that the phthalates may lower fetus testosterone during the critical window of 8-24 weeks of gestation when the testes begin to function. If testosterone production is inhibited, it could alter brain sexual preferences. Higher concentrations of DEHP and DPB metabolites in the pregnant mother's urine corresponded with less masculine play behavior scores.

I had one patient that had about seven children. She gave her son lavender oil on the palms of his hands every night to help them go to sleep. After a while, he started hanging out with the girls and wanted to grow his hair long just like a girl. He became feminized in his behavior. After reading about lavender, she stopped the lavender. Immediately, he began to throw rocks and play with bows and arrows and hang out with the boys. He did not want to be with the girls any more. His parents did not guide him into specific behaviors. He did this all on his own.

Get Rid Of Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are ubiquitous. However, we cannot live in a plastic bubble. So, it is important to do the 20% effort to get the 80% effect. Anything on the skin goes straight into the body. Just as nicotine patches release nicotine in the body, anything you put into the skin is released into the body. Not only that, but anything put on the skin goes directly into the body bypassing the liver. In contrast, anything you eat is first pass metabolized by the liver. Thus, anything you put on the skin is 10 times the oral dose in potency. Thus, don't worry so much about what you eat. Worry about what you are putting on the skin. Change your laundry detergent, soap, conditioner, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and lotion.

As of 2018, I have treated over 30,000 patients for 19 years with the female diseases and found that if you concentrate on changing the topicals on the skin, then your patient will get well. This is counterintuitive and not obvious. All our testimonials are true. I did change fibrocystic breast cysts to breast grapes. I did change fibroids to womb yuckiness because of government protestations. If you buy any product from us you will get a purple sheet of recommended products that are safe. If you buy any product from us you will get a list of ingredients that are hormone disruptive.

Take Progesterone To Balance Xenoestrogens

Taking progesterone can balance out the effect of weak xenoestrogens. If you take progesterone with the weak xenoestrogens you will get better. Taking progesterone with strong xenoestrogens will make you worse temporarily until you stop the progesterone because of the paradoxical effect. If you take progesterone with xenoestrogens, sometimes the progesterone will work for a couple of months and then will it stop working. If you take progesterone with herbs that block progesterone at the receptor level, then when you take progesterone it will be as if there was nothing in the bottle.

labflasks.jpgProgesterone is not the same as synthetic brand-name progestins. Progesterone is the same molecule your body produces. Synthetic brand-name progestins take natural progesterone and chemically modify it. It is chemically modified to be patented. Once patented, large profits can be made. The large profits may be used to hire drug reps at hundred thousand dollars per year. The drug reps then convince unsuspecting doctors to use it. Large TV advertising and magazine advertising budgets can be had. Large research efforts that cost upwards of $100 million for the drug can be paid for. In contrast natural progesterone is cheap because it is not patented. There are many suppliers. There is no profit. There is no money for research. There is no money for advertising. There is no money to hire drug reps.

Progesterone is routinely used by fertility test tube doctors to prevent miscarriage. Progesterone does not cause birth defects. Synthetic brand-name progestins cause birth defects according to the physicians desk reference. If you use a brand-name synthetic progestin to stop miscarriage this will cause birth defects, and it is considered to be malpractice.

What would you rather use?

Side Effects Of Progesterone

The reason why you can have a bad side effects with progesterone is because of estrogen receptor down regulation. If you have chronic xenoestrogens in your life, then your body protects itself by shutting down its sensitivity to estrogen. This is known as down regulation. It is sort of like going to a very noisy rock concert. After half an hour it's not so noisy. This is because your ears down regulate to a loud noise. Your ears become less sensitive to the noise. When you take progesterone your "ears" wake-up. All of a sudden, the rock concert seems loud again. All of a sudden, the estrogen seems loud again. You regain your original sensitivity to estrogen. This is why when you take progesterone with strong xenoestrogens you will get worse temporarily until you stop progesterone. This is why when you take progesterone with xenoestrogens, the progesterone stops working after two months. Mercola labels this as "dermal fatigue". It is not "dermal fatigue." It is simply that you are taking progesterone with xenoestrogens and estrogen receptors have woken up.

The solution is to eliminate xenoestrogens for one to three months and then take progesterone. The reason why you wait for one to three months is that you have to wait for the topicals that you have been using before that contain xenoestrogens to wash out of your body. Many topicals are fat loving and go into the fat. It may take one to three months for these xenoestrogens to wash out of the body. Furthermore, if you start to lose fat ( lose weight ), the fat will release the xenoestrogens stored in the fat and you may get sick from them.

Take Iodine To Reduce Xenoestrogen Sensitivity

Iodine seems to reduce xenoestrogens sensitivity because iodine converts strong estradiol to weak estriol.  I have had several patients that avoided xenoestrogens and improved greatly. One patient had endometriosis pain 10 out of 10. After five months of being on our program of avoiding xenoestrogens, she had pain of 3 out of 10. Then, she took iodine in three weeks or pain decreased to 0 out of 10. It is extremely important to take Lugol's iodine or Iodoral. This is because Lugol's iodine or Iodoral both contain iodide ion (I-) and atomic iodine (I2). Your tissues need both iodide ion and atomic iodine. Some tissues take up iodide ion (I-). Some tissues take up atomic iodine (I2). You must have both types of iodine for optimal health.

I recommend starting at 3 mg of iodine per day. This is a quarter tablet of Iodoral or one drop of 2% Lugol's iodine. Then ramp up and increase by 10 mg per day every two weeks until you reach 50 mg per day. Maintain 50 mg per day for 3 to 4 months. This fills your body up with iodine. Then cut back to 10 mg per day for maintenance.

Most important thing to watch out for is bromine toxicity. Iodine forces out bromine. People get sick from bromine. Bromine bigpool.jpgwill displace iodine on of the thyroid hormone possibly, and then, the thyroid hormone becomes useless, and the thyroid hormone will not work. Bromine is found in sports drinks, soft drinks, commercial bakery products, brominated swimming pools instead of chlorinated summing pools, sleep aids, and asthma inhalers. As of 2014, PepsiCo quietly took out bromine out of some of its soft drinks. Coca-Cola is thinking of following suit. Bromine in soft drinks is banned in the European Union.

When taking iodine, bromine will be forced out and you could have some of the following symptoms: eyelid twitching, foot tingling, tingling in the hands and feet, depression, anxiety, emotionality, acne name was a rash (zinc helps), lethargy, odd swallowing sensations, body odor, diarrhea, constipation, loss of hair, runny nose, kidney pain, and headache. It is important to remember that the side effects are not from iodine but the bromine that is pushed out of the tissues by iodine. The most common side effect is heart palpitations and vivid dreams with difficulty sleeping. For this reason, I recommend taking iodine in the morning.

The Best Magnesium Supplement to Take is Magnesium Citrate

The calcium calcifications are calcium oxalate.  Magnesium Oxalate is 567 times more soluble than Calcium Oxalate.  Calcium Oxalate is more likely to precipitate out when Magnesium is low and Calcium is high.  See the wikipedia article here.  This is why calcium calcifications form.  Calcium is high in the body while Magnesium is low.

People with low citrate in their urine usually have kidney stones.  Citrate combines with the calcium in the calcium oxalate stones to form a soluble complex.  This means there is less free calcium to form calcium oxalate.  Some Medical Schools have used calcium citrate or potassium citrate to treat kidney stones.  I don't know why they would not use magnesium citrate.  It is pure and simple chemistry to me.

Anyway, take magnesium citrate until you almost have diarrhea and then back off slightly on the dose.  Most people will need 800-1000 mg/day of Magnesium Citrate.  Most calcifications will disappear in 2-3 months.

Summary For Fighting Calcifications

The solution for fighting calcifications in the breast, uterus, or any other location is to take Magnesium Citrate until you almost get diarrhea. In most patients, this is 800-1000 mg/day of Magnesium Citrate.   Make sure the Magnesium Citrate that you use does NOT contain Stevia, as Stevia is a hormone disruptive herb.  Make sure to stop all calcium supplements.  Veggies high in calcium oxalate such as spinach, and swiss chard should be temporarily avoided.  Here is a list of high calcium oxalate veggies.  The solution is to eliminate xenoestrogens. If you buy any product from us you will get a list of what to avoid and a list of recommended safe products. The solution is to take some progesterone after eliminating xenoestrogens for one to three months. The solution is to take iodine start at 3 mg per day, increase to 50 mg per day for three months of then maintain at 10 mg per day being careful of bromine toxicity.



1. Go, V, J Gary, MS Wolff and BGT POCO. 1999. Estrogenic Potential of Certain Pyrethroid Compounds in the MCF-7 Human Breast Carcinoma Cell Line. Environmental Health Perspectives 107: pages 173 - 177.