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Watch these 4 Overview videos before taking Progestelle

  • vid0quickstart.jpg
    Overview of Progesterone Use: How to Use Progesterone Cream, Topical v Oral Hormones, Organic Natural Herbs Can Make You Sick, Side Effects of Progesterone Cream, How to Avoid The Side Effects Of Progesterone Cream
  • hormonedisruptors.jpg
    Robert Lawrence, MD (John Hopkins Medical School) Explains Endocrine Disruptors Or Xenoestrogens And How It Is A Threat To Your Health [PBS Frontline April 2009].  Basically, you are sick because you are unintentionally poisoning yourself with hormone disruptive chemicals and herbs.  The main route of entry is from the skin, and to a much lesser extent orally.
  • whyprogesteronework.jpg
    Eckhart, MD explains why Progesterone Cream sometimes doesn't work.  It's not the Progesterone.  It's about everything else you are putting on the skin.
  • stinkimg.jpg
    Bonus Video - See the Netflix streaming movie, "STINK!". It is a movie uncovering the risks of everyday products causing cancer in your home.  Man marries beautiful wife.  He has two daughters.  Wife dies of breast cancer.  Man finds out chemicals in the home likely caused her breast cancer.  Why is this happening?  Who is making this happen?

6 Informational Videos

The following videos tell you how to fight your condition and get better.

Progesterone Information and Usage:

  • vid1intro.jpg
    Video 1 - Eckhart, MD Tells How To Fight Your Condition And Get Better. Introduction To Xenoestrogens
  • vid2.jpg
    Video 2 - Eckhart, MD Talks About How Careful You Must Be With Xenoestrogens In Your Environment
  • vid3.jpg
    Video 3 - Eckhart, MD Explains Why Progestelle Is Different. Estrogen Dominance Symptoms Explained. Hormone Disruption Is Not Only About Estrogen Mimicry
  • vid4.jpg
    Video 4 - Eckhart, MD Tells How To Use Topical Progesterone On Your Body. How Often, When, And Where. Negative Effects of Iodine Deficiency On Estrogen Dominance
  • vid5.jpg
    Video 5 - Eckhart, MD Talks About Side Effects And Safety Of Natural Progesterone. Getting Temporarily Worse From Bioidentical Progesterone Is Often Due To Progesterone and Xenoestrogen Interactions
  • vid6.jpg
    Video 6 - Eckhart, MD Explains Hormone Testing Indications And Why They May Be Clinically Not Useful. Topical Natural Progesterone and Oral Natural Progesterone Compared

Videos for the Health Care Professional

  • title-pagesm-compressor.jpg
    Eckhart, MD Explains Estrogen Dominance from a Professional Health Care Provider View Point. Recommended for Physicians and People who want to know the Nitty Gritty.

Instructional Videos

The following videos are topical teachings on treating endometriosis, treating ovarian cysts, treating fibroids,treating PMS, treating hair thinning, avoiding xenoestrogens, and reclaiming your life.

  • endo1.jpg          
    Endometriosis Pain Natural Treatment [A]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Endometriosis Pain Natural Treatment [B]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Treatment [A]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Treatment [B]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Fibrocystic Breast Disease Natural Treatment [A]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Fibrocystic Breast Disease Natural Treatment [B]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Uterine Fibroid (Myoma) Natural Treatment [A]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Uterine Fibroid (Myoma) Natural Treatment [B]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Ovarian Cyst Pain Natural Treatment [A]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Ovarian Cyst Pain Natural Treatment [B]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Migraine Pain Relief [A]
  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Migraine Pain Relief [B]
  • iodinevid5.jpg
    Hair Loss Treatment For Women [A]
  • iodinevid5.jpg
    Hair Loss Treatment For Women [B]


Video Testimonials 

The following videos are a short showcase of real patients who have used progesterone and have experienced amazing results.

  • testimony1.jpg
    Menopause Hot Flashes Relief
  • testimony2.jpg
    Endometriosis Treatment Using Natural Progesterone And Avoiding Xenoestrogens
  • testimony3.jpg
    Natural Progesterone Testimony
  • “PCOS.jpg
    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Testimonial using Progesterone and avoidance of Xenoestrogens
  • testimony4.jpg
    Menopause And Weight Loss Using Progesterone
  • testimony5a.jpg
    Perimenopause Heavy periods, Irregular cycles, Hot flashes, Night Sweats, Migraines Helped by Progesterone
  • pcos2018.jpg
    Updated for 2018 (better audio)- How I cured Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, PCOS, by avoiding xenoestrogen herbal and chemical and taking progesterone in 80 days.
  • lori.jpg
    Lori explains how avoiding xenoestrogens and taking progesterone cured her PMDD IN 45 DAYS, suicidal depression, and cramps after years of suffering.
  • belle cures endometriosis
    Real Patient Real Testimonial tells about Endometriosis stage IV much improved after 2 months, GONE in 2 years and STILL gone after 10 years. Previously, she had suffered for 7 years of Endometriosis.
  • miscarriage helped by progesterone
    Real Patient tells how Topical Trandermal Progesterone helped support her successful pregnancy.
  • ring worm helped by progesterone
    Patient describes Transdermal Topical Progesterone helping Ring Worm, Asthma, and Mosquito Bites.
  • menstrual cramps, nausea helped by progesterone
    Actual Patient tells how years of menstrual cramps, vomiting, and nausea are relieved by avoiding xenoestrogens and taking progesterone. She has had relief for 12 years now.
  • pcos fertility help
    Real Patient gets rid of PCOS, begins to have periods, gets pregnant, and has a healthy baby boy. Congratulations Reena!


Other Videos: 

  • iodinevid5.jpg          
    Flechas, MD Explains Excess Estrogen Inhibits Iodine Absorption. He Claims Iodine Deficiency Causes Fibrocystic Breast Disease , Endometriosis, And Ovarian Cysts. Flechas, MD Has Controlled PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) with Iodine and Iodide
  • progesteronesynthesis.jpg          
    Julian Percy, PhD And Production Of Natural Progesterone

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