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Heart Attack Caused By Vasospasm Caused by Magnesium Deficiency Caused by Xenoestrogens

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Some physicians attribute Heart Attack due to vasospasm to psychological stress. I agree. However, a magnesium deficiency in the body will set up the environment that makes vasospasm easy to trigger.

In my mind, a MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY, is much more of a factor in creating vasospasm. Whenever there are xenoestrogens on the skin or inhaled (fragrances), this will create a MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY. Whenever there is a MAGNESIUM DEFICIENCY, all muscles tense up.

Intestines tense up leading to constipation. Charlie horses happen. Back muscles may tense up.AND the muscular sheath of the arteries tense up creating cold hands and feet.The coronary arteries (arteries feeding the heart) can tense up.

You can google “Magnesium Deficiency and Vasospasm” leading to Heart Attack. Here are some articles:

I wrote about xenoestrogens causing magnesium deficiency here:

The solution is very simple.Cut out all xenoestrogens on the skin and inhaled (fragrance). But many women don’t want to do that, and I guess, then it becomes not so simple.

Then, take Magnesium Supplements.

This is the Magnesium Supplement that has superior absorption. Again, Never Use Magnesium Oxide as this only has an absorption rate of 4%. Magnesium Oxide is cheap though. But you must ask the question, “How much is your heart worth?”

Or you may use a chelated magnesium supplement like magnesium glycinate 400-800 mg/day. Too much magnesium may relax the bowels too much and create loose stools. So just titrate the magnesium as needed to avoid the loose stools.

So magnesium deficiency caused by xenoestrogens can create an environment in the body that make vasospasm of the coronary arteries (heart attack) easy to trigger.

If the heart attack is caused by clogged arteries then this is a problem caused by your diet. This is a totally different animal, and I wrote about it here: